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  1. Nope, been using him in my Kremlin for ranked battles, fun captain. The first blood perk is a boon if you can get it, and if you're ballsy and charge in that last stand style perk can get you one last sneaky kill. Personally I'd say get him and have fun with it, can't comment on how well he'll perform in other ships as I don't have many other Russians.
  2. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Chat bans

    I'm fairly certain I know what caused this (no proof it was this player however) and I've the replay from the last ranked match. I'll take the ticket option under advisement. Thanks for the discussion people.
  3. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Chat bans

    Flamu isn't that bad, I've played him many times and he comes across, at least to me, nice and polite. If I have to ignore peoples own stupidity what does that say? People need to be taught what they are doing wrong, and I could potentially be a bit more diplomatic about it but at tier X people should know the game mechanics by now. As for your point about abuse, I'm willing to bet I can not chat in the game for weeks and yet I'll still get reported, mostly from just getting lucky. That is an abuse of the reporting system, players should not have to be reported for just being good (yes I'm aware we're not off chat bans. Anyway, I've said my little piece it's back to the game for me.
  4. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Chat bans

    As I said I have called out the stupid in the past, but like others have said it's time to walk away from the chat function. Which in itself is a shame as decent communication is needed for effective teamwork. We can disagree on the system and the validity of if it works or not, that's the perks of an adult discussion. For now I'll just have my fun in my Kremlin and enjoy the game as best I can.
  5. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Chat bans

    If someone team kills me or doesnt play the objectives then a little salt never hurt anyone. It's not working, it's easily abused by anyone.
  6. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Chat bans

    Hey all, A slight complaint thread here, but isn't it about time to have a look at the chat reporting system. I've come back to the game after 24hrs to find I'm banned from sending in-game chat messages. I logged out yesterday with the ability to talk and 7 karma to log in today with 5 karma and the block in place. This isn't the first time this happened; now I'll admit I get salty with really bad players on my team who don't play the objectives or in rare cases get team killed by someone. However, I'm not as bad as those who threaten, accuse of having mental health issues or just downright aggressive abuse. That I can shrug off. I'm not expecting sympathy but as a whole the system needs to be taking away from the automated side and actually be moderated, have someone review the reports if a sufficient number are submitted, yes I know this is unlikely to happen but it's a suggestion. Take the screenshot from the game I've just had, the S.Soyus went full broadside at 11km from my Kremlin, took a triple citadel and got dev striked. He complained in chat that I was a cheater, and lo and behold I got reported. It's fairly obvious going full broadside in anything these days is a bad idea but he didnt seem to understand A) RNG and B) juicy citadel. Anyway, rant over with. I'm sure I'm not the only one with issues and getting reported for being either somewhat lucky or good in this game.
  7. Invictus_Antagonistes

    New CV skipper

    Hey all, So after playing battleships for most of the time in WoWs and a little dabbling of cruisers over the years, I thought I would take the plunge and try carriers. Mostly because I was getting bored and needed something new to try. However I feel like I should ask for some tips before I jump into randoms in my Furious. I've attached at the bottom of this thread screenshots of my captain build and the only random match I've played. So what I have been doing at the start of the match is the following:- Attack planes first Scout the ships and highlight where they are Hunt the destroyers and harass them (sorry) From there is when I start to have issues, I can land my rocket hits, just about landing torpedo hits (barely) but my bombers I struggle with. So the crux of this thread is asking for tips, advice and help. It may just boil down to training room and co-op practice but I felt the need to ask the community.
  8. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Russian battleships

    Hey all, so to my complete surprise I'm actually enjoying the Russian battleship line, I've got three out of the four early access. My question is when are they releasing the full line? More so it'll allow me to make an informed decision to gamble and try for the Vladivostok or wait. On a side note, insanely happy to see the Slava, cant wait for her.
  9. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Servers Down?

    I wonder if they'll refund me all the money I've spent before it went out, be nice of them, doubtful however. Times like this I wonder why I bother giving them anything if they can't even keep a stable server on a busy weekend..
  10. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Servers Down?

    Same as others, critical error earlier today and just as I spend money in game the servers die. Typical really, if they ain't back up within the hour and I'm raising a chargeback for the goods I've brought.
  11. Off the top of my head I've got Monarch, KGV, Lyon, Pensacola. Cant really think what else there is without logging. I've kept the KGV as she's a joy to sail and bully cruisers in, Lyon for the same reason. Pensacola I've just not got around to selling.
  12. Invictus_Antagonistes

    Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    For me personally it's the Großer Kurfürst, a large majestic floating citadel bedecked in weapons. I love her brutal functionality, cruisers that's a bit hard as I don't really play them; that being said even thought it isn't out yet but Alaska or failing that Fiji. Other ships I find gorgeous would be Hood, Missouri and Amagi.
  13. Invictus_Antagonistes


    Yay ranked(!) Something I swore off many moons ago. Ah well thanks for the replies
  14. Invictus_Antagonistes


    Hey, So now I've enough free xp for both Alaska and Kron I thought I'd check out the Stalingrad. However how does one get steel if not participating in clan wars?
  15. Invictus_Antagonistes

    So who killed the server

    So my last few games felt like the servers were dying, ping would jump from 40 all the way to 1180, a screenshot showing it near it's highest is attached. I've checked everything my end, restarted my router, changed Ethernet cable and restarted my rig but still getting piss poor performance. All I can do is hitch, suddenly shoot across the map and get stuck in zoom mode, hardly fun(!). Anyone else having issues?