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    PINGUINS TOGÆTHER - Gather Together and Fight Cancer

    It's not just Christmas shopping, it also includes spending a few hours with my Grandma who was moved into a home in the last year, sorting out various affairs (private), eating and sleeping and all that jazz. Basically I'm just not going to be available for most of the day. Also I only speak English, so there would be no point checking out the stream when there's a German-language streamer on there. I might be able to time myself to be able to watch for Jingles and Flamu, but even then not for very long. Also, I will admit that I only skimmed this on first glance and assumed we could join in if we were playing WoWS, but I'm basically going to be away from my PC all day tomorrow. I will try to find a moment to donate but the link provided above was just for the 'betterplace' website, with no specific page for this fundraiser.

    Happy Holidays =/= Family Friendly Update 0.8.11

    Seems the maximum size allowed for a signature image is 490x100 pixels, and resizing it to that scale...well, let's say it's not very legible. Oh well, nevermind.
  3. Oof. Yeah, that would be, uh, Jiji's uhm, "talent" on full, uh display. Well, most of KC's characters lose their bikini on taiha so that's not really a point in KC's favour... I should have remembered who I was talking to. Well, at least my point wasn't completely lost. I think you kinda lost your way there. Well, maybe KC does have better characterisation on paper, but one advantage that AL has in characterisation is it's chibis (I literally just remembered this now). KC can at most give voices and the visuals are entirely static .jpgs of cute girls. In AL the characters' chibi sprite animations add details you can't get in KC. Yuubari occasionally freezes in place with pin-pr!ck irises. San Juan occasionally does a 'horrified' face-fault and clutches her head like she's having a panic attack (she's probably having to deal with Sandy's shenannigans again). Littorio's dance animation is...finger guns. Elegant Kizuna Ai occasionally pulls out her phone and starts playing a game, gets cross with it, mouths "fakkyu" twice and throws the phone away. Alabama does...this. It means you're a weirdo. I didn't say it was "untrue" I said it was a half-truth. My point being that those who say AL is lewder often just overlook how lewd a lot of the stuff in KC actually is. If I was to give my own opinion, I'd say they're about equal. Although certainly Bache and Smalley's Halloween outfit push it more towards AL, but then you've got the pasta sub and poor Maruyu's taiha portrait in KC. I think KC does the same, though? At least for swimsuit outfits? I don't really know as I don't really pay attention to teasers for either game. Historical revisionism is something that more-or-less the whole of Japanese society likes to partake in, so it's a sore spot for me even as a self-professed Japanophile. Essentially Japan has never taken responsibility for the actions that they took during WW2, and in the modern era they deliberately try to bury it under the rug. You'll be hard pressed to find a random Japanese person on the streets who is fully aware of what happened during WW2 outside of "We were the only country in history to be bombed by Nuclear weapons". The KC devs themselves have stated that they don't like AL, because they feel it "misses the tragedy of the IJN" and that "you are likely to cry playing KC". I'm sure plenty of people cried during the Bismarck event, after seeing U-556 fail to save her aniki. Ugh, historical revisionism is becoming a trigger word for me, so Imma need to detox.
  4. If we want to get into cherry-picking, you're also doing the same for some of KC's least-lewd taiha art. Although, some of their worst I don't think you can share on this forum...(Actually, I'm surprised you even shared Smalley's Halloween outfit...) If I was to list examples of KC's lewdest, I would list Z1 and Z3's swimsuits, then I would raise you their taiha portraits. Not to mention Kitakami's Kai-2 taiha has only a single scrap of cloth over her chest whilst Ooi Kai-2 is the same but for her groin. Then I might as well point out that Makigumo has lost her bra in her taiha. I'm pretty certain Jailbait Loli Grecale is completely topless in one of her taihas (I forget if it's her normal outfit or Halloween). And the less said about poor Maruyu the better... And on the subject of censorship, Ping Hai has had two swimsuits - one of which was toned down to get the one she currently has (the original literally only had squares of cloth covering the goods), and Bache's motorbike skin had the '617CH' changed to '61700' (and I still maintain it should have been '64CHE' or 'DD470'). If by "Selling Point" you mean "you must pay cash to use this" then, yeah, I agree with you. Meanwhile Kancolle is just like "Oh, it's summer? Here, put your loli destroyers in super-revealing bikinis on the house! Oh, you don't want to lewd your daughterus? Too bad! They're permanent for the whole season!" Can you tell me what Isonami's personality is, without looking it up? I can't tell you, but I know she's the Fubuki-Type1-class with two braided pigtails. If you happen to find out, could you honestly tell me that her personality couldn't be swapped with some other DD to get the same result? The trouble is, when you have character numbers reaching into the mid-hundreds, you start to reach the point where distinct personalities are getting blurry and characatures or stereotypes start becoming your go-to to differentiating between them. Your more important characters (rarer characters or your main cast) need to be distinct, but less popular characters (or throwaway rares/commons) can be fairly bland so long as you make them appealing to someone. Shimakaze? Unique. Yukikaze? Eh, not so much. Kongou? Unique until we got Iowa and Jervis. Hiei? Uhm, does 'tomboy who can't cook' sound very unique to you? Akagi? Bland af. Meanwhile on AL's side: Yukikaze? Nanoda! Akagi? AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Hiei? Eh...kinda bland (but Hiei-chan is a good daughteru). Kongou? We have plenty of Ojou-samas here. Shimakaze? Honestly, without playing Crosswave, I couldn't tell you. Actually, I was just trying to stop any KCvAL arguments getting out of hand, just like @Marblehead_1 above I am actually a fan of both - KC has plenty shipgirls I love (hell, RJ and Asakaze are still two of my waifus, and I want to adopt every kaiboukan in existance), as well as lots of superior artwork. However, I refuse to allow halftruths like "AL is lewder than KC" to go unchallenged. Still, AL has superior gameplay and there's simply no argument to be had there. That and I love my Chinese CLs, a nation that KC is unlikely to approach any time soon (what with the dev's focus on historical revisionism "Can't let the Japanese be the bad guys! Oooooooh noooooooo!"). ... Yeah, that's another thing I don't like about KC. Something I can't forgive either. At least the Chinese devs of AL are like "Okay, the IJN faction are the bad guys...but they're not, like totally evil! Just misguided!". *sigh* Okay! Happy thoughts!

