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  1. Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    Yeah same old story as usual. Just play as a team, support each other, play smart, use T button...you and i know that the average random player is completely unreliable and most of them are simply mouthbreathers. And this won't change. Even if the team is somewhat competent enough to protect each other against enemy CV (while the green one is afk or is getting strafed to oblivion) the spotting advantage is still a huge factor and make the lives of DDs miserable.
  2. Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    This just shows the balance of CVs in this game. I'm glad the rework is coming. Nr. 5 on this list is hands down the best CV player i ever met (i think he changed his nickname, the old one was "OceanKiss", maybe some of you remember this guy). And i am super unicum in CV myself. He even has 80%+ solo winrate across ALL TIERS. But yeah, most of these accounts are rerolls for sure, the others just TripleUnicum-Div only players.
  3. Großer Kurfürst

    "Nicht mithalten" ist übertrieben. Kurfürst hat: 12 Guns, akzeptable Streuung mit Aiming Modul, guten Reload dank der 406er, gute Geschossgeschwindigkeit. Mit einem Tank-Build macht man auch seinen Schaden, wenn das Game keine Nahkampfsituationen zulässt. Wenn man es forciert, sinkt man meist schnell.
  4. Neptune

    Just play more passive. You can't make big plays in the beginning of a match due to radar threats and the bad smoke fire detection range. Wait for a opportunity to rush down a DD or wait until the ships are more spread out and you can lower the distance and find a good spot to smoke.
  5. Zao

    Schön, dass sie sich dem Torp-Problem mal annehmen. Ich bezweifle, dass es am Ende die 12km Torps geben wird, aber 10km Ibuki Torps würden schon reichen für Stealth Torping.
  6. challenge: try to get a 18% WR by afk'ing in any other class. balans
  7. Großer Kurfürst

    Kurfürst geht schnell down? Da muss man sich schon wirklich anstrengen, damit man in dem Kahn schnell absäuft. Unter 3 Mio. Potentiellem Schaden sollte man eigentlich nicht die Segel streichen. Dank der 50mm-Platings hält er unter HE-Spam noch mit am besten durch. Conqueror und Republique kriegen da locker das Doppelte an reinem HE-Schaden rein, da sie ausschließlich 32mm-Plating haben. Deswegen empfehle ich keinen Sec-Build für das Schiff zu nehmen. Wenn man die Secs zum Einsatz bringen will, bezahlt man oft einen hohen Preis dafür.
  8. Friedrich der Große

    Sowohl beim FdG als auch beim GK sind die 406er den 420ern vorzuziehen. Besserer Reload und kaum Unterschied in der Pen-Leistung (außer auf große Distanzen).
  9. What's wrong with my recent winrate?

    don't think too much about it. there are these days.....especially on weekend. i could barely manage to keep 50% over the last weekend, rank 1 EP almost every game...and i even played a lot of low and midtier. but nope...can't carry afk-cvs and no-camo yolo dds. god i hate cv-games after this weekend, didn't get the good one for ONCE. always the no-camo scrub with no air supremacy and idling fighters in a corner of a map. tilted me so hard that i almost deinstalled this game again. play some more games and avoid the weekend tomatos. if you were good before, you should get back to the level you were.
  10. Top tier DDs 8-10, do people enjoy them?

    just grinded through the yugumo (no smoke) and it was a lot fun. cv- and 5dd-games are a pain in the [edited]tho, especially for a ijn-dd without smoke.
  11. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    GKF is the only ship i really enjoy in the german BB line. Guns can be trolly at times (i had more wtf moments on very close ranges than on 18km+ tbh) but the ship is tanky as hell. Just expect to be the torpedo magnet every game and try to play around these threats. And don't tryhard on getting into secondary range...mostly not worth it. Even speccing into it isn't worth it imo. Bismarck is a beast as top tier due to excellent secondaries, less dispersion issues due to closer combat ranges, hydro and good manoeuvrability... vs. t10 it struggles (way more than amagi e.g.) a lot... mainly because of poor guns.
  12. I appreciate the effort to change something. I would like to test version 2, maybe with some adjustments in the testing phase. Most cruisers will get rekt if the final area is too small. Version 4 sounds nice too. Games won't be over in a few minutes because potato DDs refuse to contest any cap. But forum likes to complain about everything, please no changes, RPF THE DEATH OF DDs, new ships are always OP, etc.
  13. Wows Matchmaking Monitor ?

    NIcht empfehlenswert. Hab das Zeug wieder deinstalliert. Wenn ich wieder ein komplett "dunkelrotes" Team bekommen hab, bin ich schon extrem grumpy an das Spiel rangegangen und gleich mal alle möglichen Leute geflamed, weil sie genau die schlechten Plays gemacht haben, die man erwartet hat. Da lasse ich das lieber auf mich zukommen und hoffe erstmal auf das Beste. Außerdem kann ich mir dann zu Beginn des Spiels noch einreden, dass mein CV vielleicht keine Tomate ist...zumindest bis er an den Kartenrand reversed, die Bomber gestackt zum Kartenrand fliegt und seine Fighter vom Himmel gestrafed werden.
  14. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    Wasn't much fun from r10 onwards...and way too many hindenburgs around. exactly 2 of all the khabas i had in my games were useful...i'm glad it's over for me. one more season and i get the black, after that i won't play ranked again except they bring some new rewards. My Map ranking: 1. North 2. Hotspot 3. Warrior's Path 4. Tears/Mountain Range (both garbage and even more sniping)
  15. Izumo

    Die 32mm Deckpanzerung in Kombination mit dem miesen Concealment-Wert machen das Schiff leider zur XP-Pinata. RN- und BaguetteBBs müssen auch mit 32mm Deck leben aber haben dafür gutes Concealment und/oder Geschwindigkeit um sich aus misslichen Lagen zu befreien. Deshalb unbedingt Inseln mit ihr nutzen (sofern genügend vorhanden....Okinawa....), sonst gibt es BBQ auf dem Deck.