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  1. Capt_Wet_Pants

    British Battleships - Missions NA vs EU!

    Just wondering why EU don't make it simple for their valuable players?! We WOWS fans are going to prepare a Royal Welcome to UK BB line! We are working on UK missions, but EU made the missions but difficult than NA!? In EU you need to earn all three blueprints to unlocks the Tier V lol but you don't get the ship with port slot. You need to buy it! But in NA you can just simply do the 3rd week mission and get the t5 HMS Iron Duke + Port Slot. If you like to get all 3 blueprints you can do all 3 missions also you get those t3, t4 ships with port slots. EU NA Good luck all
  2. Capt_Wet_Pants

    On Course to Grozovoi !!!

    By doing this USSR mission I got the following yesterday from those 16 containers; one port slot x8 place in reserve flags t5-6 camos credits free xp x50 Ocean soul camos from the supercontainer
  3. Capt_Wet_Pants

    On Course to Grozovoi !!!

    Haha here is another upcoming missions with more lucky containers + Link
  4. Capt_Wet_Pants

    On Course to Grozovoi !!!

    Well capts, 0.6.9 is ready to play now Gonna check the Yamamoto campaign, gonna start with my one and only t8 Bismarck :) All will be good. GL to all
  5. Capt_Wet_Pants

    On Course to Grozovoi !!!

    Right now there are damn lot of combat missions in NA, I don't know which to pick (total of 8). However I am doing that USSR mission to get those containers. And its going fine :). I don't like to play USSR DD cause I am not good in it. However NA giving me a big hand (not only for but also other players) grinding USSR. I spend a lot of €€ here in EU both WOWP/WOWS. But I am happy that I playing there. Its bit high ping there but its okay to play with Fiber Optic Internet :) Played total 236 Ranked on last season & some random, Damn I got my first 19 skill commander on Fubuki :) Anyhow now my NA client is being updated (0.6.9). I wish you all guys the best & may be I come back and play some when there is a special campaign. I have a lot of flags, camos & credits (almost 140 million) here but I am so hurt by EU offers, missions comparing with NA, RU. GL & FS
  6. Capt_Wet_Pants

    On Course to Grozovoi !!!

    ♫ Comrade! There’s no need to feel down! ♫ ♫ I say, Comrade! RU DD missions abound! ♫ That's what NA said to the capts! What about EU? Is there any mission to get; Reward 5x Credit Containters 5x Signal Containers 5x Consumable Containers 1x Supercontainer Link This is why I like to play there, I don't blame to EU but I see there are lot of EU players saying "GL & FS"
  7. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I was playing on NA, Its going really nice there. Today NA client is not live because of mini update ( So I just logged in here and played 2 game with Anthony, On 2nd try we managed to get those 5 stars. After that I tried a lucky container and got another 50k free XP :) Now, I play some more Dynamo and Co-op for some missions until NA alive. Have fun EU capts!
  8. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Unleash the Kraken-Pyrography art video!

    Thank you MrConway, I just send you a private message.
  9. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Unleash the Kraken-Pyrography art video!

    Thank & this is the first time get compliments from a WG staff
  10. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Unleash the Kraken-Pyrography art video!

    Thanks, I am thinking about a theme "Clash of the elements 2018". An aggressive Dragon against an aggressive Hydra! Hopefully I can start burning during October 2017
  11. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Unleash the Kraken-Pyrography art video!

    Wow thanks & kind of you
  12. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Unleash the Kraken-Pyrography art video!

    Oh boy I am not that much expert on identifying ships :( thanks for clarifying.
  13. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Unleash the Kraken-Pyrography art video!

    Thanks, I took an image from somewhere about wows screensaver. Might be Iowa class battleship! Its hard to capture all details in burning, but I did my best. Here is the original image.
  14. Capt_Wet_Pants

    Can I use WOWS theme music on youtube videos?

    Thanks WofGewehr. that link is really helpful to me, thanks again.