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  1. General Feedback

    Islands do not affect view range. View range dictates if the client draws the ship for you and you can aim at it. 1. Sufficient view range, no direct LoS (target behind island) detected by a teammate, you can SEE and FIRE 2. Insufficient view range, direct LoS, target detected byt teammate, you cannot SEE and FIRE This becomes comical in cyclones where you are 1-2 km behind your teammate that is being decimated by an enemy but you cannot assist even thou all of you are on open ocean. Contrast this with a situation where you are behind an island (or even multiple islands) with no direct line of sight of the enemy but you can still lob shells over the island because he is in your view range. Total stupidity ... That's also why radar/hydro goes through landmass, it only checks view range. Until this is fixed, I am against any view range limiting effects ...
  2. General Feedback

    if it affects view range then no thanks ... if it only affects LoS, that's ok ... I am sick of how poorly LoS is implemented in Warships ...
  3. General Feedback

    I do not think that is a good idea ... if the storm path is random, you get even more randomness into the game ... if the storm path is fixed per map, then you get an advantage/disadvantage based on the team position ... The current Cyclone is an idiotic thing as it completely screws up some ships, effectively removing them from gameplay ... since the MM does not take this into account and cyclone is random, it does not make for good games ... Also the weather effect is really fake from what I saw ... lighting/waves are nice, but it's just visual ... ships still sail the same as in calm water and there's no effect on accuracy, which would be the case on a stormy ocean ... Also I doubt CVs should be able to land planes without casualties in such a storm ...
  4. Arp ships gone

    Hmm ... because it's not WG that messes user settings at will .... oh right ....
  5. Bug Reports

    Hello, I don't have the issue but I noticed that when opening the Collections screen, they are now in random order (did not test if every time or client restart). However I see all of them ... just the order changes ...
  6. Replacing Steven Seagal is not ok !

    That would be immediately flagged as an illegal mod by WG.
  7. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    Oh, you have that kind of affliction ... I do not understand people that try to run higher than 1080p for any kind of desktop use. You are either so far away that the added resolution does not matter or you don't have the whole screen estate in view at the same time ... Also WoWs is not a twitch FPS, anything above 60fps is overkill ... but that's just me ... But yeah 1440p and above most of the things are slower ...
  8. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    I doubt you can run the windows desktop in sli/crossfire, so it is not a problem with the drivers but windows architecure. also with modern GPUs, what's the point of sli/crossfire?
  9. Bug Reports

    Hmm I get the F3 problem on calling targets in cap/base a lot. Basically I am not able to call a target if it enters a cap/base, I always get the defend/cap callout ...
  10. I have the Enable ship horns box unchecked. I cannot use my horn but I can hear horns of others ingame. This has been the case since the option was available (but I did not check specifically each patch).
  11. Heavy loosing streaks after Steam release.

    Your example does not make sense, since there's no skill involved in rolling random numbers, while in WoWs, skill matters and does influence the outcome of a match. Anyway I don't think OP has anything to blame on the Steam release ...
  12. New Port "Marseille"

    Those red emblems are really overlooked ... At least I am ignoring the one on the News section because it is there always ... But that's a problem of their own making ... Similarly here ... there are at least 2 different options to make you aware of the new port without changing it ... That WG takes the most intrusive method is the problem for me ... Yes I can ignore it, but then I can ignore the whole game and switch to something else ...
  13. New Port "Marseille"

    Well ... Not that I am against more ports, just that I prefer my choice to remain my choice ...
  14. How to play around radar?

    Well you will not avoid detection :-) Stealthing up also does not avoid radar ... And most of times there are multiple enemy ships in range from different directions ...
  15. How to play around radar?

    The radar/hydro detection icon is different from the regular detection icon and should have preference over ship/plane detection. I do not think it works properly (the preference order that is) so you only way to find out is to smoke up :-((