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  1. Marble_Eyes


    Module: Hauptbewaffnung-Mod, Radar-Mod, Zielsystem-Mod (ggf. für Flak austauschen, sehe aber wenig Carrier in T10 Games atm), Ruder-Mod, Tarnung-Mod, Legendary-Mod Skillung: PT, EM, AR, SI, DE, FP (alternativ AFT für Flak), CE
  2. Marble_Eyes

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    i would like to join the lottery thanks to the donors btw!
  3. Marble_Eyes


    Das legendäre Modul ist auf jeden Fall ein gutes Upgrade, möchte ich auch nicht mehr weggeben. Die HE-DPM ist zwar lausig, aber durch die schnellen Geschosse und Präzision trifft man doch sehr exakt und kann einige Brände legen. War mir auch den Brandmeister wert, AP bietet sich einfach nicht immer an, v.a. gegen die ganzen Bow-on BBs die mittlerweile im Spiel sind...(Richelieu, Jean Bart, Musashi, Yamato...). Verstehe auch nicht, was an der Donskoi so toll sein soll, die Chapa war genial, dank der Tarnung und der guten DPM. DIe Donskoi....naja....die AP mit 12 Shells kann böse sein aber sehr situationsabhängig...dodgen oder tanken ist mit Chapa/Moskwa auch einfacher. Einzig die Torps stechen bei ihr heraus.. Schade, dass die Moskwa leider nur noch eine "Poor Man"-Stalingrad ist. Dabei wurde sie erst gebufft...
  4. Marble_Eyes


    hoffen, dass in der Saipan ein Noob sitzt...ansonsten nicht viel. Sehr defensiv spielen, Bomber und TBs separat fliegen lassen oder Schiffe mit guter AA nutzen (wenn diese denn existieren, in T5-T7 Games eher rar)
  5. Marble_Eyes


    Range-Modul für Solo-Play. Wenn man sich auf niemand im Team verlassen kann, ist aggressiv spielen mit der Moskva eher ein Suizid. Da sollte man im Early-Game eher die Range ausnutzen.
  6. Marble_Eyes

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    It's mostly the early loss of DDs. After that everyone runs back to spawn because they're all scared of the evil torps that might coming their way. The enemy can push up the abandoned flank and get nice crossfires. Also it's easy to angle vs a bunch of ships in the same place, and one DD might spot the entire team.
  7. If you're bad at this game (talking about <500PR dudes with >2k games) ...you are bad on purpose. By refusing to learn any mechanics and ignoring objectives. And this game has way too many players like this. Don't know where the fun part is when you do 20k on average in a t8+ BB. You don't need godlike reactions or amazing aim in this game, just a functional brain.
  8. Marble_Eyes

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    what's trash about akatsuki? only bad part is the concealment. it has good torps for the tier, useful guns and great speed. and even some AA.
  9. Marble_Eyes

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    Umikaze = good Wakatake = okay Isokaze = good Minekaze = needs buff to torp speed or range Fubuki = could use a buff Akatsuki = very good Kagero = okay Yugumo = very good Shimakaze = okay if there is a lot of hydro around (+CV maybe) they suffer a bit since torps are their only real damage. cv rework will help them for sure. still in a pretty good spot due to good concealment and a lot of hard hitting torps. up to t7 you can just torp the newbies sailing in straight lines. for the t8 and t9 torp reload is the way to go. shima just has 15 torps to shoot at once, not that hard to land some.
  10. Marble_Eyes

    Bad Players

    Well i just had a game where my team had 3:0 caps and two enemy ships sunk (two of 3 dds) after 4 minutes. We didn't lose a ship until that. i already thought: "well ...roflstomp for my side i guess"...6 minutes later i was the last survivor in my khaba and there were still 10 ships left on the red side. They just sunk 11 of our ships in 6 minutes and won the game. Not even some 3man-divs in enemy team...nothing....just idiots suiciding one after another (3 cruisers charged around the same corner to get devastated by one of the two yamatos lurking behind...). Even after 8k random battles i've never seen such bad gameplay. When i check stats after a battle i see a lot of new people (maybe from steam release?) with max. 1500 battles. Obviously WG should have made some proper tutorials before releasing it there. Even more potatoes around now.
  11. Marble_Eyes

    Kreuzer im TX zu OP?!

