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  1. Loyalty?

    Doesn't beat what I got offered back in January though : This might or might not compromise my credibility about the point I made in the above post
  2. Loyalty?

    I honestly don't understand the logic in some of these comments: "People who don't play get free stuff, why don't we who actually play get free stuff" -> Other people point out stuff like the ARP's, Graf Spee -> "But I have to actually play the game to get those free items" If you play just 3-4 games a day during the times where there are events with free stuff active you get more than those who have been inactive for months get. Some of the events are a bit grindy, sure but I have a fair share of ARP ships, a Graf Spee and some other stuff without going way out of my way to get those rewards. As long as the requirements aren't insane (e.g. get 7 ramming kills in one match *obligatory "this is hyperbole"*) and you get it by normal gameplay it's okay, no?
  3. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    Went back to the forums to check if the meta had changed much since I quit a while ago. You'd think WG would have implemented some changes to something they addressed as a problem over a year ago. Apparently not, I miss playing WOWS but when so many people play BBs it completely ruins the flow of the match imo. A shame, but I guess, I'll stick to other games.
  4. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Another string of glorious losses, returning to this game does wonders for keeping my blood pressure up and my language colourful.
  5. Wargaming, when will we have new maps?

    Too many islands would hurt a lot of cruisers just as much as BBs, many cruisers rely on distance to stay alive/healthy early game. Removing some sightlines would deal with the problem of being targeted by 3-4 BBs from different angles and allow for people to make "plays". Also if there were too many islands BBs would become even more campy (if at all possible).
  6. Wargaming, when will we have new maps?

    Agreed, but more cover would hopefully make for not only more dynamic gameplay and force BBs to move a bit, but also make cruiser gameplay a tad easier. I remember being insanely frustrated when I first unlocked T8 with Mogami and feeling the open maps were extremely punishing. Now I can kind of make up for it (though I'm certainly not amazing at the game) but high tier maps almost require experience and good judgement (something a lot of newer players lack) due to how open a lot of the maps are. It's not uncommon for you to be targeted by 3-4 BBs every time you get spotted. With more cover it would be a bit more forgiving for the less talented players. I still feel high tiers should feature a lot of open water but some maps could benefit from closing down/reducing a few sightlines
  7. Looks are everything - what camo do you like best?

    I do tend to prefer the aestethics of the more subdued, realistic ones (for example Indianapolis' camo, Indy also happens to be one of my favourite looking ships) but of the more flashy ones I kinda like the Valentines camo, The new one also looks kinda neat, though I don't own it myself (Storm wind or something like that, the one that feels like a Finnish flag)
  8. Wargaming, when will we have new maps?

    Preach. I'd like new maps but I also really want them to improve some of the more..... creatively balanced maps, especially a couple of high tier maps. Some more islands/cover would do so much in making cruiser gameplay approachable on higher tiers for the average pleb. Would also love some new maps, I don't even care if WG justified the related costs with having new maps as temporary premium exclusives (a month or so wouldn't really too much imo) some new maps to mix up the gameplay would be much appreciated
  9. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Been trying to maintain a decent WR for my comeback but failed miserably. At least I got this match in Fletcher; more than 100k damage done and 100k spotting damage, still a loss though.
  10. Decided to make a glorious comeback to WOWS, had a few fun battles with even teams but it quickly went downhill from there. Good to know the playerbase haven't changed (other than the curious amount of BBs spamming HE at all times)
  11. My 2 cents on this is that BBs received a lot of smal buffs/quality of life improvements that eventually made a lot of the major threats mostly irrelevant or at least mitigated somewhat. Stuff like fire prevention skill, lowered citadels, nerfed torpedoes, natural synergy with AA and secondary build as well as BBs with natural strong AA on some high tier BBs. They've also received radar and hydro for some inane reason. This coupled with mostly open maps on high tier maps, which makes ninja/ambushes on BBs harder, makes BB the only class (disregarding CVs because, as we all know, they are just a figment of our imagination and do not actually exist) that do not have any threats that can reliably instablapp them while they are capable of instablapping most other ships. Of course, getting your team to focus fire a BB will destroy it quickly but that goes for any ship. I do agree with mtm that directly buffing CL/CAs is a dangerous move since they can be really effective already. It's just the meta working against them (I'd also argue that open high-tier maps force cruisers to snipe from 16+km for most of the game but I'll stop beating that particular dead horse, I've argued for more cover on high tier maps since my very first post on the forums)
  12. I'm a bit between you two to be honest, but I'd have to agree with Ghostbuster that reducing cit damage might have unforseen consequences (cruisers can still now be extremely deadly). I'd rather see a cruisers having a more reliable way of avoiding taking random crippling damage, especially at long ranges. Quite a few of the citadels I receive almost feel like budget detonation (unlucky and annoying) either due to getting bumf***** by dispersion or overmatched from weird angles. Even that might be a bit overkill, I don't know. I'd much rather have either fewer BBs or a more reliable way to remove BBs somewhat quickly. Burning a BB takes ages, DDs only really counter potatoes. CVs are extinct and high-tier BBs have pretty hefty AA anyway. BB AP isn't as effective against BBs as against cruisers so most BBs will prefer to fire at anything else first. I don't really mind BBs being hard to remove but when there are 5 on each team it gets a bit much. Imo. what we really need is either less BBs or a more reliable counter to BBs. Also, what I've said since my very first thread on the forums, more cover on higher tier maps. It would make camping in spawn less viable and open up for more plays/maneuvers for squishier ships since you won't neccesarily be focused by an entire team if spotted.
  13. Reward players helping team to win, like now?

    This. People are still just now figuring out that the repair cost of ships is fixed. A lot of players just read the headlines of patch notes (if even that) and general knowledge of game mechanics is pretty scarce overall anyway.
  14. Not at all. BBs aren't automatically punished when they're played right. Playing a BB "right" isn't to mindlessly sail up 5km from a cap and sit there and bob around like a r***** and get smashed by the entire enemy team in seconds. Neither is sitting at the border of course. Being close to the action does not neccesarily mean pushing into a cap or sitting in the middle of nowhere. Find a good position where you can exert pressure on important key areas of the map without letting the entire enemy team pelt you with damage. This vid by Flamu is a good guide for positioning with insightful commentary. Sorry for the derail of the topic OP, but so many players have weird ideas about how to play BBs right (some even think they should follow on the heel of their DD when they go to cap)