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  1. WG, what is missing in the spreadsheet is what game results you are expecting for a person that can do that for free ? 2-5 in 3 days each ? Some of them are like an entire line grind or more !!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS ??? I demand to see the first to complete for free list (just a number) of players that actually managed this after the event ... You know without spending any doubloons ....
  2. Hugh_Ruka

    Have £25 to spend in game

    None of those. The game at present is not worth spending money on, maybe except premium time ...
  3. I like the new login screen, however can we get an option to MUTE IT ? I had the video in the old one paused for exactly that reason.
  4. Hugh_Ruka

    Will you be acquiring Gorizia this event?

    I wanted to get the Gorizia for the ship missions it unlocks (want teh CV and DD). Then I looked at the directives I need to complete and I concluded that I cannot complete directive 3 with my main class (DDs), as I will be missing 2 missions (not possible to complete in DDs). If I get close enough I might actually try cruisers but I don't think I can do it DDs only.
  5. Hugh_Ruka

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Hey folks, why are you complaining ? I am thankful to WG for allowing me to spend a lot of time with my family instead of playing their game. They simply made the point right at the start that it is futile for me to even try ? Thank you WG for actively trying to make me spend time with the family and on other stuff than your game !!!
  6. Hugh_Ruka

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    If you look at the wording, they don't actually lie in any part of that statement. 1. It is possible to complete the PR without paying doubloons. They just say that getting all the free boosters allows you to complete the ship 2. It is possible to get all the free boosters 3. The criteria to get all the boosters are simple The catch is that the criteria are simple (as in no mystery or hard to understand) they are just impossible to complete. This is so cynical and disgusting on their part ....
  7. Hugh_Ruka

    Are we some players joke for you?

    You misunderstood ... that was not supposed to be a boost since it increases you vertical dispersion while still keeping the horizontal one ... US BBs have access to Artillery plotting room ... Germans don't ...
  8. Hugh_Ruka


    Exactly what I am going to do :-) It's in the same category as "blob up to face CVs" advice but oh well ...
  9. Hugh_Ruka

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    No "time to completion" indicator, instant FAIL. I understand that you have to make profit on FOMO, but most of the times you do it by heavily frustrating the playerbase.
  10. Hugh_Ruka

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    DD main here, so I am obviously biased ... I usually do compliment a good CV player (I hate CVs with a passion) that knows how to maximize his influence in other ways than pure damage farming. Unfortunately those are quite rare. That being said, my experience with CV games is that I just lost a lot of control over my gameplay when a CV is present and I cannot do anything to regain it. Compared to planes, my ship is slow and clumsy so my main strength (concealment) is greatly diminished. Same happens with other classes in different aspects (BBs lose their armor advantage and cruisers lose their DPM role). So can you blame those that get frustrated playing against CVs ? They are the only class that does not have a semi-effective counter, not even themselves anymore (since WG change fighter to glorious spoters).
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    Massachusetts B combat mission issue

    This is the same crap as the event missions ... They are released to all people irrespective of them meeting the prereqs. On one side it is nice because you see what you COULD do if you had those ships. OTOH if you do NOT plan on getting them, they just clutter your missions screen ... I'd like a checkbox to filter out only those I meet the prereqs for.
  12. Hugh_Ruka

    Ranked Smolensk stats.

    The problem with the Smolensk is that it is incredibly binary ... if you give it to a good player, he'll wreck everything around him ... if you give it to an average or bad player, he'll most likely die quickly without impact and would be more beneficial to the team in anything else (maybe except a Mino or a DD). That right there averages out the OP out of it ... but looking at the available stats, it outranks even the Shima in the last ranked season by popularity which is about the most widespread T10 ship. That there says a LOT.
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    Get forward !

    The issue is, there would need to be a separate scoring system for each game type (domination, epicenter, standard battle) ... that would complicate things at least on WG side if not on both .... What I think they should change is to add extra rewards to MVPs in the respective categories (most capture points, most potential, most defense points etc ...). Not only damage and kills ...
  14. Hugh_Ruka

    Get forward !

    IIRC it was WGs official advice to blob-up when facing CVs ... you can't blame the players if they follow official advice ...
  15. Hugh_Ruka

    The Captain's Logbook

    you cannot see modules/upgrades on ships you do not own ...also you cannot see the effect of signals etc ... basically doing proper research on any ship you do not own is not possible ... well there are 3rd party websites, but all of them usually play catch up to WG ...