    PINGUINS TOGÆTHER - Gather Together and Fight Cancer

    I'd like to join in, but sadly I have errands to run this saturday (Christmas shopping and all that).

    Happy Holidays =/= Family Friendly Update 0.8.11

    Can I nick that for my signature? With credit, ofc.
  7. I wouldn't have gone there, feels like you're trying to provoke something. But seeing as he responded, I'm just going to pick out a couple of counter-arguments: 100% of the Taiha art in KC: *exists* And you could have said the same thing about the KC anime... The script had nothing really going for it other than an attempt at being edgy and going for a Madoka-esque EP3, which was all the rage at the time, a completely out-of-left field one-shot episode focusing on DesDiv6 ("Too much sweet, not enough meat" as one of my friends said at the time), and Fubuki being chosen as the flagship of a fleet made up of Three DDs, a BC and two CVs because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And don't get me started on episodes 11 and 12... FYI, I'm not saying I disagree with you about the AL anime, just that you can't say one is better than the other when they both do the same thing... Although the AL anime's animation quality is certainly a lot worse. Pretty certain most of the last scene in EP4 was a powerpoint presentation. But that's enough negativity, let's have some cute:
  8. *Before reading the reddit post* I'm not getting my hopes up. This anime has been giving me flashbacks to the KanColle anime. Except worse. Am I exagerating? Maybe, but honestly the ridiculously cringey fanservice in episode 6 has kinda killed a lot of my interest in continuing to watch. *After reading the reddit post* FOUR MONTHS!?! *Gravity Falls flashbacks*
  9. Air strikes are more useful as screen clearance than actual damage. BBs are better at dealing damage to the enemy ships, due to their aimed shots and expecially those with barrages. Oh, and BBs can equip secondary guns for dealing with suicide ships.

