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  1. Step in the right direction. Hopefully this improves the situation a bit. Nice to see that the most complained about issues being addressed.
  2. Nexus135

    Ideas to Improve Submarines

    So as we are all painfully aware submarines have made their way into random battles. I think its fair to say the community reactions has been mostly negative, I've seen relatively few positive posts or comments surrounding submarines and from talking to people in game it seems to be the consensus. I also think its fair to say that most of the people in the community are not dead set against submarines in a ww2 naval combat game, so the question is how do we improve the submarine experience for both the sub player and the many surface ship players? Firstly we have to identify the issues, in my opinion there are 2 main issues currently. Homing torpedoes have little to no counterplay. Using your dam con to avoid "citadel" damage form the torps is honestly not a great mechanic as it forces a player to either suffer from constant fires and floods or be nuked of most or all of their HP which can barely be recovered. This is fundamentally frustrating for players to deal with especially when they cant even return fire on the ship causing these issues. Submarines concealment and spotting. Its quite fair for a submarine to be stealthy both while on the surface and submerged - its the fundamental idea behind the submarines. The issue lies in the ability for players to actually spot them, especially those ships that are supposed to be asw capable. There are a few solutions I have thought of to these problem. Firstly torpedoes should only be able to home while the submarine remains unspotted. This will place a great deal of importance on submarine gameplay on remining undetected and out of reach of ships that are designed to combat them. Fairly self explanatory and creates an addition layer of depth to the submarine gameplay loop. Secondly, submarine spotting. Historically aircraft were used in this role, so why not make the fighter and spotter aircraft launched from ships capable of spotting enemy submarines at reasonable ranges this will bring added value to these consumable options and allow for another level of counterplay to the new ship class. On top of this, either making hydro act as a method of spotting submerged subs or adding a new asw sonar consumable (my preferred option as it could be given to destroyers without directly impact dd vs dd gameplay). This would allow certain ships to take direct ASW action. These two changes would synergise well together to create a more interesting class inter class dynamic and at least be a step in the right direction to making submarines a more healthy part of the game. Elsewhere on the forum I also suggested another solution to the submarine problem by essentially creating a new type of battle queue called "Skirmish Battles" as a solution to the submarine problem. Essentially you put players into two queue when they hit "Battle". One queue "Fleet Battles" is what we currently have as random battles The other queue is "Skirmish Battles" which will include different game modes more suitable to smaller ship and submarine action such as convoy battles. Each queue will have its own dedicated tech tree lines unique to it, with a few lines being able to participate in both. This will achieve a few things: New ship types/classes Submarines would fit in the "skirmish battle" queue, along with new frigates/corvettes/sloops for example. Allow for the introduction of sister ships both as premiums or new skirmish battle only tech trees, these ships could have unique gameplay features and mechanics to create more diversity in gameplay. This equates to less work for WG with a new angle for generating revenue. In order to get around the issue of "not enough players for 2 queues" problem it would be fairly easy to take the ranked battle approach and encourage players to play both queues with dedicated weekly rewards for playing. What do you guys think of these potential ideas? Or do you have any of your own?
  3. Nexus135

    WTF Submarines buffed and bugged as hell

    Im at the point where I will be taking a break from the game, in their current form they are worse for the meta than dead eye ever was. The issue is primarily subs can control the engagement, they can just dive to avoid gunfire and depth charges generally require a ship to be in a terribly exposed position to effectively deal with the sub. Homing torps being almost impossible to dodge coupled with the ignoring torpedo protection creates little counterplay options. Using DCP to stop the homing is a massive trade off in itself, the sub can just re-ping afterwards and you are then vulnerable to floods and fires. The situation is a mess and needs to be addressed otherwise I doubt ill continue playing the game outside of tournaments and clan battles (until subs arrive there too).
  4. Nexus135

    [POLL] Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.9

    The easy solution to the submarine problem is to have 2 queues in place of the current "random battles" queue. "Fleet Battles" - What we currently have as random battles. "Skirmish Battles" - A new queue with its own game mode types including the new convoy mode. Each queue will have its own tech tree lines unique to it. This will achieve a few things: New ship types. Submarines obviously would fit in the "skirmish" battle queue, we could also see some smaller ships than the destroyers we have in game , sloops, frigates, corvettes etc. Allow the introduction of more sister ships. Already we have a lot of sister ships in the game. Flint and Atlanta, Duke of York and King George V etc. Having separate tech trees for "skirmish" battles will allow other sister ships to be added to the game with unique gameplay features to crate more diversity. This effectively means less work for WG with more potential to generate revenue. In order to get round the "not enough players would play and the queue would be empty" issue, all that would need to be done is the addition of bonus rewards for playing.
  5. When was the last time @Sub_Octavian answered any questions live? Hopefully we get some good answers and an idea of the direction of the game.
  6. Nexus135

    Having Trouble Finding a Clan?

    Not enough people playing T6 double CV clan battles eh? Gotta get those numbers up to make it seem like a roaring success xD
  7. What an absolute joke of a response lol. All that time and your solution basically amounts to 'lol have fun leaving guys'. Further to this the addition way ti acquire Missouri is to grind a campaign, one that isn't even implemented into the game itself but run through on the web, only for the ship to be bought at full t9 price. Remember guys this is a ship that was available for free initially. Seriously fire the person (or persons) who is in charge of making these decisions chasing short term profits over long term is destined to fail. I for one be spending another penny on any WG games until such time as your toxic attitude as a company is changed. Have fun being universaly hated. I am going to be making complaints to the relevant authorities for both the peddling of gambling to underage kids and for breaching the rules regarding your summer "sale". I encourage other members of the community to do the same.
  8. Nexus135

    Secondaries worth it now?

    They are better they were before the update, but are they worth it over a general survivability build? No probably not.