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  1. Catanonia

    Some codes

    Worked for me all of them. It is a new collection for me (or old one)
  2. Catanonia

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    Best I have had is a 60. Managed to "just" get the T6 (2nd) ship in the line 600 for the next one, no way this is going to happen in Directive 3 or maybe even 4 Rubbish system and designed to get you to part with DB's
  3. Catanonia

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Thanks, I got him for these reasons. I wanted the London, got her, so the commander was a bonus really.
  4. Catanonia

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    I have the points to get Cunningham, just wondering whether worth it or spend on 100 camo's ? I got him as he can go on Thunderer when I get it. May as well instead of all that coal.
  5. Catanonia

    Here we go again

    feck the righteous winging in this thread is unbelievable Get a grip u lot. I completed directive 1 today with no issues whatsover and the rest are easy. And I I play a little. Remember you only need some of the directives to get to the next level. The internet just keeps giving..
  6. Catanonia

    0.9.1 - British Cruisers: Part 2

    20 set on fires in one random battle :) Wow. Best I did was 18 in Nar with my Atlanta :)
  7. Catanonia

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    Same here, everything completed and no ships.
  8. No, just noticing the level of abusive comments in WoW that has slowly gotten worse over the last 3 or so months. I used to use team chat in games to try and play cooperatively, but it is just not worth it nowadays and hence I will disable it. What tipped the balance was after a game I had some keyboard warrior DM'ing me all sorts of abuse because our team lost and he wanted to vent at me for some reason. I did laff at it privately, but can't be bothered with it anymore as tiresome.
  9. I am thick skinned, been around for ages (in my late 40's) and played many games. Hence why I asked about switching off the chat to ignore it. Thanks
  10. I understand that not many visit the forum and this may not apply to you being on the forum, so please accept this as it is aimed at a generalisation of the 90% of players that don't visit here. WHAT A VILE BUNCH OF PLAYERS FREQUENT WoW I have played online games since they began many years ago and never have I experienced such a vile bad mouthed, spoilt and needy player base ever. It is disgraceful beyond words at times.. At least 50% of the time I see bad mouthing, racism, swearing and all the other nasties in that or via direct messages. I have seen people lambasted for turning left instead of right, not doing what 1 player wants, hounded throughout the game in chat. It is just a plain nasty bunch of players in general. VERY VERY rarely do I see some form of treating others as real people. Reporting such posts doesn't seem to do anything either. Is there a way of switching chat off completely as I can't find it ? And breathe, it is just a game with spoilt idiots at times (present company accepted)
  11. Catanonia

    How to manual attack with CV planes?

    Everything is manual for attacking using planes except the auto Carrier defences Also, replays on Youtube don't have aiming reticles shown so that doesn't help To attack 1. Launch Planes 2. Use A and D keys to steer, mouse works as well for fine movements 3. Use W and S to speed up and down, check boost bar on left of reticle. 4. To start an attack, line up your aiming reticle and press left mouse once to start attack run 5. When on target, press left mouse again to fire Simple really.
  12. Catanonia

    Directives suddenly disappeared?

    Looks like someone has changed the server time on the WG servers.
  13. Well that is me done, directive 3 completed and all of the 4 silver ships. Got Goriza and 1 silver added to my fleet, got some nice silver for the ships I already had.
  14. Catanonia

    Directives suddenly disappeared?

    Could it be a sign they are going to extend the PR build time ?
  15. Catanonia

    Directives suddenly disappeared?

    Not quite, personal assignments for tier 10 have gone as well.