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  1. Marble_Eyes

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    Came back after 6 months break. Took me about 5 battles to get a 3-week chat ban again... Game (or players) has become an absolute sh*tshow.
  2. Marble_Eyes


    AP ist sehr situativ bei der Moskwa. Knallt zwar gut, aber man braucht einfach die perfekte Breitseite sonst wirds oft eher enttäuschend. Expert Loader skillen und bei guter Gelegenheit AP laden. Nicht auf Zwang mit AP spielen, die HE ist durchaus zu gebrauchen. Fahren viel zu viele rum die permanent AP schießen obwohl sie locker den doppelten Schaden mit HE anrichten könnten.
  3. Marble_Eyes

    CV Diskussionen

    Genau das waren CVs bisher. Jetzt muss man eben wieder das Hirn anschalten oder auf den nächsten Buff warten.
  4. Marble_Eyes

    So how is this balanced?

    For anyone interested: here's the replay of the game i farmed OPs Republique from behind cover in a wooster. Skip to 17:30 gametime. Yeah, took about 2min and Wooster HE is OP against Conq/Repub but i got some help from Kremlin / Hindy there. All your team on C flank sat back at same spot, if someone pushed the side, i couldn't farm from this position since i had to move my ship. You simply don't want to push there without someone spotting the enemies behind cover. 20190712_213450_PASC210-Worcester_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  5. Marble_Eyes

    Did something happen to Répub's accuracy?

    It's as unreliable as always. Today i devstriked a wooster on 25km and in the next game i couldn't hit a bow on Hindy at 12km....8 salvos for ~10k damage in total.
  6. Marble_Eyes

    A won bet, a little show off and some observations

    Come on dude, now im 2nd place in Yugumo. But at least you couldn't get my Farragut To be serious, congrats to the results and thanks for showing that all the whining mostly comes from bad DD players which would be still bad without CVs in the game. DDs are playable and still have high impact on games. This doesn't make the CV rework any good tho. Sadly none of these "special" DD players that are still charging caps with AA activated will read this.
  7. Marble_Eyes


    Habe den Mahan/Benson Grind gerade hinter mir. Mahan Concealment wurde gebufft, ja. 6,7 dürfte der maximale Wert sein. Ist nun ein wirklich starkes Schiff auf T7, v.a. dank der Gunpower. Die Torps taugen immer noch nichts...dafür kann man eben bis zu 12 werfen. Ganz gut, wenn man in der Smoke gerushed wird und noch eine Option in der Hinterhand hat. Benson-Module: Hauptbewaffnung, Antrieb, Fla-Bewaffnung, Antrieb, Tarnung. Captain Skills: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000000011010001100000000119 (für Ranked könnte man ggf. auf Superintendent + PM verzichten und dafür RPF nehmen) Der DD der Wahl ist sie leider nicht mehr. Akizuki mit 32mm HE-Pen, Cossack Premium DD, Kidd und Lo-Yang sind alle klar besser. Dazu kommen immer mehr Radar-Schiffe, viele CVs im T8 MM und generell schlechtes T8 MM. Nach der spaßigen Farragut und Mahan war ich froh, als ich es hinter mir hatte. Das Schiff an sich macht Laune, aber die genannten Faktoren trüben das Ganze doch sehr.
  8. Marble_Eyes

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Radar shouldn't be a choice. DD life is hard enough right now, we don't need more radars around.
  9. Marble_Eyes

    Game rework.Make players play old unused ships.

    I like this. But: Game should choose any ship that you have researched, not one that's actually in your port. Otherwise people will just sell all the ships that aren't exceptionally good.
  10. Marble_Eyes

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Yeah, let's play even more TX. Great Idea.
  11. Marble_Eyes

    CV Rework Discussion

    So CVs will be dead in 0.8.5. Which is good, i guess. Took 218 pages to get to that point.
  12. Marble_Eyes


    After glorious CV rework we can't wait to have another meta-shifting addition to the game. I don't want them in this game at all. If they are included, my expection is that they need at least months to balance them out. If they even can get the CV problem fixed until then. Which in my point of view isn't even possible.
  13. Marble_Eyes

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    If you really think damage = damage, there's no help for you. Also...judging CVs by winrate...
  14. Marble_Eyes

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    Nerf BBs. They can, just like CV, spot the DD on the other side of the map by themselves and deal huge damage to it without risking anything. Oh wait.. I played both, Bourgogne and Haku in this season. Guess what? Similar damage, but I lost a star in my Haku only once. Damage on DDs or DB-citadels on island-camping DMs is way better for XP than shooting HE on a bow-on Kremlin. Add in average spotting damage of about 100-150k which you can't see in this chart. Played Bourgogne in the R10-5 bracket and Haku in the R5-1 bracket, so win rate isn't that comparable despite being almost the same. Also, you really want to make a statement judging by winrate of CVs? You know this makes no sense since they're mirrored 1v1? You can only compare them to other CVs, which shows how far ahead the Haku is compared to the other two CVs. WG has the relevant %-damage data, which they won't release, since this would show everyone how broken this season was.
  15. Marble_Eyes

    What makes a great game to you?

    Games with no CVs and a single non-braindead DD in my team.