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  1. Kazeshiki

    What's the point of a public test?

    I actually like PT, You can test any ship you want and the skill lvl at high tiers are actually good. You can barely see any potatoes, only reason a team wins is because they play better not because other team is really bad. Everyone can play in disregard of their stats so there's less camping and more aggressive plays. You would think there would be alot of bad players because they dont care about their stats but its actually the opposite and games are enjoyable.
  2. Kazeshiki

    Well I just lost. 6 times in a row.

    just 6? try 11 Gneisenau games all loses. I gave up on that 100% win bonus.
  3. Kazeshiki

    Amagi help?

    get B hull asap and ur game will improve alot. get full concealment 13km as that will help u get away from HE spammers or if u find urself in nasty situations. Amagi isn't a brawler. Play from beyond ur concealment range at the beginning and hunt cruisers. disappear between each shots so enemies have to point their guns to other targets if u dont choose to shoot again. This is my tactic; 1. in concealment point all guns to enemy 2. shoot guns 3. point bow to enemy 4. after 20 seconds back to concealment 5. with 10 seconds left to reload back to step 1. this tactic works for all T8 and up ships because of the concealment module helping alot.
  4. Kazeshiki

    Yamato. What am I doing wrong?

    you shouldnt have skipped Izumo, you cant just get Yamato or go up from Amagi and expect to play well. Yamato isn't a brawler, you can't just go into the open and expect to lolpen or secondary everything. Keep ur enemies beyond detection range so u have some moving room in case u find urself in not so good situations. Have cover on ur right or left side. Shoot from concealment between each shot, wait for enemies to get frustrated and point their guns to other targets and thats where u shoot again. This + concealment lets u hide from HE spammers if u encounter them and they wont stay behind to get shot from a Yamato. Always point ur bow to enemies, seen so many Yamato players thinking they are invincible until they get citadeled for half their HP.
  5. Kazeshiki

    Tactical turning?

    Yes the charging Dilemma , You're not alone on this one. As an aggressive IJN BB player I find myself in this situation alot. I see you mention this on an Iowa and the problem is projected even more as they turn like bricks. My advice would be to not push too far in USN BB's. Because going broadside = massive citadel. Use the USN BB's strength which is concealment. keep all enemy ships beyond your detection range so you can the turn in concealment.
  6. Kazeshiki

    Good people of the forum, i need your guidance.

    I played test server today and tried Izumo to decide whether to skip her or not. I fell in love with Izumo at first game. Despite being my first time player her, I got 2.1k xp and first place. I think it had something to do with my play-style. This is just my opinion but after trying Yamato for a few games I didn't do as good as Izumo, highest damage I did was 125k damage but that was with potato enemies. I did better tanking with Izumo. Most of the damage was from fire which I dont mind because of dama con 2 + BoS + flag will take care of it. I made up my mind to play through Izumo and will definitely keep. I will probably just research Yamato to get elite on Izumo. Test server is up until 28/2 I think so if I were you I'd try the Test server and even play all lines to T10 which I will do until it finishes.
  7. Kazeshiki


    I think the problems stems from the fact that Bismarck can fight in any situation. NC and Amagi are very situational, you have to put more effort so you dont get deleted.
  8. Kazeshiki


    EU T8 BB stats NA T8 BB stats Says it all, more damage, winrate and xp overall. Bismarck games are catching up to Amagi and will eventually surpass it. It's only a matter of time until it becomes the most played non-premium T8 BB.
  9. Kazeshiki

    Any chance of special events with lower tier ships

    Experienced players in high tier???? You call the campfest at T7+ Where all the experienced players are at????
  10. Kazeshiki

    The ways EU community has been treated differently

    Im really really sad I couldnt get Takao. The reason I started playing this game was because of the anime and Takao was my best character. So sad I didnt have a T9 or T8 at the time.
  11. Kazeshiki


    This is the reason why WG consider higher Tier population as healthy.
  12. Kazeshiki

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    i didnt play a single game today
  13. This loss was so soul crushing. I've never seen such useless Battleships
  14. Kazeshiki

    Excellent start to the weekend

    Im sometimes always at the top of the scoreboard. No matter how many I damage or kill. It doesnt matter if my team dies at a faster rate.
  15. Kazeshiki

    Excellent start to the weekend

    Cant do much playing cruisers as my BBs are always the first to die. Every game I've had was them getting torpedo'd.