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  1. Pametrada

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Fiji or Nurnberg, I reckon.
  2. A good summary of Dreadnought's design and career. Thank you.
  3. Pametrada

    Bring bach old Zipangu port please.

    On the other hand, I find the lack of anything anime very refreshing.
  4. Pametrada

    Vanguard and Dreadnought are in the shop...

    Looking forward to HMS Dreadnought as a stand-alone premium. Packaging it with Vanguard puts it way beyond my price bracket, and I'm not going up to Tier 8 anyway. My comfort zone ends at Tier 7.
  5. Pametrada

    Ships you kept

    I haven't kept all my ships, but I went back and re-bought ( is that a word ? ) the USS St. Louis. For its tier, it must be just about the toughest cruiser in the game. Looks a bit 'steam-punk' too - a very enjoyable ship.
  6. Pametrada


    Why on earth would I wish to flame you ? You were referring to a different Thunderer, of which I was unaware - simple. All this means is that now WG must obey us, and produce both ships.
  7. Pametrada


    HMS Thunderer, yes. The only dreadnought built in London - it would go well with the port.
  8. Pametrada


    1. Pan European cruiser and destroyer lines - plenty of scope there. 2. Being able to edit the captain names and choose the portraits. 3. A premium RN heavy cruiser, maybe ...? 4. Iron Duke with two funnels, thank you very much! ( Jellicoe's flagship at Jutland, and we're given a speculative 1940s reconstruction. )
  9. Pametrada

    Lest We Forget.

    Ex British Merchant Navy here. Thanks to the OP - very thoughtful of you.
  10. Pametrada

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    Thanks for the code, Hedgehog - just three Halloween camos for me, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
  11. Great article, very much enjoyed reading it.
  12. Pametrada

    Tell us the truth WG.

    I was accused of being a bot once - now I don't know whether to feel grateful or insulted.
  13. I just use them to buy the occasional ship slot and to speed up retraining when my captains move to the next tier ship. So, I like to have a small stash available, and this offer was too good to miss.
  14. I also received 3x450 doubloons. Maybe it's done so that you automatically catch-up with others who took up the offer earlier. It could be a mechanism to ensure latecomers don't run out of time nearer the end of the offer No, all you have to do is log in - you don't have to play at all.
  15. Pametrada

    Premium Shop: +50% doubloon offer (daily shipments)

    I was getting a bit short of doubloons and, like others, I log in almost every day, so this is very welcome. Thanks WG.