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  1. Hugh_Ruka

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    when EVER did WG abandon an idea for a new addition to that game that was published ? the closest we came to that was the NTC, but that was just renamed and tweaked a bit .... the only ideas ever discarded were changes to existing mechanics that would make them a bit more challenging to use (like LoS radar) ...
  2. Well they DO play the game ... occasionally ... so all in all, they ARE listening to the players ...
  3. Hugh_Ruka

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    yeah, that's why you see 20% CV population .... oh wait ...
  4. Hugh_Ruka

    Mines - yay, nay, or simply blancmange?

    then we are not talking about mines anymore ... you have to match the reality to the game concept somehow, otherwise it will just confuse people and nobody will like it ... or you cannot call it mines ...
  5. Hugh_Ruka

    Mines - yay, nay, or simply blancmange?

    I am at a loss here ... are you joking or are you that dense ? Either we are discussing mines or torpedoes. Mines have only ONE purpose, stop enemy movement through certain areas. They are deployed in stealth or before hostilities start. While DDs dropping mines COULD work, mine sweeping would be an entirely different thing. Seriously try to outline the mechanics in some reasonable detail and not just snarky comments about slow torpedoes .... then we can have a discussion ... as it is now, there's no point.
  6. Hugh_Ruka

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.3

    Sure ... and he stated he's fine with 0 income. It's the credit LOSS that is the issue for COOP.
  7. Hugh_Ruka

    Mines - yay, nay, or simply blancmange?

    This reminds me of CVs ... counterplay from all classes ... yeah sure ...
  8. Hugh_Ruka

    Mines - yay, nay, or simply blancmange?

    It is not the player mentality that makes mine not viable. It is the overall idea/heading of the game. Mines simply do not fit into an arcade kind of game. That's why I quoted you. You seem to think that only the players being against mines is an issue why they should not be considered. No, that's not it. Just look at submarines for an example of the same.
  9. I don't know ... met some subs yesterday in 2 games first time this patch. One was actively trying to land pings on me (Khabarovsk) he got 2 in but he never hit a torpedo. The main issue was the spotting. So in the current form it is about as useful as an Asashio (or less Asashio can still use guns from smoke if torps are not applicable). I think the best would be a separate convoy mode. The problem is, WG never got any asymmetric mode right, NONE, not one.
  10. Hugh_Ruka

    Mines - yay, nay, or simply blancmange?

    I don't think you fully realize what mines are for and how they are used. Mines are a defensive tool to deny access to certain areas. Now try to fully consider that fact. What impact on gameplay would that have ? The only viable mode for mines would be Standard battle where the minelayer can actually work undisturbed on mining a specific area. And that still does not do anything to the outcome of the game because of "no cap kill all" mentality in that game mode ... The only other viable alternative would be air dropped mines and we do NOT want any more CV power and influence in the game. Submarines can be used for mine laying as well, however they are not yet properly implemented anyway.... And as a last resort, creating a specialized class to get rid of the mines would just make a class that is good at basically nothing. So no, overall a BAD idea ...
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    I just had the worst WOWS experiance

    Well subs started infesting Randoms. I was lucky yesterday for not getting any superships ... But we got a coop moment were on submarine remained on the enemy team and we were unable to locate it so we had to wait until the points tick out.
  12. Also since concealment is dependent on the highest point of the ship (or so WG leads us to believe based on the "How it Works" videos), will the concealment values be adjusted ?
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    Update 0.11.2 - General feedback

    IIRC this was reported already some 2 patches ago .... I remember seeing similar pictures ...
  14. Hugh_Ruka

    For God's sake, fix the coop spawns so slower...

    he's talking about COOP, each class role is to DO DAMAGE in COOP and only that ... there's no reason to try to cap or scout ...
  15. what ? why ? I mean Tashkent does not need changing, Petro the change is not enough ...