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  1. CleverViking

    The true power of divisions

    Have experienced the same, when I div up (with the single person willing to play with my salty [edited]) we go from 54% and 50% respectively to a joint 60%. Kinda hard to argue that a unicum player is micromanaging there. Working together and having a semi-reliable teammate makes a huge difference in WOWS. To be fair, it's a limited sample but still.
  2. CleverViking

    Why do some people refer to sailing in formation as 'lemming mode'?

    1. Well, everyone has a right to an opinion. The trouble is that many new players don't phrase their opinion as just that, an opinion but instead they phrase it as cold, hard facts. I'm sure you understand that when people who have literally played the game for years have someone who have played for a couple of weeks questioning basic, common knowledge it often comes across as a bit annoying. As for when your opinion is respected, that depends. Usually around 1k-2k battles but it also depends on your stats (yeah, people really like to check stats in these kinds of games, also it matters if stats are improving, 50% WR but steadily improving is better than 50% WR and stationary or declining) and the variety of ships played. I usually don't have a problem with people at least respecting my opinion and I only have a little above 1.5k random battles debatable if I'd call myself a veteran Then again, I didn't find my opinion dismissed when I was fairly new at the game either, but I phrased my opinions a bit more delicately than most new players tend to do. 2. No one is always right, as I'm sure most other forumites would agree, however, experienced players do have more knowledge and most of the common "noob complaints" like "FIRE OP", "TORPEDOES OP", "X class is underpowered" etc. have already been discussed at length and there is often a general consensus of what is right among experienced players. Regarding WR Also, you seem to be of the opinion that win rate doesn't matter, but think of it this way. The only common thing in every match is YOU, therefore you'll see that your skill influences the overall WR. Admitedly, WR is useless over a small sample of games but when you get 200 or even a 1k games you can see if a person is good with a certain ship or a good player overall. Good players know what to do to win games, they might not win every game, but they will win more than they lose. The better the player, the more wins. Think of it as a football team, if I replaced Salah for Liverpool with, say, Crysantos from the WG team. It'd have a huge impact on the whole teams performance, even if Crysantos is only one guy. ( Sorry Crysantos, I'm sure you're an amazing football player )
  3. CleverViking

    ETA on Log server

    https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/134-communauté-francophone/ It's possible you'll have more luck communicating your issue here. Anyway it seems like you've been naughty and thus have gained the honour of being pink, should be pretty self-explanatory.
  4. CleverViking

    Why do some people refer to sailing in formation as 'lemming mode'?

    Skipping a couple of comments so this might've been covered but a major issue with lemming trains is that with certain ships you can almost stop an entire team solo. If you have the stealthier DD on your side with scary torps you can either delay or completely stop 2/3 of a team almost on your own. I've personally seen an Atlanta and a DD stop 7 ships on their own due to Atlanta's focus firing inducing panic in BBs leading to their retreat and the fear of hidden torps stopping any sort of concentrated push. Pushes in randoms are generally ineffective. This is partly due to certain ships being extremely good when people push into you (namely most DDs but also RN cruisers and island humpers like Atlanta) but mainly due to poor communication and bad/selfish players. Coordinated pushes can be really hard to stop but invariably pushes in randoms turn into 2 ships going on ahead to get focus fired while the rest sits behind to avoid damage (completely oblivious to the fact that they are losing the game for their team). DDs also don't like to push into other teams as getting spotted and focus fired often leads to a bad end for them (not to mention that the easiest target to hit in WOWS is a target pushing into you, a BB pushing is the wet dream of any HE spammer, like Atlanta for instance). Since pushing is hard, lemming trains just aren't effective in WOWS. Even the most special players will think twice before suiciding into a massive lemming train so the only choice lemmings have is to push, but we've already established that pushing rarely work in randoms. Therefore lemmings tend to end up as a half-hearted and indecisive blob, spending most of the resources available on your team to achieve very little. This isn't helped by (like mentioned above) the issue that the players who usually favour lemming tactics tend to be the absolute bottom of the barrel players who either push way too aggressively or are insanely passive. In domination it's usually best to focus 2 caps and maybe send an excess DD (only if you actually have an excess DD not going to the other caps, mind. Don't go gallivanting on your own little adventures if you're the only DD to spot for your team) or even one of the more independent cruisers to try to steal a "free cap". Epicenter and standard you should still not all go in one big blob since you'll lose map control and risk getting boxed in and crossfired. Lemming trains or "sailing in formation" if you will is mostly a "tactic" employed by people not knowing proper positioning for their ship and role. It can work, but in my experience it usually only works against bad teams that a more standard tactic would have worked just as well with.
  5. CleverViking

    I suck, how can I git gud?

