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  1. ...trust me...in battle..with all the hydro + radar around...playing an Asashio (VIII) i myself experience as extremely difficult...requires real skills to do some damage, trust me on this one. I like ya, you know that. imho best is ya go play Asashio yrself...ya will be suprised how difficult it actually is ta make some credits. look I played close ta 20K battles...and me...well...always a big challenge for me....yeah you can do 200K+ damage...sometimes...but be aware sometimes ya end up doing 5K only??....let me know, private message if yr willing ta play Asashio & same day i see the ship yr port....so ya can experience it yr own...how extremely difficult it is ta do good damage...requires skills. so let me know if ya want the ship, i will get if for ya (but pls, dont ever let any people know this, i risk 30+ k players coming ta me asking for ships...this is only one time, for you.....no strings attached...just YOU play it & have fun...we will NOT communicate these ways any more....but let me know if ya wanna go experimenting with the asa & I will see it ta reach yr port) happy Xmas & New Year wished



      I use the term 'toxic' because I refuse to use the term 'cancerous', as I know people who have died because of cancer.

      Asashio is toxic for the game because she promotes nothing but the opposite sort of play that destroyers should be doing.

      I seriously do not care that this is the 'season of cheer and giving', your 'gift' of Asashio I take as nothing short of an insult - like you couldn't even be bothered to work out why so many people hate the ship.

      Please take your 'gift' of the steaming turd that is asashio and f*ck off.