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  1. Changed it last Thursday as a joke, I'm surprised it was even allowed in the first place.
  2. When you change your username, your previous name is locked for 30 days. I'm wondering how long my free name change will last so I can get my previous name back, which isn't "Arnie_Is_A_Fag", it's something else that is unlikely to be taken as soon as it's unlocked.
  3. I want it back to the name before Arnie_Is_A_Fag ;)
  4. If you have an inappropriate name and submit a ticket, they'll allow you to change it for free
  5. How long do free name changes last? Just got one and wanna wait for my old username to become available again.
  6. 0.6.9

    Mission 4 Task 6 should be restricted to BB's in line with the rest of the tasks rather than being restricted to cruisers. Edit: Also the campaign takes waayyyy too long, probably should have made each mission unlock after 1 week instead of 2.