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  1. belalugosisdead

    How does Skill effects WR?

    The biggest problem with evolution of solo winrate is, that a lot of people stop playing solo when they have the posibility to play Divi (for ex in a Clan). Nearly all my solo games was before i entered my Clans (And also know other People in game). Why should i play solo? So there is normaly no deveplopment in my solo Winrate any more.
  2. belalugosisdead

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    I think ist easiest to give some of the BBs with Stronger Heal a Chance. Dreadnought or fire proved are relative easy.....
  3. belalugosisdead

    How does Skill effects WR?

    PR includes WR, Damage (biggest part) and kills. So of course PR says something about skill too. And i never see 300 PR Players having 60% winrate. On the other hand everybody knows damagejunkies, who HE Spamming BBs and dont shoot at the low life DD, that 3 min later dev strikes a BB. You sometimes can see that in the stats. Relative high PR, but compared to this bad WR. Or good example from yesterday: Close game. T9 to T7: Full HP Musahi on mapborder. A Lot of pur ships with low HP. Some people binged him to get closer or change position. His anwer to them was: 120 k Damage, and you? .... nobody wants yoloing BBs. But sometimes you have to bring your HP in and make them shoot you. This Player had 51 % for ex. After beeing critiziced from different players he called every other a noob. Yeah maybe he did ok damage, which results in a good PR in this match, but a better player with better positioning in this Ship could have done so much more....
  4. belalugosisdead

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Just to make you feel better: i am sure you are mostly unlucky with teams. :-)
  5. belalugosisdead

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Of course Skill influences winrate. And of course even the best Player cant win a game alone. There are games, where the teams are so different in quality, that the winning team does not need you and game is over before you can do anything. And sometimes you lose games, because your half team is dead in the first 3 mins... but in the games between you can influence.
  6. belalugosisdead

    Yamato and Two CVs

    Two CVs are generally too much maybe. And i dont see so much CVs in game (except T4) that a two CV per side game should be needed in MM.
  7. belalugosisdead

    Neue Matchmaking-Tabelle

    Ach so. Ich dachte weil Rottenbit jetzt Coop spielt. :-)
  8. Finde ich ok. Trotzdem sollte man künftige Prems einfach vorsichtig gebalanced herauskommen. Lieber dann mal buffen.
  9. belalugosisdead

    Most underrated cruiser?

    Yorck. Strong Ship After the Buff.
  10. belalugosisdead

    CV's in Clangefecht, Erfahrung

    Wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, findet die nächste CW Saison ja erstmal weiter ohne CV statt. Ab der übernächsten Saison wird sich das Problem dann stellen. Im 7vs7 läuft das dann nma vor allem auf Damage traden hinaus und das bilden von AA Blobs, entweder ganz ohne DDs oder einen AntiAir DD für zusätzlichen Smoke. Def AA statt Hydro, Radar verliert an Bedeutung. Bestimmte DDs und Kreuzer werden überflüssig. Klingt tatsächlich unspannend Die Teams vergrössern geht im Prinzip nicht, weil weitere Clans herausfallen würden mangels aktiver Spieler. Die CVs auf ewig herauslassen nach einem Rework wird WG nicht wollen. Ich kann mir durchaus für unseren Kreuzer und DD lastigen Haufen vorstellen, dass so eine Saison bei uns kaum gespielt wird. Das kann bei anderen Clans ja durchaus anders sein. :-)
  11. belalugosisdead

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    English Forum. And i dont understand what you want also. Clearly understandable that i talked about the 30 T4 CV games i played.
  12. belalugosisdead

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    Hm. I never played a single battle in RTS CVs. But often played with our CV main. So i learned, what a RTS CV was able to do. It was a lot, but also limited by Red CV and AA Ships with good Positioning. And i learned what was not i good idea. A lot of people asking for fighter support never understood that a CV could not protect a Shima speedboosting in a Cap, when on other side a wooster and Mino parked. Waste of fighters. People often played wrong in CV games, they played as it was a no CV game. That made the good CVs so strong. In last weeks i try some of the new T4 CVs. My first CV games ever. The T4, they are boring as [edited], and they dont do very much damage. But they have potential to influence the game. Via spotting, especially DDs, forcing them to smoke, leave cap.... and getting damage from others. Even with not impressive damage numbers i won over 80 Prozent of 30 games, mostly with 2 CVs per side ans without Division . The longer the game, the bigger my influence, because targets lose health pool ... and can be killed even from a T4 CV. In higher Tiers i dont have CVs, but as ground ship player: you see some good CVs... and...lot more of questionable quality. Why for example should i fly with my first wave of planes direct into the enemy spawn.... into 2 cruisers and 3 battleships losing all planes for no damage? In the meantime the opponent CV has planes over a cap blocking enemy DD. In the old world CV play was... I think hard to master. Lot of squads, strafing etc. So the Skill gap was imense. And the team with a bad CV vs good CV had often hard time. The new system seems to be no rocket science to me. Even if the Red CV is a better Player, it should be able to do stuff that matters for my team?
  13. belalugosisdead

    Entwicklung seit 0.8.0 in Farbe und Bunt + eigene Erfahrungen

    Ich spiele ja hin und wieder momentan T4 CVs, ich hab zwar schon den britischen T6 geschenkt bekommen, will ihn aber erst spielen wenn ich einen Träger regulär auf T6 habe, das wird in zwei drei Tagen dann die Hosho sein die ich durch habe. Komischerweise gibt es derzeit kein einiges T4 Gefecht ohne Doppelträger. Also da unten scheinen die Träger irgendwie schon gespielt zu werden. Ab und an sehe ich sogar ganz gute Spieler, die wohl auch rumtesten.
  14. belalugosisdead

    Nice community - this is what my 10y got after match

    Maybe sent screenshot to wargaming? Btw: one single person sent a message, and the rest of the community is also responsible? Maybe rethink your own posting.....
  15. belalugosisdead

    Grundlegendes Missverständniss zwischen WG und den Spielern

    Sieht nach einer BB Klasse aus, die in Händen guter Spieler stark ist. In den Händen von meh Spielern [edited]. Buff incoming.