    To be fair I haven't played a ton more games than you have but I'll give you my two cents anyway. First of all, like the guy above said, having around 50% WR with only 600 battles played isn't terrible, sure there are some people that have better stats at that point but they usually play a great deal of divs with an experienced friend or similar (like I did). Anyway, my best tips would be: - Check out IChase's guide (captain academy or whatever) for the basics like angling, ammo usage etc. - Watch experienced players like Flamu (take note of positioning, what other ships are doing to get a grasp of WHY he does what he does, which is the most important bit) - Keep to a tier where you feel more comfortable until you get better at the game, no use rushing to high tiers and having short and frustrating matches (I remember my matches in Mogami was a rollercoaster of frustration and enjoyment and I played a lot in divs at the time, I would probably have had a better time grinding another line rather than rushing for Zao) - Play with a more experienced player (helps a lot, especially to get the basics down and learning positioning)
  6. CleverViking

    Worcester - excuse me?

    My thougths are pretty much the same as @Panocek When considering it as a DD threat, Wooster is basically a slightly repackaged Mino and I highly doubt it will affect the meta much. My guess is that the average Woosty player will either play extremely passive or be extremely dead (extremely early) with good players getting decent results (about the same as with radar Mino). I can't really see how she is massively OP or hurtful for DD meta, as a DD player you should always check the roster anyway so you'll always be ready for her. Either wait for her to get spotted so you know where she is or play cautiously (as you would against any radar ship) when entering a cap. The AA on the other hand is a stronger argument, so strong AA, with that range and accesibility to Def. AA (without sacrificing any other consumable as well) is a bit much. Even with only AFT she will be really strong.
  7. CleverViking

    Worcester - excuse me?

    This. Like msot CLs she is kinda locked into taking a couple of skills to be even worth using so it's unlikely you'll see many with manual AA and BFT (why on earth would you skip SI on this ship?, CE and IFHE is a given etc.) Also, thing with the Worchester is that, yes it's strong but if it gets spotted it will just explode immediately. It's also looks to be extremely map reliant as it looks like a T10 Atlanta and T10 map rotation fits this playstyle much less than the T7 map rotation does. It will be a scary ship in capable/unicorn hands but I doubt the average joe will do much before getting rekt to kingdom come. Also, keep in mind that a flanking DD will be able to stay outside radar range and either spot him when he shoots or deny him from doing much. Or stay away, you'll know where he's likely to be at any rate, there's not *that* many advantagous islands to hide behind. In the end, if she is found to be a bit overtuned when every regular potato get their hands on her at release they can just nerf her as she's a silver ship.
  8. CleverViking

    Division window in port

    Literally the first thing my friend said when he returned to WOWS to play some divs was asking what the point of changing it was. The old thing worked yet it was changed, the new is worse but stays untouched. Not that it is the worst issue, mind. Still, annoying every time I div up.
  9. CleverViking

    About winrate

    I'd like to echo some of the things stated here, though I don't have as many games under my belt as many others but take it for what it's worth. First, stats don't give the whole picture, especially damage. Take my NO games for example, I didn't have amazing damage in her ( don't think I ever got more than 80k damage in my 50 or so games) but I still had a good WR, why? Because I focused on denying caps and hunting DDs with my radar. Denying the enemy team a cap in dominaton even if it's just for a couple of minutes can give you a huge lead later in the game. Prioritizing what to damage is also important, I like to think of this as high impact damage and low impact. "High impact" can obviosuly be specified as only doing damage that sticks (non-healable damage) but I also consider dealing 20k damage and setting a few fires thus forcing a CA or BB to retreat and heal (essentially taking them out of the frontline for a while) to be almost as good. Another, more obvious example of is if the enemy only have one DD and then focusing it hard thus giving your team the spotting advantage. Essentially, always play with the objective in mind and look for opportunties to put your team ahead. Low impact is basically damage farming, burning spawn camping BBs rather than ones putting pressure on your team, going for AFKs, hunting CV early, etc. you're basically wasting time you could do something more useful for giving you a leg up on your opposition. If you got six ships chasing a dying cruiser, consider taking most of your mates and supporting the other flank or go cap. The thing about taking a break when you're frustrated can't be said enough, I usually get my worst loss streaks after one particularly frustrating game and then I take the frustration with me and it influences my gameplay and decision making. Lately I've been taking a break when I get frustrated, not only have it made me less toxic but I play better and enjoy the game more. Also the obvious stuff like playing the classes you're comfy with, I do well in cruisers because I enjoy the class and have the most experience with them, conversely DD play has suffered recently so I need to look at the way I play and where to improve.
  10. CleverViking

