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    I hate CVs.

    It's April 1st. Like hell we're going to believe that excuse. This is just the usual "wahhhhhh remove CVs" post we get all the time. Hence:

    Intelligence test before playing wows

    Here's the thing, though: We can clearly see in the OP's screenshot that the Monarch turned pink. The only thing the OP managed to really do was ensure that instead of there being only one toxic pinky on their team there was now two toxic pinkies on their team. If I was in his position and really felt like punishing the Monarch I wouldn't have torpedoed him. Instead, I would have deliberately rammed the Monarch. Why? Because once you turn pink some of your damage done to your teammates gets reflected back to you: after a while I would stop taking damage from ramming him, and instead the Monarch would have taken 100% of the ram damage. Continue ramming him for long enough and he would sink with the battle messages telling everyone in battle that he had sunk himself. That's one less toxic pinky and one toxic not-pinky who knows how to game the system. (Also, if you are pink and continue doing damage to your teammates, you turn orange and get locked into co-op battles for a while, so it's a total win!)

    I hate CVs.

    Welp, didn't think I'd have a use for one of these already, but:

    LOZ's Shiptoast Ratings

    Don't worry, I'm planning to give you a reasonable score, it's just that I'd like to have a full set of these before I do so.

    LOZ's Shiptoast Ratings

    @El2aZeR Thanks for the suggestion! I'd rather not have my ratings imply that they are actually endorsed by those mentioned in them, so instead of "stamp of approval" I went with: What do you think? @Estaca_de_Bares I considered having multiple slices of toast on the plate (as well as using a brush tool to turn the actual toasting of the bread into a number), but as I said above: "I am not a graphic designer" and trying to create a consistent theme with 0-10 slices of toast (or deliberately editing how toasted the bread was) was not something my image editing skills would have allowed. Especially seeing as I'm limited to using Paint and Paint 3D. On another note, after discovering earlier today that a certain someone who shall not be named was back posting on the forums, I decided to make a unique one of these ratings especially for him:

    LOZ's Shiptoast Ratings

    By popular demand(?) I have decided to start a ratings system inspired by SkybuckFlying's Seal of Approval. In it I will rate shiptoast threads that pop up in the Off-topic section of the forums with a rating /10 and a brief sentence indicating the overall quality of the post. First off I will do my due dilligence and source my toast and dead fish pictures: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/plain-french-toast-isolated-on-white-238106779 https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/409781/dead_fish_food_icon Secondly I will admit that I am no graphic designer, and as such my rating stamps are, frankly, of VERY low quality compared to SkybuckFlying's. And now for the (current) list: ^This is a reference to a review Jim Sterling did of the above game; where unlike most reviewers who gave the game 9's and 10's, Jim gave it a 7, citing the mostly empty map and weapon degradation. This review prevented the game from getting a "perfect" meta critic rating and annoyed quite a lot of Zelda/Nintendo fanboys and has become a running gag for Jim. I thought I would carry on the tradition by at least paying homage to it, especially seeing as "Legend Of Zelda" is exactly what the first half of my nickname refers to. As you can see from the pictures currently available, I do not have a full list of these, yet. I am posting here now to see if anyone from the community can give me suggestions for rating tags: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. I am also open to suggestions to change existing rating tags.
  7. Huh, I didn't notice it was a friend request.
  8. Could be from the US WoWS server? The EN AL servers are not separated by country. Oh, a fellow Sandy-server? My nick is the same as on here (same with @Zemeritt), you should add us as friends! BTW: Sandy and Avrora servers appear to be back up and running, and I am grinding the event as we speak!

    My clanmembers are 🍆 and I'm scared.

    I'm starting to think, as I mainly lurk on the Off-Topic section, that I should start rating the shiptoasts like this one on a scale /10. However, I'm worried doing so would be seen as ripping off the legendary Skybuckflying's ratings. ...Not that I've even seen one of his ratings for a while...
  10. Not for me, I'm one of the unlucky few many still getting a network error. Looks like I'm going to be in need of two days worth of compensation.

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    @Blixies As a fellow quitter (who quit a couple months ago, but still checks the forums to keep up with his friends) I whish you many happy returns going forward. Feel free to PM me if you want some game recommendations. (Although, be warned, I am a console gamer mainly and a huge weeb so my tastes may be substantially different from yours)
  12. *Sorry for double-post* Just tried to log-in and got a network error. It's almost 1am. Looks like for the first time since starting the game I'm going to miss a day. That's a little frustrating and a bit of a shame. At least it looks like Manjuu/Yongshi/Yostar are planning to give us compensation.
  13. Hmm. I may still wait a couple more hours, I've got some workout to do and then have a shower and I'll see how things are then...
  14. Sandy is working? I don't really want to tempt fate and try logging in, incase I get rolled back by tomorrow and lose all the progress I made.