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  1. Hugh_Ruka

    RPF at it's best

    Hard to understand and yet you can tell I am not saying the truth ? That is a direct contradiction right there in that sentence. Either you do not understand what I am writing, thus cannot evaluate if true or false, or you can understand which means there's no problem with my use of language.
  2. Hugh_Ruka

    RPF at it's best

    As a DD, Kagero is the slowest together with Akizuki. All other DDs are faster.... English is your big problem and putting together a coherent post is another. Believe me, I tried to make sense of what you wrote, but it came out as an incoherent RPF whine with several anecdotal arguments thrown together without any logic or reason (that's where you get your failure to hunt down the slowest DD in game from). Also what you wrote is nothing new, all those arguments were already discussed when the skill was introduced in the game. WG did not listen (as usual).
  3. Hugh_Ruka

    Interface Changes & Other Improvements 

    Ah yes, I thought my mouse is bugged or what when I was trying to minimize the Clan chat window ...
  4. I am from Slovakia, not a big hockey fan but I do follow the World Championship when it's on television. Of course I have heard of him :-)
  5. Hugh_Ruka

    RPF at it's best

    So you fail to hunt down the slowest DD in the game even with RPF on your captain ? I wonder where the problem might be ...
  6. Hugh_Ruka

    Bug Reports

    I guess this was already reported or rather pointed out, but the Shipbuilding Yard in Clanbase 2.0 when built adds the discount icon to ALL THE SHIPS !!! So when there's an actual discount going on, I cannot see it. WG please remove this stupid notification if the only source is the Shipbuilding Yard ...
  7. Battleships redundant ? RLY ???
  8. Hello WG, How about finally implementing statistics for Scenarios/Operations in the Profile section ? We have Random, Co-op, Ranked (I wonder why I see that when I have never played a Ranked battle), I guess Clan battles are also present once you play some (correct me if wrong). At least get some proper/correct display of total battles with distribution into battle types if you don't want to implement Scenario/Operations statistics ...
  9. Actually YES. Mino AP is a nuisance but can be survived pretty well in a DD, just angle away and wiggle while kiting. Worcester HE however does not care about angling so you are going to eat damage when hit no matter the angle. I have been shat at by Minos from smoke and from behind islands at medium distances as a DD. Once you angle the damage drops pretty significantly.
  10. Hugh_Ruka

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Is it worth it ? T3 level does not award much XP in randoms .... I guess the Scenario does not give much to be worth it ....
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    Daily Shipments

    Based on the dev blog video, there should be a Calendar/Daily shipments for the Halloween event ... however those Scenarios are already available .... so did the event start yet or not ? This is mighty confusing ...
  12. Hugh_Ruka

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    You are contradicting yourself in that sentence ... Either they are set when collected or when opening ... cannot be both.
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    Interface Changes & Other Improvements 

    Thank you, that actually helped !!!
  14. Hugh_Ruka


    It shows you have no clue what you are talking about ... Harugumo does not need IFHE to pen DD plating except the Khaba 50mil plate, which it won't pen even with IFHE. It shows also that you were simply lucky, he was hitting your side plate (he was too close) ... I was in the same situation today but the distance was 9-10km away .... before I could turn away, I lost 8k HP, Harugumo 2.5k .... So range favors Harugumo actually because his shells rain down on your 19/13mm deck/superstructure/turrets bypassing that famed 50mil plating ....
  15. Hugh_Ruka


    Because we've seen that happen with the Harugumo/KItakaze right ? They were released OP as hell and it was also hinted in CC videos that they are a bit over the top. WG never listens to player feedback, they only listen to their own voices ...