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  1. Hugh_Ruka

    0.7.12 PTS - Map changes to Okinawa

    This looks like a completely different map than "old" Okinawa ... I hope this is just another version and we get the old one as well in the rotation ...
  2. Why is this NOT in the MAIN ARTICLE ??? One good reason please ....
  3. Hugh_Ruka

    Game Mechanics

    Well it is ... if you play 6-7 OTHER DDs you tend to forget to switch that information when playing the Khaba ... :-)
  4. Hugh_Ruka


    Thanks ... it's rather absurd that WG can't do these simple things right. Also I think you have to use the same client version for the replay to work ? Would be good to have the client version in the replay filename somewhere ....
  5. Hugh_Ruka


    Can somebody explain to me the Replay naming convention ? There seems to be a map name part to the replay name, but what map is Gold Harbor ? OC_bees_to_honey ??? NE_passage ??? Come on WG, can't you do even simple things correctly ?
  6. Hugh_Ruka

    Royal Navy Event & Collection

    DD main ... I won't ever have ... the only exceptions are Bismarck and RN cruisers (they are basically oversized DDs).
  7. Hugh_Ruka

    Game Mechanics

    The BB AP change got me killed quite a few times in the Khabarovsk ... I always forget that the ship is an exception from the rule ....
  8. Hugh_Ruka

    Royal Navy Event & Collection

    I tend to keep ships of tier 8 and above when I reach them, so a permacamo for the Lightning will be nice ... provided I can finish the collection before they remove it ....
  9. Hugh_Ruka

    Rework of CVs

    How long does the AA side switch take ? Because you will get a strike from one side, then the squadron will turn and strike you from the other side ... As for the RNG, all of the ships (primary armament) you have a decent chance to control it. You have the dispersion envelope to work with and you can place the center of it as you like. With AA that is different. You have no dispersion envelope that you know about and you have no way to place it (just reinforce one side). You have even less control than secondaries with Manual Secondaries skill .. Also the short range guaranteed AA has pitiful damage. It is evenly distributed across the attacking planes so unless on of them is already red when entering the range, you will NOT shoot down anything. WG is creating a self-sufficient class that has the best strike potential of all the ship classes while being able to apply damage independently of the source. No other ship class is capable of that (perhaps torpedo boats to a very limited extent but their range is nowhere as large). Unless they implement a limited plane range, CVs are shaping up to be the new go-to damage farmers.
  10. Hugh_Ruka

    Rework of CVs

    Since there is NO information out (I have not seen an article on the main site that explains it), that part of your statement is true. As for the implementation, I have watched some videos from the test and frankly I am rather disappointed ... It is still RNG and usually you won't be able to deter the strike. Your best option is to evade by ship manouvers. Long range AA is pretty random and short range has not enough damage to shoot down any planes. Also with unlimited reserves, there's really no point in speccing into AA at all. Simply try to evade the strike and that's it ... Do you call that effective defense ?
  11. Hugh_Ruka

    Shimikaze, boring?

    They should introduce a 2nd hull on the Shima with launchers reduced to 3x3 with TRB and same torpedo options (obviously reload will have to drop). SImilar to how the Ognevoi or Kiev go from 2x3 on Hull A to 2x5 on Hull B.
  12. Hugh_Ruka

    Rework of CVs

    Thanks for the video. It confirmed my suspicion that they have no clue how to implement AA and that it will be RNG based as before, just much less effective.
  13. Hugh_Ruka

    Game & Balance Improvements

    These are vanilla ship numbers without modules and captains right ? That's an unrealistic comparison ... I hardly expect many Khaba captains to run without max gunnery skills/upgrades as that is all they are capable of while I'd not expect BFT on a Gearing f.e. I know that a proper comparison is difficult as there are a lot of possible builds on different ships (some more flexible than others) but as such the graphs are useless for anything ...
  14. Hugh_Ruka

    matchmaking still sucks

    Folks, if you want to complain about MM, exclude the CV games, those screw up the MM usually quite hard ....
  15. Hugh_Ruka

    IFHE on daring

    The problem with IJN 100mm guns is that they are on par with 6" cruisers as far as HE pen goes (with or without IFHE) ... no other DD can do that not even the improved AP angles on the RN DDs. Thus they are in a class of their own well above all other DDs.