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    It's been a couple of months, so it's probably about time this thread got some love. Fullmetal Alchemist board game. A cooperative game for four players where the goal is to stop Father's plans for the promised day (which means spoilers for the ending of the Brotherhood anime/the manga). Apparently, Square Enix are looking at printing instructions in four languages: Japanese, English, German and French; so you'll be able to play even if you order it from Japan (assuming you can read one of those four languages). Could be fun, but my boardgame collection is growing too big for my current abode as it is, so I might have to keep an eye on it before I go crazy and get it. Hololive Alternative - Holoearth Metaverse. Holoearth is the setting that Alternative takes place in, and is planned to include a sandbox open world game where players can have fun together and with their favourite Hololive Vtubers. It's sounding like it could take the form of an MMO, or something similar, where players can form parties and explore cooperatively. I'm not certain if I'm willing/able to take on an MMO with all of the games I currently play, especially not if it becomes a "play every day"-type affair, so I'm probably going to watch this one and see where it goes. Frieza's English voice actor, Chris Ayers, has passed away. Currently the cause of death is unspecified. He passed peacefully on the 18th of October 2021. Rest in peace.
  2. Patch notes are up for Azur Lane. New Orleans is the only new map drop ship from W14, from the looks of things. I'm a little bit disappointed in that. W14 introduces a new "Poor Visibility" effect/gimmick, where enemies will not be able to accurately shoot at your ships until a "concealment guage" empties; the guage will refill part way when all of the fleets are dead. The guage and the refill amount is directly tied to the EVA of your vanguard, so you will need to field DDs to get the most out of it. You can clear enemy concealment via flares or occupying lighthouses on the maps (it doesn't say specifically if this means Sendai's flares skill or something unique to W14). There's also mention of a "concealment zone" but no explanation of what that is, exactly.
  3. Experienced players will always agree that it's typically not worth splurging on the permanent pools. This addage is always true: "You will get all the ships, eventually." Just spend the minimum you need every day (my strategy used to be 4 builds on Monday, followed by 1 build every day the rest of the week to get the "10 builds" weekly naturally on Sunday - but this obviously no longer applies since the weekly missions revamp). If you have patience, you will get all the ships eventually. Also, I highly doubt Manjuu/Yostar are going to do anything as foolish as collab URs. That would be a surefire way to piss off the entire community. So far, it seems they've hit their stride with releasing collab characters that are good in specific niches, without being meta-defining (Honoka and Iori are healer BBs, Ritsuko is a munitions ship with medium armour and an impressive firepower self-buff). And I anticipated that was a case, hence the second part where I confirmed that at least her main gun was a good budget choice. From what I read on the wiki, it looks identical to the basic purple 410mm twin but with a slightly better reload. Not enough to squeeze in any additional shots in 60s, but you could get it for barrage timing for a ship that needs to fire before the others (like DoY). Also note that there is purple twin AP BB gun in the USN tech line, which could be useful if you need to shoot some heavy armour targets. Suruga is an odd choice, from what I understand she's not all that good. Unless she's your waifu, in which case; understandable, carry on. I take it you mean the Sanshikidan shells 410mm gold? I have one of those at +10 just for memes and because I had resources to spare. I was hoping the shell fragments would also look like whatever gear skin I had equipped, but sadly they don't. Anchorage is very worth it. Because she has a smokescreen, she's actually tankier than Roon (in fact, she's comparable to Aegir in terms of tank - Aegir has obvious firepower advantage, though). I personally like Kitakaze as a solo farm ship. She has some pretty dangerous firepower for a DD (comparable to Drake, although she's squishier than the CA), just note that the Battle-class DD gun from PR3 is BIS for her, despite her efficiency bonus for IJN guns (although we're talking a difference of something like 9%, so only for real tryhards). Go for her if you want to, but she's not recommended over other PRs. Just note that, unlike PR1, you actually need to farm blueprints from research in order to bring PR2/4 ships up to par. If you want to boost your IB fleet points, you could try spending your EXP packs on them and getting them all up to lvl120 for extra fleet tech bonuses (start with commons, as they will be the cheapest to lmb and ascend). Ofcourse, that's just if you're desperate for more choice in PR ships to grind out or you're a wehraboo like @Zemeritt, so I wouldn't recommend spending your resources on this. (note that you get fleet tech points for 3 things: aquiring a ship for the first time, max limit breaking a ship and getting them to lvl120) (second note: if you max limit break the koenigsberg-class you also unlock Leipzeig, who is actually pretty good if you retrofit her)