    CV detect range

    I actually find myself detonating more BBs with my torps than DDs with my rockets. I guess one breed of player is simply unaware that their ship can be detonated...

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    You answered your own question there. In the words of the great Rohan Kishibe: At most I will be logging in to knock off a few snowflakes and just curbstomp everything in Ranked Sprint using Kaga, but I outright refuse to grind for another premium ship I will never use.

    "Custom" cammos

    Here you go:
  13. I meant ill-fated because he was exiled and Italy switched from Monarchy to Republic after his reign. Honestly, from what I read (and I will be the first to admit I didn't read a lot) it seemed he really didn't do much to warrant being kicked out and it was more his association with the then-dead-but-still-vilified Mussolini that got him the boot. Kinda sad to be honest. If you can feel sad for fascist s. Sauce. Too true. I remember saying it here on this very thread that I would be skipping this event and saving my cubes for Polaris. In the end I have all seven Hololive ships and all of the rewards for event missions. I'm not going to spend my gems on skins though, I want to save them for Ning/Ping Hai and Eldridge's L2D Idol skins. ... Dammit, I watched one video of Natsuiro Matsuri's videos and now I'm considering getting her 'Day-off' skin...

    Carrier callbacks and game ballance.

    Even then, I tend to ignore the fighter if I see it activate when I've already decided to drop a ship. It takes like 10s+ to aggro the stupid things anyway. And I just flat-out disregard them even existing if I'm playing Kaga. Four measily fighters that at most can do one plane kill each aint much of a threat to 36 TBs and 36 DBs. Now Enterprise's 10 patrol fighters are just stupid and simply the cherry on top of the already-broken-to-hell cake.
  15. Have you noticed how we haven't had any new German ships for years in KC? Considering most of them were designed by Shimada Humikane, makes you wonder if something happened... I love KC's J-class, too. They are so cute when they smile. I'm looking forward to what AL does with Jervis, considering the J-class DDs we have at the moment are designed like cute little princesses I'm hoping she's either the most regal or the most haughty. Regal because she'd clash well with the bratty 'queen' Liz, haughty because she's essentially the British Yukikaze. Either way, I think she'll be RN's first gold DD, assuming we don't get Tribals beforehand. I actually rather like KC's RM designs. Pola especially, I love her taiha shopping/wine portrait from fall 2016: I like Littorio/Italia's more simple design, while at the same time I like Roma's more serious personalty. On the ground level, I like the DD designs for being cute and energetic, but they are definitely borderline-Jiji-usual-stuff. Grecale is just straight-up jailbait. Although there was a couple of pieces of fanart of Grecale I found amusing (Safe, but borderline NSFW): However, I'm not fond of Jiji's designs for the CLs. I think it's something to do with how they all seem bigger than Zara and Pola. It's a little bit silly, honestly. *EDIT* I think Vittorio Veneto is the leader of Sardegna, Littorio is more like Prime Minister. Think of their relationship as like Mussolini's relationship with the ill-fated Italian Monarch of the time (I forget his name - Litt is Muss, Vitt is King). Also, pretty sure Bismarck is IB's faction leader in AL. I played AHiT last year on my PS4, sans DLC (it wasn't available on consoles at the time). It just so happens that the game was released on Switch back in October with the Seal the Deal DLC, so I rebought it and am playing through the DLC. Nyakuza Metro was released last month so I've finished that and now I've turned my attention to finishing the Death Wish Contracts. Which are total bull and I refuse to even consider trying to do all of the bonus objectives - Peace and Tranquility FTW. Oh, and obligatory: