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  1. Hugh_Ruka

    Collectors Emblem

    true ... looks I guessed wrong :-) you have played about 200 ships ...
  2. Hugh_Ruka

    Collectors Emblem

    https://wows-numbers.com/player/546033370,Fat_Maniac/ shows 108 ships that you played, 2 of them are old versions, so in total you have played at lease 106 ships in Randoms. Since there's nothing in the description about "at the same time" I think you qualify ?
  3. I have tried a few. Since I have a life outside of warships sooner or later I had to leave either due to inactivity or inability to join clan operations (CBs). So I am fine as I am now. Yes divs would be nice from time to time, but those are not clan limited.
  4. Hugh_Ruka

    Ranked Battles: The Third Season

    oh good, you have reduced Silver to 8/9, that's good.
  5. I am basically a single person clan now. All other clanmates are basically inactive .... so NO ...
  6. If he'd have an issue with the firewall, he'd not even get the webpage loaded .... also the error message is about as helpful as a drop of water in a forest fire ... no description what kind of error happened (browser component permissions ? backend server connection issue ?).
  7. Correct me if wrong, but the previous event was organized differently ? Most of the containers were not from watching on Twitch but there were combat missions to grind .... So the conditions to obtain the collection items change each KotS ...
  8. Premium ships are changing all the time .... some are removed from availability, others are added. So this year you might have a chance to get something that will be removed next KotS come around ....
  9. Hugh_Ruka

    I don't get the dev blog (CC) outrage

    that's actually a sound ides. battery to limit operational range underwater, oxygen to limit submerged time. however that would be too complicated for "majority of the playerbase" in WGs eyes ... a similar thing is needed to balance CVs and is only 1/3 implemented (aircraft recharge)....
  10. give me 25 mil so I can buy and fit out a Harugumo :-)
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    It hurts sometimes how true this feels.

    Well, tried to play a TRB Yugumo in Ranked (SIlver). It feels like playing an Asashio. To get anything done you have to get to the battleships. Otherwise you either die or constantly run ...
  12. Hugh_Ruka

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    You have to split this however between the game modes available by their popularity ...
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    A question to players about a bygone relic

    Both Z-46 and Z-52 could do with Daring pen angles ... but that would simply make the new DD line obsolete ... so I don't really see a way out of this. I don't think they need a heal.
  14. Hugh_Ruka

    Festive Bundles in the Armory and Premium Shop

    So what about the Blyskavica ? It was sold for money bot now is obtainable for ingame currency ... Same for Aigle, Sims, Anshan ...