  4. The only regret I see there is giving her such terrible equipment. (Well, being serious for a moment: the twin 410mm is actually a pretty good early game BB gun, although the triple 406mm is better overall)
  5. And the best part is, the more oil inefficient your fleet is, the more coins you earn! It's genius, I tell you, genius! I actually have very little issue just using Alabama/Illustrious/Perseus-NingHai/Seattle/YatSen for mob and NJ/Shinano/ArkRoyal-Azuma/SanDiego/Kashino for boss on 13-4 now, as I'm basically being rewarded for how many SRs and URs I'm throwing at the map. (Peeps who are paying attention will notice that my fleets are only a little bit different from the last time I posted them, oh and I already have Dewey from 13-3 hence why I'm grinding 13-4)
  6. Azur Lane's maintenance is on; Just a friendly reminder to all players: this is the maintenance that also has the 200gems 6k oil and 50k coins in it. It is, of course, recommended that you DO NOT cash this in immediately and instead save it in your mail for a rainy day (like the next UR construction event). Also after this maintenance, Crimson Echoes will be added to the War Archives, so we will be getting a rate-up in the standard build pools for the event ships (apart from Kaga BB, who is also a drop from D3). On the subject of Genshin Impact, I've been having so much fun with Metroid Dread I just totally forgot to check if Aloy was available. I'm probably going to log in later just to claim my freebie and then leave GI until Sumeru is added. Or until the one above Rosaria is added: No idea who she is, but I like her design. Hopefully she's not a 5*.
  7. @Khaba_Gandalf DO NOT use the Koenigsberg sisters. They are terrible. And this is coming from the idiot who got all of the Fletchers in the game to lvl120. My mainfleet for AvP and Aegir was Zeppy, Odin and Wesser (lvls 110, 105, 90 respectively) - I don't remember what the vanguard was, but it was probably just one-or-two tanky characters. Again my mainfleet for Aegir latter half is vague (I think I used Perseus for the double heal, possibly an AR for healing/ammo, but I could have also used Aquila in healer forme) - my vanguard was Z-23, Z-46 and Z-1 (the latter two being barely more than lvl90, Nimi being lvl115). The most efficient level for EXP farming in the game is 12-4 (aside from OpSi). As far as I am concerned, as long as my EXP farming fleets are capable of acting as mob fleet for that level while a different fleet takes out the boss then everything is golden (and my above fleets were just fine as mob fleets). Right now it doesn't seem like you have a lot of IB ships >lvl100, so I'd recommend you use the EXP boosters the updated lecture hall has been giving you to get them up to strength. EDIT: I missed the earlier post with screens. But that's just my strategy, if you don't think you're able to take on W12 as a passive EXP farm, then @Zemeritt's advice is good.

    Interesting Spelling

  9. Yeah, I misread "been" as "seen" in your earlier post. Continuously. Several times I re-read the sentence and was like "oh, he must already have Yuudachi". I blame tiredness.
  10. 3-4 and 6-4 are very inefficient for level grinding, I wouldn't bother wasting time using either to actually level fleets and just use your highest level 1-1 fleet to stomp all over them. If you're serious about trying to get SR drops, that is. One benefit I can see to grinding either map aside from the SRs is 3-4 gives repair toolkits and 6-4 gives gold 610mm Quad torps - toolkit is good for frontline survival (especially DDs), while the gold quad torps are good for manual play due to their high face-torping damage. In terms of levelling, I think the new exp packs from the lecture hall are a much faster way of levelling units. Even if your lecture hall is still a fairly low level I think you should be getting more than a few of them every day. I wouldn't worry about META ships at your level. Despite their name, they are distinctly not meta-defining. Especially the current two are VERY underwhelming - probably save your yourself some time now and focus more on the actually good META ships (Dark Royal and Helena) when they come back around. You'll get used to seeing plenty of "Rare" Town-class cruisers eventually. Hell, you'll probably just start automatically hitting "quick build" soon enough like the rest of us (I don't even remember the last time I paid any attention to the build timer - I have over 3k quick finishers, I'm never going to run out of these things!). Lastly: there is no bonus to drop rate for using Hard Mode. Stop using hard mode for map drops. Hard mode is for retrofit plates. You need cruiser retro plates? Grind your highest level Hard x-2 map, not the x-4 boss map hoping for a boss drop. Reading that again I realise that you already have Yuudachi, in which case my advice is to just use Bulins to lmb her, not additional copies of her (if you're aiming for retrofit, you can still use bulins for that too). Save you time and effort. Me and my sleep-deprived brain continually misread "been" as "seen".
