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  1. Captain_KriegWurst

    Clan battle divisions not getting full

    Is it just me or does anyone else fancy forming a division from 7 different clans and then going into CB to see WTF happens?
  2. Captain_KriegWurst

    How many selected you as target?

    Of course. How to spot in Khaba: Start battle. Move towards enemy. Fire guns, undetected. "nope no one within 13km" Move closer, fire again,remain undetected "still no winners". Move more fire again, get detected, watch PT numbers climb, see ships appear on minimap. Hit spood beast start manoeuvring and spamming HE at nearest target. If you try to spot like a "normal DD" you get surprise Minotaur or Worcester at close range and die horribly.
  3. Captain_KriegWurst

    How many selected you as target?

    I think my max has been 9 while "spotting" in my Khaba.
  4. Captain_KriegWurst

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to join the lottery. Thanks.
  5. Captain_KriegWurst

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    I had fun the other day sitting smoked up in a Cap watching Ashashio torps sailing under my Leningrad. Twice in the space of 10 minutes. TBF he did change angles to see if that'd work. A few minutes later I saw his smoke in a Cap, turns out my torps work better. Apparently, I was hacking.
  6. Captain_KriegWurst

    Div locked after match

    It's happened in every Div my clan has played recently.
  7. Captain_KriegWurst

    Idea how to waste less time in collecting containers

    But then I would miss out on screens like this one (Which is obviously a health and safety nightmare, but moderately amusing).
  8. Captain_KriegWurst

    Rigging Matchmaking - Allowed or not?

    Nah, we were already getting uptierd on all the previous games where we had played as T8. This time we took the gamble that our 3xT10 Div would end up in the same battle as their 3xT8. Worked a charm and was funny AF.
  9. Captain_KriegWurst

    Rigging Matchmaking - Allowed or not?

    Applies to WTFNO as well. But we have the added twist of occasionally trolling the other Div by telling them we're taking Tier 8 and then turning up in battle facing them in Tier 10 ships.
  10. Captain_KriegWurst

    Just a fleshwound. How long do I have to be dead for?

  11. Occasionally I kill a ship seconds after my death and don't get the Just a fleshwound achievement. I assume this is because there's a specific time limit after which the achievement becomes active. So, just out of interest, how soon after my death can the achievement be gained?
  12. Captain_KriegWurst

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    Well, if you're going to keep Divving up with Lazlow ;)
  13. Captain_KriegWurst

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    Been there. Had to warn a Musashi if he didn't stop pinging the map every five minutes, because we weren't following his master plan, that I'd happily go pink. In this case it it was an enemy Mutsu who believed I was somehow cheating because he sailed in a straight line broadside on to a smoke screen (4.6km away) that was shooting him. Then my torps hit him and he sank.
  14. Captain_KriegWurst

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    Sure, enjoy 😁
  15. Captain_KriegWurst

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    I'll take any, but lets set some rules: No naming and shaming. Censor names in the usual manner. It must be amusing. All the posters responses must be polite. No flame wars. Censor any stronger swears( C-word, N-word, Homophobic slurs etc) that are in a language you can understand.