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    I kind of enjoy it how it is, but it's also kind of crap doing it with randoms since they often die early and you are left with 2-3 ships for the final push. Just put it back how it was, and introduce hard mode. That way people who like a challenge can play it like this (or even turn it up a notch since it will probably be populated by more "elite" divs and people looking for a challenge) and then the guys who want a relaxing mode can play normal. The thing I enjoy about (most) ops is that it's a good relief from being frustrated by bad teammates since it mostly doesn't matter if people are good or not. I'd rather the normal mode be toned down so I don't have to mash my head againt my desk when a ship decides to go on an adventure in the wrong direction or trading with a ship early on.
  11. CleverViking

    Ultimate Frontier any changes im missing?

    I've been playing it quite a few times since the guy I div with likes to play ops and I do feel it's a bit harder than it was last time. I also seem to get ridiculously unfortunate RNG against the bots sometimes (Cleveland setting 3 fires in 2 salvos), DDs permanently destroying torpedo tubes on my Atlanta at 10km, engine knocked out etc.) which doesn't exactly help. Still 4 stars is pretty easy as long as we get 1 or 2 decent players, only gotten 5 once when we had a really good CV as well as a couple of decent players otherwise.
  12. CleverViking

    My best performance so far xD

    What Elastion was trying to tell you (and I agree for the record) is that at T8 people expect their teammates to know more about the game and therefore it makes sense to compare you to a "seasoned player" because that will be the players you replace on a team, players who reach T8 usually have many more games played and are therefore more experienced. Therefore, Elastion gave you a tip that you should preferably return to lower tiers to learn before you unleash yourself on 11 unfortunate teammates. It's a valid opinion. Buying high tier prems is pretty much always a bad idea, (I did it myself actually, and I'm still "repairing" my WR in Belfast from those first games I played in her. Back to topic, good on you, hopefully you'll keep improving.
  13. CleverViking

    Bigger teams in co-op battle

    9v9 IIRC, but yeah smaller teams opens up for more individual plays. Maybe WG could make a couple of smaller maps for 9v9 or 7v7 at T7-10, would be interesting to try anyway.
  14. CleverViking

    My personal premium ship wish list

    Am I the only one who don't understand the need for this Alaska debacle? It's a cool, historical ship that some people want into the game. Whether it was or wasn't economical or useful is beside the point, this is just a thread for people to put forward their personal wishlist of premiums. /rant
  15. CleverViking

    Toxic text chat in game.

    So only toxic, sub-human, peasant players like interacting with other players, communicating with their team about how to approach the match etc. while the noble, superior, "polite, "mature", well-endowed, cool, nice and "educated" players can turn off the chat. /s Way to present a balanced opinion there sir ( I apologise for the blatant use of hyperbole but come on, even without hyperbole that sentence is ludicrous). On to the topic, I agree with @Tubit101 When you have a game where skill relies so heavily on game knowledge and so many players are clueless and there is no, non-clan, skill-based mm (even ranked is merely about hitting your head at the wall a sufficient number of times as it's win based, not performance based) there is bound to be conflict as the ones who invest time to learn also probably care more about winning and are more competitive. I occasionally lash out at especially stupid plays because in some cases they ruin the entire match for the other 11 players on the team, especially DD players who decide it's a marvelous idea to rush deep into a cap when the other team is packed with radars and german DDs or refusing to spot (hopefully the spotting damage counter will alleviate the latter part somewhat). I've noticed that, progressively, as I get better at the game I get more and more annoyed by poor plays, especially when people commit obvious mistakes that turn an easy victory into a crushing defeat. I've recently tried to rein myself in a bit and I generally never get reported so I guess I'm not the worst (possibly helped by me trying to limit the name-calling and keep it to "slightly aggressive feedback" ), I also tend to have a net "income" of karma. However, keeping with the football analogy mentioned above, just as I would tell people to cut it out if they pick up the ball with their or trying to do a handstand even in a friendly match of football, I think it's perfectly fine to tell people off for doing mindbogglingly bad plays in WOWS.