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    Royal Naval Division WW1, all wars but WW2 in particular, Classic British motorcycles - especially US export models. I have a 1963 Matchless G80CS, a 1964 Norton N15CS & a 1968 Royal Enfield Interceptor Mk1A. Like to smoke too.

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  1. JackCleggRMLI

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    For those who have reset branches of ships, will it be the same deal as last time during the anniversary? i.e. we receive the rewards for reset ships automatically & can re-earn the rewards if you regain the reset ships during the time period?
  2. JackCleggRMLI

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Hello. I see you have one place left. Might I be allowed to join? I'm a big history buff & appear to match your player base. Hope to hear from you in due course. TTFN Jack
  3. JackCleggRMLI

    What's up with French Token event?

    Yes. Where are my 900 tokens for top 10% bracket? I got the 5 Riviera camos guaranteed reward but nowt else. I delayed progress on the French TVIII DD til today when I should have been able to afford the new French cmdr, but now lack the 550 tokens reqd to purchase him.
  4. JackCleggRMLI

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    Cheers Johmie. Very informative. I don't mind getting just the tier 4 & 6 UK Carriers early. Tier 8 can be had in the normal grindy way. Is there any real rush one wonders? BTW, I'm enjoying the new carrier play. Nerfs or not, they are quite good fun for me. Am practising a lot now & would say the new rework is a great success here (but DDs might disagree).
  5. JackCleggRMLI

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    In the Mission briefing stuff, below the illustration charts of the new UK carriers, it shows an exchange rate of 5 Crowns for 40 Florins. I do not have this option in my Arsenal & I think I am going to need it. My Crowns 46 & Florins 160 on this first day, so will be well short of Florins at this rate. I only have the 2000 Doubloons for 50 Crowns exchange shown as available.
  6. I think I might reserve judgment & just wait & see what happens. Should be very interesting. A real sh*tstorm it'll be I'm sure, but best try it first (in a real game). I'm not good with the current CVs. The abuse given to rubbish CV players is appalling & I don't like letting the team down. So I gave up in the higher tiers & do CVs only in co-op now. Grinding Legendary Modules in co-op is hard graft though. Will the new CVs bring in the console players & swell the ranks of all ships types? They do need to break into that market & increase player numbers. Looking forward to 0.8.0. (I think).
  7. JackCleggRMLI

    Update Operation Dynamo

    Because it is not the current op.