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  1. Pametrada

    Historical ships you would like to see

    If I ever started playing this game again, I'd love to see a lot of what's being suggested. We know the models would be superb, as always. The problem is that, having gazed in admiration at them as they sit in port, you'd then have to go and play with them - and that's when it all goes down the swanee. The German battlecruisers for example - famous, historic ships and beautifully crafted by WG's art department - then injected into a fictional, absurd B/S of a game that bears little or no relation to the reality in which those ships operated. WoWs - it's like having a Formula 1 car and using it for Deliveroo.
  2. Pametrada

    Subs gone?

    Subs gone ?? Now where's that 'Re-install the game' button ? !
  3. Pametrada

    Birthday conundrum

    Go for one of the other games - there are a lot of good ones on Steam, and much more fun than WoWs.
  4. The opening line - seriously, the very first thing said.. " This community has long been very special to World of Warships " Wargaming - do you think we're bloody stupid or something ?
  5. Pametrada

    Premium Submarine: How long before we get one?

    I'm afraid that train left the station a good while ago.
  6. Pametrada

    Farewell Italian community forum

    I agree, he seemed a decent bloke. All the best to you @TheWarJaC
  7. Pametrada

    If you uninstalled, leave a comment

    Things might improve ( stop laughing ) and the best way of learning about it is to be on the forum. As I said in my earlier post, if there was a WW1/ Pre-Dreadnought mode in the offing, and a genuine change in WG's aloof, dismissive attitude to the community, I'd consider reinstalling - and this is the place I'm going to hear about it.
  8. Pametrada

    The amazing world of Belarusian physics

    Don't worry, they won't. No matter how much we want them to.
  9. Pametrada

    If you uninstalled, leave a comment

    Option 3 for me. I spent far too long hoping for 'better days' but it became obvious they would never arrive. So, I uninstalled just after the LWM controversy, and have since found much more enjoyable games on Steam - and rediscovered some old favourites too. If a WW1 mode comes along, and WG changes its culture , then I might think about taking the game up again, but till then, I'll just read the forum and watch the continued decline.
  10. Pametrada

    my game account is hacked !!!

    As ever, the forum is more fun than the game. What is a 'durable' captain, by the way ?
  11. Pametrada

    Did WoWs get you into model making?

    If you get the chance, I'd be very interested to see what you've done with that. In the Man O' War series book on the Flower-class, by Antony Preston and Alan Raven, many of the photos show a stem similar to what you see on the model, though nowhere near as thick in reality. I've been trying to think of a practical way of reducing the thickness in a uniform way. It would be easiest done while the hull was in its four component parts, I think.
  12. Pametrada

    Did WoWs get you into model making?

    Good luck with it. The model I have ( pictured earlier in this thread ) is the original Matchbox kit, and the results were quite good. However, with the availability of resin and etched brass parts, a much better model is now possible. Is the Revell 'platinum' edition the one that only provides the octagonal radar house and squared-off gun shield ( for HMCS Snowberry ) ? Also, for some weird reason, a brass gun barrel ? I might use it as a base for a new model myself, but using some bits from my existing model.
  13. Pametrada

    Mademoisail is leaving the community.

    Thanks, I looked that up - we have 'toe-curlingly embarrassing' here too. And you're right - it was.
  14. Pametrada

    Did WoWs get you into model making?

    That must be an enjoyable job - well done. Love that Lightning, by the way.
  15. Pametrada

    Did WoWs get you into model making?

    Thank you ! :0) Yes, how do I rebuild it ? Good question. Really, there are only a few things that need to be replaced, and I think I can carefully cut them away. The hand rails and stanchions for example - they are easily removed, as are the boat davits, 20mm Oerlikons, and other small items. One thing I regret was not sanding off the wood-planking effect on the main deck, since the Flowers were built in a hurry with no thought for such luxuries. I've not yet abandoned the idea of starting from scratch.