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  1. A bit too complex, but then, it might be because I'm a bit too simple. These things are relative. It's a game that continues to interest me, but I stick to the mid-tiers.
  2. Pametrada

    EU server issues compensation - 11/07/2019

    Thanks WG ( doffs cap ).
  3. Pametrada

    Anyone experiencing match loading difficulties?

    Yes, I'm having the same kind of problems. It takes a long time to load the port; then I don't join a battle for about 30 seconds to a minute after it's started. Once in the battle, a lot of stutters. I've done an integrity check, but to no avail. I've missed out on the benefits of two days free premium time because of this. EDIT: And this morning ? All back to normal. Overnight server reset maybe...
  4. Pametrada

    OH look what WG inspired

    I don't think the original was up to much. A bit of a plodder, IMHO. That said, you could be right - judging by the trailer, this new film probably won't be any better than the original.
  5. Pametrada

    Time to move on

    The words Door, Arse and Smack spring to mind.
  6. Pametrada

    German warships for sale!

    Monalie beat me too it. Here's the same story, but on the BBC news website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-48684400 Take that, WG Premium Shop !
  7. Pametrada

    Theories on new lines?

    Yes; laying that ludicrous statement concerning Taranto to one side, I'd also welcome Italian ships. In fact, I am a little surprised that we haven't got a line of anything Italian in the tech tree, but we do have Soviet battleships. Odd priorities WG...or am I missing something ?
  8. Pametrada

    Theories on new lines?

    My goodness, quite the naval historian, aren't you. I've just read through your post two or three times - what on earth are you on about ? Taranto was traitorous ( treacherous ) ? So please tell us - at who was the treachery directed, considering that Britain and Italy were at war ? Attacking ships in harbour has been a naval tactic for as long as navies have existed. The Italians did exactly that at Alexandria, mining the battleships Queen Elizabeth and Valiant, the destroyer Jervis and the Norwegian tanker Sagon. No, there were not 'hundreds if not thousands' of deaths at Taranto - the figure for total Italian deaths varies from source to source, but was considerably less than a hundred. One source states 59 killed and 600 injured And no, the RN wasn't afraid of the Regia Marina - they respected it, and had no doubts they would fight well, but they weren't afraid of it. Read up on the battle of Cape Matapan, as an example.
  9. Pametrada

    Credit where credit is due: Wargaming containers

    I agree about the containers. Good move, WG. I sometimes think that WG doesn't get enough credit for a lot of things on this forum, but that's another discussion altogether.
  10. Pametrada

    What ship have you served on?

    Ex-merchant navy engineer officer here, so I never served on a warship. However, my first two ships were designed as DEMS ( Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship ) in the 1950s. They were fitted with degaussing cables to protect against magnetic mines, and the aft deck was reinforced to take a large gun.
  11. Pametrada

    some new actual BONUS-CODES ? thx

  12. Pametrada

    #Make Jingles crap again!

    I rather suspect navy rum is his favourite tipple.
  13. Pametrada

    Battle Royale really?

    I watched JIngles' video on it, and I agree it looks like a lot of fun. It might be a bit fast paced for my glacial reactions and laughable situational awareness, but I'll give it a few tries at least.. Dear Mister WG, after that's done, can we have Battle Normale, with no CVs or radar - just gunnery ? That would be even more welcome.