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  1. Pametrada

    Multiple CV in low tier games.

    A few days ago, I was playing the Tier III US cruiser St. Louis in a random game. Two CVs per side, and one of them targeted me exclusively. I spent the entire time twisting and turning trying to avoid torpedoes, rockets and bombs before being sunk. During the game, I never got the chance to fire once at any enemy ship - not a single shot, at anything. The St Louis has pitiful anti-aircraft armament, so I couldn't even defend myself against the aircraft attacking me. This is supposed to be a game of combat between warships. It's also supposed to be fun. Roll on the new generation of naval warfare games in the pipeline.
  2. Yes, I think I would have to look for the 10 pointer. Not enough Elite or Free XP at the moment - I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  3. Been thinking about the Haida since she was released. Might be an opportune moment to buy her. However, that purchase, and the purchase of premium time, is conditional on the there being no CVs. Atlanta - forgot all about her, and my Scharnhorst too.
  4. Tier VII ? No CVs ?? I'm in. Fiji, Belfast and I might even buy some premium time too.
  5. Pametrada

    Holy Molly, WOWS Blitz has better PvE than WOWS

    Spot on - my thoughts exactly.
  6. Does anyone think this is now more difficult than before ? It was a reasonable challenge anyway, but while it's been active this week, I've got the feeling that more is thrown at you in the closing stages of the operation, notably three battleships near the finish point. Or is this all in my imagination ?
  7. Pametrada

    WW II vessel still in operational status

    I believe the Philippine Navy operates an LST which took part in the invasion of southern France in September 1944 ( Operation Dragoon / Anvil ).
  8. Pametrada

    Some codes

    Odd, because Copy and Paste works every time for me - not just the codes in this thread, but all the rest we've had over the years. This time I encountered the format error message on one of the codes, but after copying and pasting a few times, it worked. Maybe people are highlighting the code by moving the mouse cursor from right to left, and they end up including a space in what is copied. I double left click on the word, right click to copy etc. and have never had a problem.
  9. Pametrada

    Some codes

    Thanks for the codes, . I kept getting the format error on LIFE0FCAPPI40000 but after a few tries, it worked.
  10. Pametrada

    Graf Spee For OPs. A Sound Investment?

    Just tried GS in the current operation, Killer Whale. Too slow reload and turret traverse compared to the Nurnberg, which I usually use. By the time you're ready to fire at something, it's been bagged by one of the others in your team. However, I will persist because I barely use it at all in co-ops or randoms. If you don't have GS, stick with Nurnberg.
  11. Pametrada

    The best looking ship ?

    Joint winner of this thread, alongside my Bogatyr. Congratulations.
  12. Pametrada

    The best looking ship ?

    Well yes, I see what you mean. However, unlike the big arse attached to Kim, the Okhotnik's one isn't Kanye West.
  13. Pametrada

    The best looking ship ?

  14. Pametrada

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    I can empathise with Blixie's decision. The game is not well.
  15. Pametrada

    The best looking ship ?

    That is very nice indeed. I love the early pre-dreadnought era ships in WoWs, they are so interesting.