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  1. CLYDE006

    Scottish Naval Force (SNF)

    Shhh don't tell them that
  2. CLYDE006

    Scottish Naval Force (SNF)

    Haha don't worry man we'll be keeping our share of the navy. Little England did not pay for all of the navy ;)
  3. CLYDE006

    Scottish Naval Force (SNF)

    SNF looking for new members to join us. We are a level 11 clan with a very well developed clan base offering some excellent bonuses. Although we are a Scottish clan with the majority of our 44 players being Scottish we do have a few players from all over the world from Germany to Canada. We have a few rules but nothing too strenuous and these are posted on our Facebook and Discord. We like to take part in clan battles, naval battles and play in divisions. Although we do have a few members who just like to play solo which is also fine. If you are looking for a fun clan or different clan feel free to get in touch, stats not a major issue although we do prefer new players to have at least 1 T10 ship (or close to getting a T10) and we won't let rental ships into clan battles.
  4. CLYDE006

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to take part :D Prize #1 Atago Prize #2: Warspite Prize #3: Doubloons Merry Christmas