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  1. Albert_Poop_Decker

    HMS Hood

    Second thoughts, I think the deck level is right and the shaft below the gun must be its turning gear and not a barbette. Probably the way I looked at the opening in isolation and there being no way to get to the deck from the top of the left hand ladder. Thank's for putting me right, I'll go back to sleep now
  2. Albert_Poop_Decker

    HMS Hood

    Further investigation, The degausing cable seems to be bridged on the bow as in the WoWs model but in most of the stuff I can find, when it was fitted, it had some kind of back plate it was attached to. Also found a picture where it did a slighter rise to it. Must have been before the plate. Looks a total mess. The bollards and fair-lead must have unusable. I'm amazed this arrangement worked,if it did. To me, a ship is like a bar magnet therefore my belief that the ships magnetisation can be cancelled out,as in my day. A permanent solution which I think is out of date now as mine fuse tech. has advanced. I think it looks for a lump of iron/steel disturbing the earths magnetic field (a disturbance in the force ). I remember only scraps of this sort of thing which I didn't know much about anyway and still don't. I do have a memory, after my demob, of someone pointing out that SSN's and SSBN's may not be so safe laying still on the bottom anymore. I think the port quarter thing is that, appart from the barbette, it looks like a long drop to the main deck after ascending those steps as the deck above is missing.
  3. Albert_Poop_Decker

    HMS Hood

    Thank's for the pictures. As you can see in the bow, there is no cable or anything else poking up in the air, bridging the hawse in your pic's. Also there is no barbette open to the world in the port - quarter. There is an H-stack chimney. Maybe not finished refit? Definite weak point for HE. I can see that the guns are in a different configuration on the aft superstructure though. I'll have a trawl and see if I can find anything. I find it very interesting to look up these things. I guess my point is that the enormous cost of this model, I expected better. Thanks for your interest and pointing me in the right direction.
  4. Albert_Poop_Decker

    HMS Hood

    Thank's for the replies. This looks nothing like degaussing cables to me. Degaussing cables to me was carried out in a particulat dock and looked a bit like the ship was in a coil of cable along it's length. Hood was a bit before my time but looking at the image, I don't think it would have worked. Never heard of degaussing at sea but thank.s for letting me know. The after end superstructure on the port quarter is missing some plates and a barbette is visible.
  5. Albert_Poop_Decker

    HMS Hood

    Sorry, I thought this was posted on the community questions thread. Wrong button again! I'll have to find an app so I can post some screenies
  6. Albert_Poop_Decker

    HMS Hood

    I've searched and haven't found an answer. I can't find a definitive place to ask if this is a common problem. On the bow of my Hood I have a buckled strake which passes over the anchor hawse pipes. Also over the ginormous fairlead on both port and starboard sides. I assumed this would be the same for everybody and considering the price of the ship, would soon be fixed. I can't find anything about it so I'm wondering if it is just me. Also, the after-end of the superstructure, before Y turret appears to be ufinished. No problems on the other ships I have although I notice that the open bridge windows need to be in their covers or deployed. Would you please advise.
  7. Albert_Poop_Decker

    A dear wargaming letter

    Are we not just trying to use the ships to modify the way the players play? I would like, if the gaming is that serious, some form of mutual communication that is easier to use. I like the task force/fleet meta where people know what they need to do and agree to do it. That is team based to me. All parts of the fleet covering each other. So many times when I start with the fleet, they turn around and run away without a word and no matter how often I check the chart, I'm often too late if I'm using a BB. I'm then the focus of fire, can't turn without giving the red's my side profile. So I just run astern and tank (get blasted) till I can shelter and repair. People ask for a plan as we start off. Good thing if we all followed it but some still don't and we split our forces straight away. Maybe a short briefing time before we cast off or even just after we do. OK, plans go wrong and it's nice to cap early and start building points but I fear that it comes at quite a cost. Often there are ships all over the place before we can sort ourselves out and stop colliding with each other. I also understand language may prevent solving this. I find ranked much better. Better strategies are possible because the point is to win. Not just to farm points for stats. Ranks, with a few rewards, maybe engender more team-play especially for DD's. Most tactics I see in the game are for single ships. Teams need tactics too and that means communication. Just a thought that has bothered me that I thought I'd share but it has probably been discounted before. If that is so, I don't understand all the saltiness in random.
  8. Albert_Poop_Decker

    Chat window changes!

    I would like to be able to see the chat box at a glance and also scroll it back.
  9. Albert_Poop_Decker

    operation dynamo

    Are Chatham and Pompey still alive? I thought we only had Guz left
  10. Albert_Poop_Decker

    Do not play Ranked tonight

    Good advice, must grind away on that
  11. Albert_Poop_Decker

    Do not play Ranked tonight

    Gosh, I wish I was as clever as you Jethro. I don't know why you bother to play at all as it seems to upset you so much. You seem to expect a crack team every time but, as IRL we all get a mixture.
  12. Albert_Poop_Decker

    Do not play Ranked tonight

    Hmm I used my Anthony captain on 19 points. Hope I can keep him on my Gallant when operation dynamo finishes. But maybe not if, as with the ships, they are taken from us.
  13. Albert_Poop_Decker

    Do not play Ranked tonight

    I played my new gallant last night. The only one in the 2 games I played. First game was crap and I cocked-up Second game I capped and smoked for the team. Then off to spot. Another go at setting up smoking but I noticed people weren't using it. Didn't last very long anyway. No red on the minimap so back to spotting. Found the reds and kept them in sight. Manages to sink one with torps and some hits with IFHE. Then on chat I noticed someone said the DD had lost the team the match. I asked how but then the game ended. OK I haven't played DD much on ranked this season but I really enjoyed the second battle after ironing out my mistakes in the first one. I really liked playing the Gallant. Until the wise man on chat said I had lost them the game. So I gave up for the night. There is no pleasing some people who just have to [edited] and whine.
  14. Albert_Poop_Decker

    Noobs etc..

    I always consider a point of view on it's merits. No matter who posts. Stats on this forum are for the arrogant to bash others with. Also if they have good stats, to show off and to make those who don't feel small. People who also say that stats don't matter in one post will bring them up to bash others with in another post anyway. I can understand people hiding their stats on this forum due to the people who carry on like a bunch of old women (I don't consider that sexist) delighting in telling people to uninstall the game and how selfish they are. Even though they have no right to tell anyone to do anything. I know from experience it is best not to post in this forum and I try not to. Though I have to this time in order to support the point that removing stats from view is the players business and none of anyone elses.
  15. Albert_Poop_Decker

    General Feedback

    Please don't bring hostility to this server forum. There is too much of that on the live forum.