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  1. As far as I can see, it's just a case of not being able to damage people with friendly fire. If you hit the same friendly ship 40 times in one battle, or a combination of other ships 50 times, you still go pink, as before. You can even go orange if you keep doing it.
  2. Pametrada

    After 1945 ?

    I always thought that USS Long Beach was more a technology demonstrator - a showcase of what the US was capable of building ( so, be warned! ) - than a unit which comfortably fitted in the otherwise conventionally-powered surface fleet.
  3. Sounds like a Mexican ninja. On topic - I wonder if this is the reason that ships disappear before they have fully sunk. I've noticed in the last few days that a ship going down bow-first will sometimes disappear even before the stern has gone under the surface.
  4. Pametrada

    Nelson useful for credit grind?

    None of her gun turrets rotate 360 degrees - unless this is a new commander skill I haven't spotted. ;)
  5. Just looked her up. Shell Tankers UK Ltd here; engineer cadet starting in 1973. I did three motor trips, but was mainly steam and got a steam 2/E ticket and C/E Part A before coming ashore. My first ship, and the only one I ever sailed in that had a crows nest :-
  6. Pametrada

    Customer support: what kind of people are employed there?

    Three times here, and problem solved each time. No complaints from me personally, though other people's experiences may be different.
  7. I just got the Nelson ( for RN history's sake ), and now the free XP pot is slowly refilling. I can't see anything interesting or worth saving for, however.
  8. Pametrada

    Items charged to Paypal without permission

    Exactly the same happened to me earlier in May. Doesn't look like WG has been able to fix the problem. Here's the support ticket query and WG's response:
  9. Pametrada

    HMS Nelson - opinions please.

    Got it! Got it got it got it got it!! All the responses to this thread have been favourable towards the Nelson, albeit with caveats. I'm pleased to have got her before she disappears.
  10. Pametrada

    How would you repair WoWS?

    Fix WoWs ? Gunnery / WW1 mode; no radars, no CVs, no subs. It's the game mode that WG's art department deserves.
  11. Pametrada

    HMS Nelson - opinions please.

    Thanks for the hints and tips. I've now got the Nelson and am getting used to her in co-ops. With all her guns forward, kiting is not the first tactic which comes to mind, but the video explains it well. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Pametrada

    Quality of life suggestions

    This is a great idea.
  13. Pametrada

    duke of york

    This is a good thread for me as I am also considering the DoY. Additionally, you can complete the North Cape collection, using containers for coal in the armoury, and get a commemorative flag for her.
  14. I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying. I am arrogant ? Why ? And Pete who ?
  15. Not an optimist - just someone who read the link above. A fix has already been applied, apparently https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/239065-0104-operations-xpcredits-bug/