  11. I've been interested in Muse dash ever since watching Gura play it. Still have it on my Steam wishlist, but can't bring myself to buy it while I still have Idol Manager and Boyfriend Dungeon unplayed. Also, I should really get back onto Touhou Spell Bubble on my Switch, as it's been a while since I last played that. (Shame then, that my preorder for Metroid Dread just got dispatched) Glad to see Muse Dash has the BEST remix of U.N. Owen was Her? (fite me) Also, I'm partial to a certain mind reader. I have really weird luck when it comes to Map SRs. Akagi came within an hour of starting my 3-4grind, Kaga came 22hrs after that (I still have the screenshots as evidence). Yuudachi took four months. Maya took about a week. I don't remember how long Choukai took, but I've been using 12-4 for experience grinding so much that I must have had at least 20 copies of her by now. When I went back to 3-4 for the medal (at the time I thought it only applied to the first time an SR dropped on a map) I got both Akagi and Kaga AGAIN in less than 3 days. I have yet to start grinding 13-4 in earnest - in fact I have only beaten the boss once, but I'll keep you guys posted on my progress with Bunker Hill. @WWDragon I shouldn't have checked your last two posts after reading Pururut's post. Please tell me you're not doing the stupid thing and using a 60+oil fleet to farm 3-4 or 6-4. Those maps are so easy you should be able to beat them with a team of Unicorn and Phoenix, assuming you have them levelled to 100+ (as in, literally just Unicorn and Phoenix, the amount of healing the two combined can do is ridiculous, and Phoenix is an all-gun CL which makes her excellent at mob clearing). Of course, I'm not expecting you to take any of this advice to heart, as you ignored my advice the last time, too. Sounds like a plan. I had been considering setting one up for a while, but I'm already crap at managing my own personal IRL friends server, so I doubt I'd be able to take on a second.
  12. Well, we've already had a bunch of new stuff to be focused on. And those of us who are thinking ahead are trying to clear W13 to be ready for W14*. I think it's probably a good thing to have at least a week to pace ourselves from the last event. *Well, I should be, but right now I'm trying to use up all of my saved keys on archived events. In the process of which I'm also levelling NJ, Shimakaze and Poi Pooch Plus (which, given that its two URs and an SR in terms of oil cost, is not the most efficient fleet I could be using).
  13. No kidding. It genuinely makes you wonder if these sorts of people (i.e the dev) have never seen that sort of thing happen before with other game devs. Cos it seems to happen a lot. And they never learn. I was being a bit fascetious when I said they were using bots. I have no evidence they were, it's just highly unlikely they weren't.
  14. So it appears the weekly resource pack is not entirely out of the goodwill of Manjuu. It's not even as simple as "because nolifers complained". The TL;DR goes something like this: Update removed oil from retiring ships; Nolifers complained because they could no longer gain stupid amounts of oil by using bots to clear 2-1 repeatedly; Manjuu dev casually insults playerbase by implying they should go to work on a national holiday on internal messages; Internal messages get leaked and are no longer internal; CN playerbase is outraged, begins review bombing the game, calling for the dev to be fired; Manjuu hastily puts together a weekly care package to appease angry CN playerbase; Yostar add the care package to JP and EN servers for server parity. This is a gross oversimplification, and it's well worth checking out the reddit post I have linked to. At the very least, it now becomes much clearer how/why we ended up with such a massive influx of oil at the start of every week.