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  1. Anyways. Thought I'd share my Blue Archive Swimsuit Hoshino Fes Banner pulls to try and kick this thread back into life. Now I have some Blue Archive news. Because I found my old iPad Pro unable to load the event map without crashing, I finally installed the game onto my phone instead. From now on, all the screenshots will be of much higher quality, although also much smaller in size. On the subject of which: Swimsuit Izuna banner! I think all my luck has been used up by BA. Who wants to bet I'll have to hit 250 pulls for the next UR Banner, again?
  2. I can see where you're coming from. Although I don't have any intention to drop the game, I definitely feel like it's become more of a cycle of >grind for cubes >play non-UR event hoping to get all ships quickly >grind for cubes >UR event >repeat. At least for the moment the game just fits in with my schedule as one I "play"* on the side while playing other games. (*i.e. auto farming) Think I've still got a target of getting all ships to 120 to keep me busy for a while, and after that I could potentially think about getting everyone to 125, but there's only so much time left before those two challenges are done. Last two events drained my cubes down to about 650, so I'm happy even just spending one week where I don't have to spend *any* cubes to help my stockpile recover.
  3. Paimon is insufferable most of the time. Whenever I'm doing fishing I have to just turn off my speakers so I don't have to hear her say "iS It anOtHER PaiMOn!?" for the googol-th time. If it weren't just for how badly most of the story is written, I'd like a skip button purely so I don't have to hear her talk. Never thought I'd find another video game companion more annoying than HAY LISSUN or You have a 90% chance your Wii Remote battery is getting low.
  4. Well, I'm a collector, so I'm rather spoiled for choice when it comes to ships and as such just tend to default to the best ships for the job so I can use my brain power on other things. Even thinking about Enty, I don't think I've used her since Shinano was first introduced. Helena is basically a must for any boss fleet, and Ark Royal is mandatory for most CV-focused bossing fleets (some would say Parsival is better for light- or medium-armour, but I'm not fond of her - mostly just because of an anti-IB bias I have). Interestingly, Hood is still considered alright as a ship, especially after getting her Augment (100% chance to reduce main fleet reload times by 8%? Yes, please). She's been heavily powercrept, but is the one "invite" ship that basically everyone recommends to newbies on reddit. Everyone's starting ships should be: Their starter (in my case, Javelin), Repulse, and Long Island. As it stands, the only one of those three I don't have lvl120 is Repulse. Jabbers is 120 because I love the J-class, and Long Island is 120 for fleet tech. Repulse isn't 120 specifically because A) she's terrible, and B) because her fleet tech is exclusively Battlecruiser buffs. Like, why would I rasie any BCs to 120, when the only purpose of doing so is buffing other BCs? Even less so if I'm not particularly interested in her as a character (I have more than a few ships at lvl120 not because they give *any* fleet tech, but just because I like them, like Yamashirou META). At least with other crap ships I could get something usable, like Acc or Rld buffs for BBs and CVs. I don't play Arknights. However, isn't Arknights a Tower Defense game?
  5. Tbf, I only saw a couple of clips from what you shared and I felt like I was just looking at footage from GI. Which, given I'm seeing WAY TOO MANY games that are just GI clones being advertised to me daily, left me feeling repulsed almost instantly. It *might* be more like HI, but I've never bothered to look up gameplay for HI, so I have no frame of reference (and given they're both from the same company with a lot of crossover, I doubt there's that much different visually). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. If you check the guild drop list again, you'll see that it only lists four YorkTwons. Indeed one of them was from the spark. Oh good, another GI clone. On the note of my terrible ER luck; it seems like the true UR of this event was Ham2. She's got low stats, but her skills and MLB effect make her the equivalent of an SR easily. Oh, and she has a built-in (slightly nerfed) hedgehog. Not to mention her first skill powercreeps both Air Raid Assistance and Flagship Protection by combining the two into one skill.
  7. I'm going to start this off with some screen of my guild's "summoning screen" (idk what to call it). Why am I continuing to roll long after I already got all of the event build pool UR/SRs? Good question. Glad you asked. So. I'm just a tad salty at this one. So, now for a fun game. Can you guess how many pulls I had to make before Hammann II dropped? Please reply with your answer.

    "Reyes Magos" contest?? Why not!! xD

    No entiendo. I'm afraid I do not understand Spanish.
  9. I wouldn't take any of that as confirmation that we're getting playable sirens. Not the first time I've seen a game plot talk about there being multiple enemy factions, and not actually make any of them playable. Granted, I'm not all that bothered about actually looking back through the plot myself to corroborate what you guys are describing.😅
  10. It is Bolzano. (I can read Katakana) It is Charybdis, but the two IJN ships you got are wrong. It's Shimakaze, Ryuuhou, Noshiro, Charybdis, and Brest. (I can't read Kanji, but their identities were clarified on reddit) USS Birmingham. Skin is a freebie, btw. You got a sauce for that? I'm not disagreeing, but I'd just like to say I'm happy we finally got a swimsuit for Shimakaze. Been missing that since the EN Anni had her playing with other swimsuit-clad girls in her regular outift. Hopefully we get some more bunnies in the new year. I may be a little disappointed in the lack of Alaska, but I'm happy enough that the question of what exactly Yongshi/Manjuu were going to do with the USN thing of naming new ships after ships that just got sunk has been answered. I haven't levelled Northampton 1 or Hammann 1 to level 120 yet, so it'll be a good excuse to use both. Also, I'm just glad it's not another surprise KM UR. Also, I'm more concerned that whatever ships drop will have more blue/yellow skills than reds. Fresh out of red skillbooks. Most of the ships I'm grinding for tech stats have lvl1 red skills all the way to lvl120 because I just don't have the red skillbooks. You guys have no idea how happy I was when I got Arizona META and it turned out she has no red skills - two yellow, one blue. EDIT: I just realised something important.
  11. Signing in during work hours just to say: Looks like we got jebaited, bros.
  12. We're talking about a game where not only was Shinano built, but she is a better CV than Essex; and the Flying Flapjack was built and is similar to the Tigercat in performance. I could even point to the Le Fantasque gun having a reload time of 1.6s (and that's considered slow for a DD gun in-game). This game is hardly intended to be realistic.

    The lovely thread of love with everyone being lovely

    Here's a little ditty that kids in my neigbourhood like to sing to me whenever they see me. It always makes me feel good.
  14. Gonna open up with this, that I've been meaning to post for a while (lacking motivation to even start my PC is why I haven't posted for a while). Full disclosure: I was completely wrong about this: It takes about 400 packs to level a character to 100 from 0. Probably another 400 to go from 100 to 120. Me while reading your post: As @WWDragon said, Queen's Blade is a middling-popularity series of cultured battle books that's been running for something like over 15 years? Maybe closer to 20. I certainly remember being introduced to the series by art of one of the characters from Queen's Blade Rebellion, which is a sequel series to the original series of battle books, back in my first year of Uni. Probably more famous for their over-the-top anime series based on the background lore of the characters. The series also has a crossover sub-series called Queen's Gate, which features battle books based on Dizzy (Guilty Gear), Noel (BlazBlue), Kasumi (Dead or Alive), among various others. (The main character, or "gate guardian", of Queen's Gate, Alice, is also popular with MMD creators) Oh, and I actually own a Queen's Blade battle book. I'll leave you chaps to guess which one. So, we got Georgia gun, craftable using new UR dev reports (combine SR dev reports 4:1 to get URs, cmiiw) instead of UR Gun blueprints. Guess we still gotta wait to be able to use the UR Gun prints. UR AA gun finally added in French tech line. Best accelerator, but not worth using over Sexy Bofors. (there just isn't any content hard enough to justify it) Also, new type of AA guns: timed-fuse. We got flak guns, baybee. They supposedly have their own arc-shaped AA range separate from the old AA circle. Apparently, not really worth using over STAAG on your BBs/BCs, and not really worth using over a CV with fighters.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still have one of the RN 134mm's crafted just to make use of the bonus FP. Oh, and yeah we have French tech tree now. Some new stuff, plenty of old. Don't think there's anything particularly necessary for the moment, but hopefully we'll see Mogador guns added eventually. Oh, and there's a new 137mm AP DD gun in the USN tech line, which can only be used as BB secondaries. BIS if your BB can only equip DD guns as secondaries (so, all of your USN BBs and plenty of BCs from other nations). Finally, WE GOT THE FLYING FLAPJACK. It's a side-grade to the Tigercat, trading some load time and speed for HP and crash damage. This naturally means it's good.
  15. Aegir maid skin. Fair enough. I only have four, and one of those I made very recently for my PvP Mafia Fleet. Not really? I don't know how many purple exp packs it takes to raise a character to 120, but I know it only takes about 300-400 blue packs. Blue packs are dime a dozen and you'll quickly run out of ships to level with them. It's also only four of each non-UR bulin type - which I'm sure I don't need to remind you is only enough to max lmb two ships. Congrats!🎉 I can't compare with the other games you mentioned, but bare in mind AL's SR rate is 7%, while BA's 3* rate is 3%. The difference is based on how either game is monetised: AL sells you character skins. They want you to buy the skins, so they make the top rarity much easier to get (UR is a special case, but is still notable for being higher than what some other games set their top rates at). BA sells you gacha currency. They make the top rarity harder to get to encourage this. However, they also come with a pity system to make sure you can still get the character you want even if you get bad luck. You shouldn't judge based purely on the colour the devs choose to represent the rarities either. Colour is entirely arbitrary, they could have chosen Red-Green-Blue-Black in ascending order of rarity - or gone in the order of the rainbow: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Purple-Violet. In fact, historically purple is associated with high status. They're speeding up the banners but also giving permanent freebie 10-pull tickets in compensation. (That's about the value of 1200pyros, btw) They're also not skimping us on pyros for maintenance. They also undid the censorship that got part of the fanbase in a tizzy in today's update by splitting the app into two - one for adults (uncensored) and one for teens (censored). Finally, the Nexon that's handling Global? It's not Nexon US, whom everyone hates for their crappy practices. It's Nexon Korea, a different sister branch of the company that so far *isn't* doing anything crappy outside of the initial censorship (and maybe botching the translation a little bit by mostly using male pronouns to refer to the sensei instead of gender neutral pronouns in the original JP script).