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  1. Captain_KriegWurst

    Motivation for joining a clan

    I joined a clan merely to stop the PMs from germans confused by my name inviting me into their clans.
  2. Captain_KriegWurst

    Criteria for Success

    To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to read their salt in chat.
  3. Captain_KriegWurst


    Randoms are where you need to go the understand positioning and map awareness. In coop Bots just YOLO charge the nearest player and follow a fairly predictable path. In Randoms players do human things and prioritise targets based on different criteria (who can I kill, who is broadside, who is a threat? ) rather than who is spotted and closest to me. Also, sucking and failing should be viewed as a learning experience. This is hard to do in coop. Bots don't torp smoke, blind fire or patiently set up a 4kmYOLO torp ambush from behind an island. As others have said coop is really just a step above the Training Rooms for testing ships and guns.
  4. Captain_KriegWurst

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    T3 Vampire - It's just fun to play. T4- Clemson, because sometimes I like to go clubbing. T5- Minekaze- Torps, Torps and more torps. It's a gunboat apparently. T6- The Gallant. Replacing my old favourite the Farragut. Basically, similar playstyle but with a stealth torp focus. T7- Leningrad. The ultimate hybrid DD. Speed crazed gunboating or stealth torping. Great for delaying the enemy push on an open flank or for evasion tanking. Also hilarious when used to kill Atlantas and Clevelands at long range. T8- Used to be the Kiev, but the Cossack is becoming a favourite thanks to the missions. T9- Tashkent. Who cares about Radar when you run the heal? Get spotted, hit speed boost, shoot everyone. Fletcher comes a close second. T10- The Khaba. It's so much fun. The Gearing is just a poor man's Fletcher. I'm grinding the Udaloi at the moment so maybe the Grozovoi will replace it but I doubt it. The current CV/Radar meta has actually added to my enjoyment of the Kagero because where some people see mouse traps, I see free cheese and a challenge. TRB or GTFO.
  5. Captain_KriegWurst

    "Target lock range" ?

    Mouse over target and press X.
  6. Captain_KriegWurst

    Best RN Premium BB?

    If you don't already have the Nelson get that. It pretty much prints Dreadnoughts, Fireproofs and sometimes unsinkables.
  7. Captain_KriegWurst

    Karma; how much is out there?

    Was 0 for ages, now up to 11. Mainly because I've had some excellent games recently where I've carried or put up a valiant defense while losing. Also because my usual Clan/Div mate hasn't been around so I haven't been reported by association for his salt.
  8. Captain_KriegWurst

    Petition for HMS Furious(BC config) in WOWS

    I'd like to see it as a freemium ship for coal or fxp. Something fun you can get for a bit of a grind.
  9. Captain_KriegWurst

    Penalty for players rushing to their death

    Yep, play RU DDs get whined at for not capping early game or my favourite "Gnevny/Minsk/Khaba ffs torp him". The other problem is when your team decides to follow you like ducklings into the enemy spawn. "No, you morons, I'm trying to create a crossfire so they have to choose between us and spend time rotating turrets. I've pulled them all out of position and if you'd stayed at the cap you could wreck them while I evasion tank."
  10. Captain_KriegWurst

    CV players, Do not scout

  11. Captain_KriegWurst

    Teamkill penalty

    I've had several cases where I DC'd and my connection was so bad I didn't even bother going back into the match. I assume that I was turned pink, but I never get to see it as when I return to the game the next day or so I get the "The penalty was lifted for behaving" message. I've also had a couple of cases where I've had mishaps with my Torps and turned pink for a couple of games. Rather than play co-op I prefer to play IJN DDs to worry my own team. It keeps them on their toes.
  12. Captain_KriegWurst

    Poll: Which GUI improvements would you prefer to any new content?

    I'd also like to see the "add ship name to chat" mod from Aslains included into the vanilla client. That way I know who is talking without having to look them up. Also a add this flag to all ships option would be nice. (I have the -5% flag from ranked which I obviously want on all ships, but once ranked ends I want to go back to my favourite "lucky green rabbit flag" on all ships.
  13. Captain_KriegWurst

    What is the easiest way to farm planes?

    Also I've just had a match in the Queen Elizabeth (standard tank build, nothing spec'd into AA). It's got surprisingly good AA for it's tier. I racked up 10 plane kills, so that might be an option if you have one.
  14. Captain_KriegWurst

    What is the easiest way to farm planes?

    Sims is probably the best bet, but taking any mid tier CL with DfAA and a catapult fighter into a Division with a friend playing CV will probably work. I got a good 17 plane kills in a match in my Aoba. (Not specced for AA, but I used the sectors as needed against a T6 CV) T8 might have been more difficult.
  15. Captain_KriegWurst

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    Well, a DD would probably be best seeing as that's all there really is in the Pan Asian tech tree. They buff SE and DE so that fits.