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  1. CN and JP SR = EN ER CN and JP SSR = EN SR So, Komi-san is Purple and Tashkent is Gold.
  2. One would assume that Asashio is pretty high on your list, given she's both your avatar and username. Welcome to the thread, by the way!


    Two videos for everyone's delectation! Gigguk: Gokushufudou live-action trailer celebrating the manga surpassing 1.2million(!) sales! Sorry, no English subs, I'm afraid. Haven't read Gokushufudou: Way of the House Husband, yet? Effing read it! It's amazing!
  4. Hold the windows key then press print screen and a screenshot will be saved to your screenshots folder. To find the screenshots folder, just right click on your WoWS desktop link and click "Open containing folder" and you should find it in there. Same place you find your WoWS replays folder. This isn't related to shipfus, but I found this the other day:
  5. Most fans pick Makoto over the other girls, I can understand why but they clearly don't understand just how adorable Futaba is. And then there's me, who actually fell madly in love with Kawakami as soon as she showed her true self and collapsed in an exhausted heap on Joker's bed, I'm only disappointed I failed to complete her Confidant before the Hawaii trip, meaning I didn't get to see the special couple event with her. I intend to try again when P5 Royal releases and actually succeed in seeing the special event this time! Okay, that is wierd.
  6. I gotta ask: Who's your waifu? Mine's Kawakami Sadayo, with Sakura Futaba as a very close second. Oh, and if you liked Persona, you may like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Specifically from Part 3: Stardust Crusaders onwards, but parts 1 and 2 are still really good. Also,
  7. I had a frighten then as I checked my depot in-game and couldn't find it. Turns out I had it +10 and equipped to Sirius.
  8. Surprised you didn't go with:
  9. 1) Check out RichaadEB's videos, he's done a bunch of Touhou covers. 2) Christina Vee did the original English cover of Bad Apple!! waaay back when. 3) Rich's covers are available on iTunes.
  10. It's a shame, then, that this game just isn't fun anymore. If it was I'd have more consternation about dropping it entirely. But it's not fun. It's not fun to suffer through the same teams, both allied and enemy. It's not fun to grind through all of these ships, because it doesn't really feel like progression and just feels like you're slamming your face against the same wall every time. And I can think of a dozen more games I'd rather play, because they're fun. Hell, I listed four of them further up this page. Actually, I'm considering digging out my old Gamecube because the games I played on it were fun.
  11. Nice brag. Sorry that was uncalled for, but you have to bear in mind that players like @Zen71_sniper and I, who are above average at best, simply don't have your raw skill to carry games. This then results in a monotony of games where our teams get stomped followed by other games where the enemy team gets stomped, with no actual fun games to balance them out. As such, we are (or specifically I am) now leaving the game because we don't find it fun anymore. Just imagine the state of this game if all of us average players grew bored and left? There'd just be the 1% of the population that are like you (Super Unicums) and the remaining 60% Red Stat players left. Just how boring do you think that might be? Ugh, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.
  12. As someone who finally decided to quit the game a couple of weeks ago, I completely understand where you are coming from. Each battle lasts on average 10-15mins. In that time you can end up with some of the window-lickiest teams either on your team or the enemy team, which either results in a team you just can't carry and gets roflstomped or you end up chasing the enemy team across the map being unable to really do any damage before they get roflstomped. And then you can just get unlucky and get f*cked in the early minutes of the battle. Let's compare this to a couple of other games I could be playing instead: Fire Emblem Three Houses. A battle could be anywhere up to 30mins to an hour, but if you lose it's entirely your fault and nobody else's. The characters are fun and appealing and the story is engaging. Hitman 2 (2018). I can spend hours on any given contract meticulously planning exactly how my targets are going to snuff it. If I mess up it's purely my fault. 47 and Ms Burnwood are back-to-back badasses. There is some delicious humour and irony in some things you can do in this game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A single match is about 5minutes. I don't care if I win or lose because the game is effing fun. Yakuza Kiwami. You can spend hours on the minigames and sidequests alone. So far my playtime is probably 60% fighting street hoodlums/story/other sidequests and 40% editing my toy car trying to get it to beat all of the races. What's my point in this post? World of Warships isn't fun anymore. I'd much rather spend my time playing something fun than playing...whatever WG sucks the fun out of. WG, take a good long look at my current avatar and bare in mind that that is the creator of the Super Smash Bros. franchise flipping you off.

    Nicknames you give to boats in wows

    Occasionally I'll call Battleships "Bottlesheeps", why? Because they think they're as fragile as glass and herd around the edge of the map.