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  1. Hugh_Ruka

    WoWs Game Center in Linux?

    thanks folks, I have to try this ....
  2. Almost fell out of the chair ... That was from one of the containers from the 2nd Directive ...
  3. RN DDs. good guns, decent concealment, defensive hydro and short smoke cooldown .... RPF+BFT and you are a killer ... so far my experience in the Lightning is excellent ... I fail more often than the ship does ...
  4. Hugh_Ruka

    Stuck at rank 3

    Remember, rank is not a mark of skill but persistence ...
  5. Hugh_Ruka

    PSA: How to keep your UBoats alive!

    So where's the difference to this: Yet I don't see tokens and random bundles that limit how many can play CVs at T4 ?
  6. Hugh_Ruka

    PSA: How to keep your UBoats alive!

    You cannot compare PTS to Live, there's a massive population difference. Also there are a few other ways to do it and not via a random bundle that people are protesting against for event at least last 6 months .... Also if subs were available in training rooms, it would help with the problem a lot and enable some better testing. But no, let's do it the lazy way, piss people off and in the process make them less likely to test .... making the whole point of testing on live server less relevant.
  7. Hugh_Ruka

    IJN Torp boats in the current meta?

    Just play her with TRB, smoke is not worth it anymore. You simply give up on DD roles and transition into big ship hunter. Mid/late game you can switch back to DD role. EDIT: engine boost upgrade is a must
  8. Hugh_Ruka

    IJN Torp boats in the current meta?

    erm what ? I don't quite follow ... You are counting the ships as if they were equal and radar was the only variable. unfortunately that is not the case as certain ships are more common than others. yes your point makes sense but is totally not valid due to the above ... and we'll get 2 new radar cruisers out of 2 new cruisers coming into the game (tech tree T10) ...
  9. Hugh_Ruka

    How do you Translate win rate into a good PR rate

    rank is a sign of persistence rather than skill ...
  10. Hugh_Ruka

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    3rd one will be coal as well ... oh the excitement
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Correct me if I am wrong, but on PT you had to play a few battles in other ships in order to unlock subs. Why that was not done on live as well I don't understand. Also the q for Ranked was full of BBs and WG did not care and left it to the players to sort it out ? But with subs it is suddenly a problem ? You said yourself the event lasts for a month unlike a week or weekend for PTS. Plenty of time to try out everything (except training room of course). Anyway I'll stop here. I think I made my point clear and further discussion is pointless. Thank you for your patience.
  12. Hugh_Ruka

    BBs in the sub mode

    Oh please, people barely learned how to move in those and you are claiming victory already ? Wait till things improve for the sub players as they learn the boats and tactics ....
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    BBs in the sub mode

    yes but wasd helps against DDs, subs have homing torps ... wasd does not work much there ...