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  1. Pametrada

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Good decision WG - though a little sneaky tweak to the Mikasa's main gun dispersion wouldn't go amiss.
  2. Pametrada

    Stuck in battle loading screen for entire battle

    I've also had this happen. I used task manager to close the game, restarted the game, and was taken straight in to the battle ( just in time for me to be sunk ). A rare occurrence, but if you're using valuable signal flags and consumables, it's bloody annoying.
  3. Pametrada

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Yes, submarines hit warships when they were heading towards a battle, retiring from it, damaged and dead in the water, or even just sailing along on patrol. In WW1 there were attempts to draw enemy pursuers over submarines lying in wait, but with only rare success. In WoWs, with it's relatively small maps and consequential early onset of battle speed and manoeuvring, the only way of replicating that history would be to have your submarine spawn deep in the enemy's half of the map at the beginning of the game. How popular would that be, I wonder ? Personal opinion of course, but the Halloween try-out was not terribly enjoyable, and I think submarines are going to p*ss off more people than they please.
  4. Pametrada

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    DDs were detached to attack enemy capital ships during surface engagements ( Surigao Strait is one example, Jutland at night is another ). I can't think of one occasion where a submarine of either WW1 or WW2 took part in an ongoing surface battle. That's the difference, and the point I'm making. :)
  5. Pametrada

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    If WoWs was a convoy simulator, I'd agree. But it's primarily a gunnery duel between warships moving and manoeuvring at full speed ( 'cept us campers! ). Submarines aren't appropriate, and will induce more wailing and gnashing of teeth over a game that's already becoming too complicated. WG is creating another rod for its own back, IMHO.
  6. Pametrada


    Non-CV wishlisting eh ? Non CVs are actually on my wishlist - I 'd like to see a gunnery-only game mode. No radars either, or submarines ( if and when they appear ). Include short range Whitehead torpedoes , with the Diana's bow tube made functional, more persistent funnel smoke that may obscure your view, and other embellishments I have yet to think of. Back to basics, in other words.
  7. I'll see how it pans out, but it's unlikely that the CV rework would stop me playing the game altogether. I prefer all-gunnery battles anyway, so will possibly seek them in Co-op battles or however the tiers work out in Random. Can't say I've looked much at the rework anyway
  8. I must admit, I enjoy the Fiji more than the Belfast. Belfast is like Atlanta - a toothache that the opposing team wants to get rid of as soon as possible.
  9. Pametrada

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    You're right , a glottal stop. That's what I should have said, rather than dropped consonants.
  10. Pametrada

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    Famous ( with me, anyway ) for his dropped consonants; if we have Commander Jingles loaded, the button on the team loading screen should say ' Start Bah-ull '. Also, when we are victorious over an enemy ship, we should hear " You see - destroyer foundered" , "You see - cruiser destroyed" or " You see - we've sunk a bah-ull ship ". You could also have a Jingles for the French ships, speaking Franglais - C'est un paddling ! Love you, Jingly. Muah!
  11. Pametrada

    Suggestions thread

    A suggestion that might already be in this thread , but here goes: You remember how we could rescue survivors from the water after their transports were sunk in the Dunkirk operation ? Well, how about having that in the random and co-op games ? You could have different numbers of survivors depending on the type of ship, make them time-expired if not rescued within a certain period after sinking, and make it possible to pick up both friendly and enemy survivors. Further to that, if a ship carrying survivors is itself sunk, then a greater number of survivors go into the water. So, for example, if a cruiser with only its own crew on board is sunk, then 200 people are left in the water. However, if that cruiser was already carrying people from another rescue, then 250 people are left swimming, and so on with subsequent rescues and sinkings. You could award XP for each survivor rescued, dependent on your ship surviving till the end of the battle. The basic ideas would need refining, and the impact on game-play assessed, but maybe this is something to think about, WG ?
  12. Pametrada

    Suggestions thread

    I know that's what you meant. Did you go and have a look at the ships I mentioned in my post ? The radar antennas ARE rotating, unless it is some graphics problem in your computer. Please read what I said - these are my actual words: " Ship's navigation lights do not flash, except for special-use masthead lights" As you can see, I did NOT say there are NO lights. I said that they don't flash - meaning they are a constant light. You said that they should blink like aircraft lights - they don't do that on ships except, as I mentioned, special-use masthead lights.
  13. Pametrada

    Suggestions thread

    Ship's navigation lights do not flash, except for special-use masthead lights. The radar antennas do rotate - in the game tech tree, look at Iowa, Pensacola, New Orleans, Fiji, Cleveland and Myoko, amongst others. Where the ships were equipped with motorized visible antennas, you can see them moving. Other radar antennas were either static, positional ( i.e. pointed as desired in a particular direction ) or concealed in a weather-proof housing. Do not mistake optical rangefinders for radars - they look a bit like modern ship radars, but are not so.
  14. Pametrada

    I hate CV's and think the entire line should be deleted

    I think WG could solve a lot of these problems, such as CVs, radar and eventually probably submarines too, if they created a separate early 20th century mode based purely on line-of-sight, gunnery and short-ranged slow torpedoes. I'd love the Diana to have that single bow torpedo tube available for a one-off shot. I applaud their efforts in adding new features to the game, but it's becoming a bit messy and complicated - 'more' does not necessarily mean 'better'. One game isn't going to please everyone, but offering different styles of battles and modes of play will benefit more people.