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  1. Hugh_Ruka

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    Asashio is actually a good example since it is a total exception to about every rule: 1. DW torps that are not on a PA ship 2. A special version DW torps 3. Long range low detect torps This singularities cannot be done in tutorials as they are not part of any established rules. Anyway, I am fine with all of the examples. Those people simply just play and don't obsess about wins etc. so much that they need to know every little detail of the game.
  2. Hugh_Ruka

    PSA: Despawning fighters

    Yeah we all thought the "go dark after duck behind cover" mechanic was legit and yet WG declared it as a bug ... you never know ...
  3. Hugh_Ruka

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    The appeal of a PvP game is to make the other sod suffer for what he's doing to you. If you have effective options at your disposal and still get wiped, it's on you for not using them. If you DON'T have said options it's on the game being crap. A gallery shooter is not fun for the targets ...
  4. Hugh_Ruka

    Money back for faulty advertisment

    Any EULA is only considered valid when it was proven in court. In my country an EULA has to be agreed upon before money changes hands. EULAs at install time are invalid f.e. ... So using an EULA as an argument is not really valid ...
  5. Hugh_Ruka

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    That's 1/2 true ... Mechanics do not need to enrich your game experience if you are not using them or not subjected to them.
  6. Hugh_Ruka

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    This about sums up my view of the case as well. I stopped caring around ... I have switched to a FoTM approach. Find a ship that works for you and play it, don't care about anything else.
  7. Hugh_Ruka

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    You have perfectly fine stats. Potato teams happen. Win streaks and loss streaks as well ... just ignore that and enjoy the game....
  8. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    stealth-torping - there are indications of this and there's mitigation options BBs that outrange cruisers - and concealment that works exactly the opposite way radar from behind cover does not enable you to do damage directly, you have to leave the cover to have a firing solution you cannot mix 1v1 an NvM situations in the same argument, some mechanics have mitigation in 1v1 while having retaliation in NvM and vice-versa .... anyway the discussion is irrelevant. WG is successfuly nerfing CVs into the ground. I played a few games actually in this patch and mostly did not see CVs. things are returning back to "normal" ....
  9. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    This one I have kept separate: There is no other way to balance the game than creating these connections and comparisons. Or you will create separate planes/dimensions in the game that have either no or only uni-directional relationships. That in turn will create situations where one class can influence another without the other having any option of either retaliation or mitigation (stealth firing comes to mind as an example). There has to be some semblance of equivalency.
  10. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    You are forgetting that the armament of the CV is decoupled from the hull. Thus shooting at the armament does not damage the CV. For all the other classes those are bound together. So yes, planes are the armament that can actually move indendently from the hull, their ammunition is resupplied same way as for any other armament. There is no escaping the fact. All other ship classes trade their hull HP when doing damage, CV does not. As for the DD armament, I have lost turrets and torpedo tubes to rocket planes in 0.8.0 (as in the timespan 0.8.0 lasted before more times than I have lost them in the 2 years prior ...
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    HP yes, ARMAMENT NO !!! You cannot repair destroyed turrets or torpedo tubes ... CV Planes are armament ...
  12. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    You are compounding two related but different things. CV is the only class that capable of regenerating it's full damage potential even if it was destroyed by other ships defensive armament. Given enough time, CV will get back to its full potential. No other class is capable of doing this once their armament was destroyed. The caveat here is obviously time.
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    You might have failed to notice, but the returning planes are not visible to other ships, only to the CV... so much for "you still don't seem to understand the new mechanic".
  14. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    So you admit there's no explicit limit on the amount of planes a CV can have. The limit is outside of the ship and it's properties. Similar to how a DCP on normal ships is "unlimited" while DCP on the RU BBs has an explicit limit. I'd suggest we use the term somewhat limited for the former and limited for the later situation ? Otherwise we'd have to stick to the logical "unlimited" as is apparent by a lack of explicit limit anywhere ?
  15. Hugh_Ruka

    CV- The DD scourge (DDs need Nerfs)

    So you are dragging the aftereffects into the debate ? What has that to do with it ? Can I then start arguing about other Atlanta shortcomings like the low caliber of main guns ? Or the rather low turret health for a cruiser ? Stay on topic: unlimited planes ...