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    Bismarck historically accurate mod

    Sorry I popped your cherry. I'll save you any further embarrassment by not correcting you.

    Bismarck historically accurate mod

    1) We have a Mod section. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/493-mod-section/ 2) There already is a historical camo for Biscuit that has the "historical" camo design. It was obtainable as part of the "Hunt for the Bismarck" event two, maybe three years ago? You could also get a version of the same camo with battle damage depicting a rough idea of what Biscuit would have looked like as she sank. However, I have no idea how you can get said camo now.
  3. South Dakota and Helena are both bad. Helena's art is of exceptionally low quality meanwhile SoDak is just...eugh. I'm not fond of AL SoDak's almost-nipslip, but KC's version is so hideously gaudy it's ridiculous. I'm honestly disappointed in KC. There's nothing especially bad about Hornet, but at the same time I can't really say there's anything stand-out about her. I guess I would say she's mediocrity personified. Konishi has done better. And so far, KC has still failed to give us any Americans not of caucasian descent. Ariake...I'm not really feeling anything from her art, but maybe her personality would win me over?
  4. Uh, i think Drake has torps in second slot, because her skill specifically mentions her "built-in" secondary gun. All CL/CAs have secondary guns, even those with torpedoes, it's just that the secondaries on the torpedo-equipped CL/CAs cannot be changed and are terrible. EDIT: I just noticed Drake's first skill also specifically states that if she's equipped with a main gun that fires normal or HE ammo that it is changed to "special" HE. Seems Drake is designed around using her unique gun in the same way as Azuma.
  5. Meanwhile I'm here grinding Champagne because I can use fleets I've been using for the past couple of months without modification (or with relatively minor modification). Also because I think she's pretty. Also, it is me or during simulation does she seem to reload her guns extremely quickly? It's almost like CA-gun reload speeds. Oh, and apparently Odin can help in ASW (based purely on her first skill, I haven't checked the wiki for her overall performance). Drake has a York-esque ability to buff her secondary gun. And since when have CVs NOT been overpowered vs surface ships?
  6. Again, I quit the game back in January, I don't check any section of the forums other than the Off-Topic section. The only reason she was even brought to my attention was because Jingles mentioned her in a video. I am aware as I bought that piece of trash for the memes. And its for that exact reason that I'm going to be keeping a cautious eye on Kitakami and if she proves to be nothing but total trash I won't even consider reinstalling WoWS. I will only be reinstalling the game if: Kitakami is stupidly overpowered (for solo play specifically, as I was a 99% solo player). Kitakami can be acquired easily with a reasource I already have. Kitakami does not require some stupid grind to acquire. Kitakami does not require cash to be spent to acquire. Which is a long-winded way of saying "never in a million years". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I just discovered that Kitakami is coming back to WoWS. In spite of everything I said earlier about quitting, I may consider coming back if Kitakami turns out as broken as I'm hoping she is.* Also, she's T10 and equipped with Yuudachi's 15km slow fishies as well as a unique, almost RN DD-esque, smoke screen. Could this be a sign she's meant to be a prototype for an upcoming IJN CL split? *EDIT: and depending on how easy it is to get her, if it's respource-based I'll probably check out what I have and see if I can get enough for her, if it's money or a ridiculous grind WG can go eff themselves.

    Update 0.9.6 - The Dasha Factor

    You'd still have to be REALLY prudish to suggest that Belfast's maid outfit is "Semi-nude" for showing off some chest. No, this is semi-nude: That's just some cloth draped upon a birthday suit.

    Update 0.9.6 - The Dasha Factor

    A maid outfit counts as semi-nude? I can't wait to show him some of the swimsuit skins in Azur Lane.

    Update 0.9.6 - The Dasha Factor

    Which ones were semi-nude? Have I missed something since I stopped playing back in January? Can you screenshot the ones that were semi-nude? I need it for...uhm...research purposes.
  11. Welcome to the club. I stopped back in January. What was your reason for quitting? For me it was a combination: WG showing what they really think of their playerbase with the Puerto Rico event; the boring one-sided matches that I hadn't found "fun" in for at least half a year; and finally WG's blatant disregard for what were once promises (such as no guns bigger than Yamato's 460mm). As well as assorted mini-problems that pissed me off just enough to make quitting the next logical step. WoWS uninstalled, allowing me to use the freed-up space for actually fun games. Like Jurassic World Evolution, 100% Orange Juice or ISLAND.
  12. I agree the hoofs are a bit of a put-off for Champange, but if you can ignore them I actually think she has a really pretty design. Cheshire is weird. I'm detecting a mish-mash of different design motifs going on with her. Although it occurs to me when typing this that she has a cat-grin and her hair ribbon bares a resemblence to cat ears, so they're probably doing a Cheshire Cat reference. Also, looking carefully, you can see the joints that her guns are attached to are teapots. Actually, I think Odin has the worst design of the bunch (again, if you can ignore the hoofs), for the same reason as Roon and FdG have terrible designs: their overall shape is lost amongst their rigging. It's difficult to see exactly what part of Odin is rigging and what is her cloak. Although I will say that Roon and FdG are better at this than Odin, at least their outfits actually look different to their mechanical rigging. Anyone else think that Drake is partly inspired by Fate/Extra's Rider/Francis Drake?

    Questions to native english speakers

    I only watched for about a minute (I dont have a spare hour to watch a paleontology lecture) but although a few words were somewhat difficult to make out, I could guess at what he was saying based on the context. We have a sort-of unwritten understanding that foreigners speaking English might struggle with the "true" pronunciation of words, I think it's the context of what is being said that allows us to parse what the speaker is saying. I hope that makes sense, it works as an explanation in my head but that might not be the case when written down. UK national, btw. Hello from your nearest English-speaking neighbour. I'm actually somewhat curious how others who speak English as a second language do with the example above. @Zemeritt, how are you with it?