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  1. How Clan Wars could have been

    The whole CW system is team battles 1.1 just with the requirement to pay gold to participate. That's the whole idea why CW mode was added (and TB removed at the same time). A quick money grab with no future. CW mode is more restricted than TBs were. As for future improvements, don't expect miracles. WG does not have the capacity to do anything decent about this (they fail hard even wit simple stuff).
  2. Oh yeah ... and how do you judge that ? By stats ? Cos those don't paint a proper picture when it comes to DDs, they are meant for damage dealers like BBs and CAs ... Anyway if Flambass can't play DDs well, I don't know who can by your book ... He does complain about radar in a lot of his videos....
  3. Why Wargaming.net removed ONEcard ???!

    Until I bought permacamo on Grozo and Khaba, I was struggling to make a profit on them ... The main killer is service cost as that is the only major credit sink. I have 70% reduction (permacamo, clan bonus, flag bonus) and still see 80-90k service cost ... that means vanilla service cost is approx 300k ...
  4. Why Wargaming.net removed ONEcard ???!

    So the OP complained his one and only way to purchase premium/doubloons no longer works and your argument is he should purchase permacamo and premium ???
  5. Why Wargaming.net removed ONEcard ???!

    Thanks for stating the obvious ... contrary to your belief, not everybody except you is an idiot ... We do know that lower tiers are there to sealclub and make profit ... Question is, why play tiers above 7 if the economy is so broken ?
  6. Bug Reports

    Well, if your people would not skimp on 3 letters, it would read "Get Nueve de Julio" and all would be clear. Mission descriptions are quite problematic most of the times ...
  7. GO NAVY! Event

    well ... I guess you are the person that enjoys that you get asked the same question over and over again even if you already answered "No, thank you" ....
  8. GO NAVY! Event

    Dear WG: 1. If a special mini-mission is generated, please keep its status top left as you do for the Operations objectives. That way we don't have to check via TAB all the time 2. Please think of a way to keep the mini-missions/objectives for vanilla Random battles, I think it is the bet idea since I have joined the game, rewards don't need to be huge, service cost discount, a few flags, 1-2 consumables .... Just have to thinks about something that aids the team (use 5 consumables is not it) ...
  9. Pls Nerf Torps

    lemme see ... what was it that Jingles always said in his videos .... DON'T SAIL IN STRAIGHT LINES ....
  10. GO NAVY! Event

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... Alena does not light my spark ...
  11. Are the new missons causing throwers?

    May be possible, one of the missions is "Use consumables 5 times", so people migh just hide in a corner and wait out the consumable timeouts .... WG again can not think of reasonable missions for ship types that actually aid the battle ...
  12. GO NAVY! Event

    If this continues, you might get me to join the Eagles team just for Dasha ....
  13. Why Wargaming.net removed ONEcard ???!

    T9/T10 without Premium is unprofitable ... you have to do 200k damage each game to turn a profit ...
  14. GO NAVY! Event

    it's one click more than I want to sacrifice for that event ... I am not taking part, I don't want to take part .... why should I be bothered every day ? it's called spam in the real world .. EDIT: ok I just confirmed my suspicion, if you do NOT pick a side, you have to dismiss the screen at EVERY LOGIN !!!! thanks WG ... please continue to annoy me further and I'll stop playing ... this is supposed to be entertainment and relaxing for me, not getting angry and annoyed at every logon ...
  15. GO NAVY! Event

    wait, so I will get those prompts for this point of sale event EVERY DAY ??? oh come on ... it's like if I would get my battle mode changed to Ranked or CLan battles after every login even if I only play randoms ... this is getting more annoying every new patch ...