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  1. Tbh with subs and superships already in random battles, there will already be a disparity between accounts with a large number of battles and accounts with a low number of battles. At this point there isnt really any reason to care. I am personally looking forward to submarines running about with 30% more hp, perma heal and even faster harder hitting torp spam.
  2. Nexus135

    Update 0.11.1 - Bug reports

    Experienced the same bug as above where the game wouldn't let me join the battle. Events ordered as follows: Joined Ranked Battle queue > Found game and started loading > game stuck on loading screen > no enter battle button appeared > force closed the game using task manager > game reloaded and straight back into battle loading > stuck on the same screen again > could see my teams name darken as they died > task manager now shows "error monitor running" > never could enter battle couple of things to note, I do run a few mods which maybe would cause issues although no changes to the mods have been made since playing yesterday so that seems unlikely. images and vids below: Ill remove the mods and update if the issue occurs again. pythong log and wgcheck.zip
  3. With superships, submarines and arms race coming to random battles on a permanent basis, it would be a good time to at least split random battles stats between "Random (old)" and "Random". Similar to what happened after the ranked rework. I do like the idea of a more "rolling stats" system as after a certain number of games it becomes almost impossible to make your overall stats change much. So long as old stats are still visible I dont see the harm in this.
  4. Nexus135

    Closed test 0.11.1, new ships (DB 262)

    While I agree with the frustration of the community and think "supercarriers" are an entirely unnecessary addition to the game, as it stands depending on the damage output and frequency of use they dont seem like they will be as strong vs the t10 carriers as the the surface ships are vs their own counterparts, this is probably a good thing. Ill reserve judgement until I get a chance to play the ships in the future. Eagle is a welcome addition generally, regardless as to whether it was a supership or not im happy to see another historical RN ship in the game, would be cool if it had its angled flight deck modeled. The Yorktown and Hornet are long overdue in the game ( I remember an old screenshot showing Yorktown was going to be the alt t8 cv for a line split). Arp Maya being a different ship from Maya might be a bit confusing for some players, the new ship seems like it may be a bit strong for the tier but at least its an interesting and potentially good IJN premium.
  5. I was actually considering spending some money on the game with my birthday coming up on the 21st. Think I will avoid for now the state of the game is far too volatile atm. Bit of a shame but we will see what happens gameplay wise when the next patch drops. Submarines being undetectable by radar at periscope depth might be the single worst change that could be made. The double ping duration might have been increased a little too much. Depth charge changes might be good though and submarine hp buff makes sense.
  6. Nexus135

    Update 0.10.11: New Year

    Disruptive isnt a bad thing though? If everything added to the game was not disruptive the meta would evolve, the game would become stale and people would lose interest and stop playing. Its about hitting a balance with major changes like this and so far subs seems fine. So you have decided to approach the addition of submarines without an open mind, thats fine you do you, might be worth not posting on the forum of the game you dont play about not playing though, doesnt really achieve much. As for the number of anti submarine posts, during the first testing sure there were a lot, they have died down now after the most recent changes. Also what makes you think WG want to ruin their own game lol? That literally makes 0 sense lol.