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  1. You are correct in A, incorrect in B. If you check any battle results screen in the Detailed report section, there are 2 times displayed: Battle duration and Time spent in battle. Obviously the 2nd is your B. The description on WG.eu page does not say anything about Time spent in battle. Just to remind you, we are talking about exiting the battle while you are still alive. And again, the description is still very much lacking a lot of details as was presented by many reports of the system not working properly (or rather applying a penalty in the wrong case). Even you are not sure as you are presenting options that don't fit existing data.
  2. " Fleeing the battlefield is defined as being active for less than 75% of the duration of a battle (either by your own choice or in the case of technical failure). " DURATION OF THE BATTLE !!! Clearly you cannot read. I left somewhere in the middle ...
  3. Other changes (UI, ships, maps)

    I have to say that the new system for rendering ships after detection is broken. I have witnessed on several times that a ship was rendered after it fired at least 2 volleys. That means 6--10 seconds for the ships (DDs mostly). Yesterday I was shot at by an Atlanta in open water where the ship did not render for about 3 volleys ...
  4. I am giving up on WG. From now on I will not report any issues or bother testing on PT. Why ? BECAUSE THEY CANNOT EVEN PROPERLY EXPLAIN THE GAME MECHANICS !!! I started a game in the Leningrad on Sunday. Played for a few minutes, killed a ship, capped. Then real life intervened and I had to leave. So I exited to port and exited the client. I fully expected to be pink in the next battle. NOTHING HAPPENED !!!! WTF WG ??? From all the available information I SHOULD BE PINK !!! Can somebody explain the stupid TK/TD system to me in proper detail ? Because what was written in the forums and on WG pages is not correct.
  5. I'll stop discussing here. You are presenting the very selfish view of "it does not affect me so it's fine". hard to argue against that ....
  6. 1. is a fiction of yours. I do that all the time and got no penalty 2. is the point of most of my comments against the system ... that one is a huge letdown
  7. The problem is that WG does not have the manpower to properly develop the game, so asking them to oversee these incidents is much too much. Thus they implemented an automatic "presumed guilty" system with no appeal possible. Punishing "not paying attention" means punishing peoples mental capacity which they cannot do much about as well (similar like punishing color blind people). My main point is: The current system is too harsh on unintentional accidents without any oversight or appeal. It was clearly not thought out properly and unfortunately WG lacks the resources to implement a better system.
  8. During my WoWs history I gamed on 2 laptops, one Windows 7 all intel (CPU and iGPU) one windows 10 all AMD (ryzen mobile+dgpu) both show sporadic crashes, disconnects etc ... there's quite a spread of people reporting crashed in the bug reporting threads as well ... Problem is, WG is punishing users for something that WG cannot prove they did with malicious intent. In that regard the punishment is unjustified. There has to be a some system to ensure the malicious players are punished, but so far we got 2: 1. karma based system that does absolutely nothing 2. overzealous friendly-fire and afk punishment system based on "presumed guilty" mentality One does nothing, the other does alienate innocent players and does nothing against the actual offenders ...
  9. The problem here is that for a penalty you should have done the damage with intent to damage the team/teammate ... Friendly fire accidents where no party had the intent to do damage should not be penalized.
  10. How about the PC is fine since these things appear and disappear with patches ? There's no software without bugs ... but building a system on the premise that all disconnects are voluntarily done by the end user is bordering on the insane ...
  11. Bug Reports

    2 issues observed 1. No status screen after battle: Happens when I finish a game and while in that game another one that I exited before end finishes as well (got sunk and exited to port, started a new game with other ship). I can access the battle stats via the notification window, but I get dropped straight into port after the last battle ends. 2. Multistage missions somehow get corrupted: I finished the 1st stage, then killed a ship for towards the 2nd stage goal, went to check the status: After exiting the client and logging back in, the display is correct.
  12. It's funny how you are constructing scenarios that suit your argument and dismissing the other side arguments based on that. Everybody here is talking about DD friendly torping another DD, same exact scenario as Aerroon showd in the vid. You are the only one describing the other scenarios ...
  13. New matchmaking.

    So you are saying it only takes one player in the q to wait longer than 3 minutes and the MM goes back to its previous self for the entire queue ? There should be some better information about the chance to get into a game than the current waiting screen ... The numbers (except the timer) presented to the player are total [edited] ...
  14. I never recall a teammate dying like that, instantly in a friendly fire incident. I was torped several times by team mates and I have done this mistake a few time myself. The last 2 or 3 times I was torped to death there was NO immediate penalty to the player and his status did not change, only after the game ended. Of course I might remember wrong as you will no doubt point out.
  15. Bug Reports

    You seem to be quite aggressive on other players because WG screwed up and did not put the relevant information into the game properly. Why don't you simply report this to WG with a suggested fix like the mission NOT APPEARING IF YOU CANNOT DO IT ???? Like the stupid Clan battle missions where you are not in a clan or your clan has not sufficient size to participate ? It's not the players fault that WG screwed up ....