    Ja, Worcester ist op. Zuviel Utility (Radar/DFAA/Hydro) bei gleichzeitig brutaler DPM und sehr gutem Stealth-Wert. Das Ruder ist auch nicht zu verachten. Der Radar-Nerf ist auf jeden Fall i.O.. Und sie ist nicht mehr anfällig für BB-AP als die meisten anderen TX Kreuzer. Mit dem BB auf eine Wooster schießen ist ähnlich wie auf eine Zao schießen...Multi-Cits oder Overpens-only...selten was dazwischen und meistens Zweiteres. Das Problem ist in deinem Falle aber sicher nicht die Worcester... Um ein BB gut zu spielen, musst du dich möglichst nah ans Geschehen bringen, dabei aber stets einen Rückzugsplan haben. Ein BB kann nicht einfach stealth gehen, wenn du einmal richtig beschissen stehst, fackelt dich eine Worcester / Harugumo gnadenlos ab. Beim Abdrehen bekommst du vielleicht noch brutale AP-Salven von den BBs gegenüber eingeschenkt oder der DD nutzt deinen Turn um dir ein paar Torps einzuschenken. Die Minimap ist also dein bester Freund, dazu kommt natürlich Erfahrung, die nach 1000 Games noch nicht ausreichend gegeben ist für T10-Spiele. Die meisten von uns wollten schnell das erste T10-Schiff haben und sind böse auf die Schnauze gefallen...in die Mid-Tiers zurückzugehen kann dein Gameplay auf Dauer deutlich verbessern. Spiele auch alle anderen Klassen zumindest mal bis ins Midtier an...damit du die Schwächen deiner schlimmsten Feinde kennenlernst.
  12. Marble_Eyes

    Ranked season 10 (CVs perspective)

    I stopped playing CVs in ranked after reaching R5. Queue times are just too long, so i finished the season with my Zao. Midway didn't work for me (AP bombs are too situational and t8 TB squads get rekt if there is some ship with good AA around...mostly horrible teams as well), Haku did. Got a lot of hate for queuing in a carrier..so i can relate. In the lower ranks CV is pretty god mode tho..most people have no clue how to play against it and if you have a potato cv against you....then the game is just won. n r5-r2 there won't be complete tomatoes in CVs (at least i didn't saw one) so the CV-games were not as one-sided as they are in random battles with CV participation. Lots of woosters from r10 upward made it pretty hard to find a good target and this gets frustrating very soon... If you add in good enemy CV players to all the woosters you have to take a break every 2 games since it gets exhausting very fast. Had a game where i sank almost the whole enemy team (enemy carrier made it out alive since time expired) by myself in the r15-10 bracket. AP-bombed two cruisers from 100 to 0 and killed the remaining 3 BBs (all 50% HP+) and a DD. Enemy CV was a 40% player... Glad they rework the class now, since this just shouldn't be possible, even if the positioning of the opposition is poorly and the CV a tomato.
  13. Marble_Eyes

    The new Myogi - Actually fun?!

    I revisited her before the sigma buff and she already was a pretty good ship. If you use the speed and range to your advantage...she could actually carry games. But BBs with only 6 guns will never be fun to play...same reason why i hate Gneisenau.
  14. Marble_Eyes

    Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    No reason to play Moskwa anymore if you have a Stalingrad in Port. Even after the 50mm bow plating changes. Basically a T11 Russian Cruiser.
  15. Marble_Eyes

    Slow BB Power Creep?

    I recently played through New Mex / Colorado. While there were some games i couldn't carry since i couldn't even get in range to the last remaining enemies (although 7+ minutes left on the clock)....these ships were pretty fun/good. Especially New Mex is a monster, just like good old Fuso. I just love the 12-gun-shotguns. I played them safe and did pretty well doing so, especially when against t8 or t9. You really need to know when its time to go full speed into the enemy fleet before losing any chance to get close in time. Most mid-tier maps at least have some fast routes through the middle. Imagine sailing from C to A on Atlantic in a New Mex... I wouldn't mind a 2kn speed buff to New York/New Mex/Colo though..