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  1. Okay. Before now I was extremely flippant about detonations. I didn't really care whether they stayed or went, as far as I was concerned they happened as frequently to the enemy as they did to my team. All I wanted was detonations to look more flashy than they do currently. (Like SHABOOOOM!!!! *Bits of shrapnel flying everywhere*) But... 20171212_232701_PBSC110-Minotaur_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay I don't think anyone can deny that the above game was completely decided by a dice roll. I'm sorta low-key mad right now. Like there's no burning rage, no saltiness, just "that should not have happened".
  2. That's right. Off the top of my head (no links): Safebooru (100% safe) Danbooru (a lot of NSFW) Gelbooru (a lot of NSFW) Sankaku Channel (almost completely NSFW) (has a sister site "Idol Channel" with IRL Japanese and Asian models/actresses/etc.) Paheal (100% NSFW) I don't use all of them, BTW. Gelbooru's tagging feels messy at best and I hate the design of Paheal. About the picture restrictions for this site: I found I could reduce the file size of the picture of RJ-kai-ni Christmas from about 360kb to 99kb by converting it into a jpg. Hope that helps! EDIT:
  3. For Danbooru (and pretty much all other boorus) you have to search via the tags the site uses. You substitute underscores "_" inplace of spaces in the tag and separate tags via spaces. So, to search for pictures of Kitakami with santa costumes involved you have to search: "kitakami_(kantai_collection) santa_costume" And hit enter. If you want to filter to only the 'safe' pictures, add: "rating:s" Safebooru is basically a mirror of Gelbooru but with only the pictures tagged 'safe'. Hope that helps!
  4. Behold! My Noble Phantasm! Gate! Of! Lolicon! Whoops, went too far... Yeah, the A-cup Angst goes against her in-game character, where she has more Petit Pride. It's a shame that even official comics go the 'angst' route with her character. Indigo is still on the blue end of the spectrum. I just tried searching safebooru for "kitakami" and "santa oufit" and couldn't find anything that didn't involve a different character. I am surprised. EDIT Found two on Danbooru (which was dangerous, as Danbooru is NSFW).
  5. Oh I see, never realised those quests were there. I see they're greyed out for me. I guess I'll have to find some socialising quests that don't involve smoking, as that'll interfere with my 'My Body is a Temple' perk - a passive boost to morality and automatically get picked for 'Designated Driver' sub-quests, which net me a nice +1 respect for each friend/family member I chauffeur. I probably made a mistake when I chose to sub-class as 'Gamer', 'History Buff' and 'Weeb'. I get plenty of socialising quests, but mainly with other male players (which would be fine if the RNG gifted me with the Homosexuality trait, but it didn't).
  6. You've gone for the 'smoker' sub-class? I get it adds points to your 'Coolness', but isn't the detriment to your HP and the lower level cap too much of a trade-off? ...Having said that, I can't claim I've made the right choices in my build - my depression meter keeps filling up quicker since I chose the "focus on studies" over "go out with girls" option. My coolness is in the negatives!
  7. @NothingButTheRain Congrats on your Kraken! Seems like you've come a long way since the heart-to-heart we had with you a couple of months ago. However, having 83k spread across 5 kills looks more like you were KS-ing.
  8. RJ ish kyootar. EDIT: Have changed my icon in the spirit of the season.
  9. You jerks, you beat me to the reveal! I was going to wait until my break (i.e. now) to reveal the December CG Updates!
  10. FML. Hopefully I'll have upgraded to F3's before that kind of change occurs.(WIP)
  11. I tend to find that my torpedoes are already loaded by the time I reach the cap (or about 3-5seconds after reaching it). As such I can only assume that @DB2212 must be activating his/her engine boost to get to the cap quicker. My recommendation: reserve engine boost for times when you need to run away from the cap rather than towards it. I would also recommend saving your TRB for moments where you need your torpedoes ready rather than using it willy-nilly at the start when you, frankly, don't. If you're feeling confident, you can also pop your TRB for moments when you need just that little bit more damage against an enemy BB to sink them.
  12. Fair enough, I mean I don't play CVs, so I'm basically unbiased when it comes to that sort of thing. I just thought it was a bit nasty to immediately start the thread with posts leering the classic 'git gud' argument. I had noticed similar "get rid of CVs" threads before (as this one seemed to be), and I typically just ignore them, but this time I caved to curiosity and took a peek...
  13. I found Neptune difficult because of her much larger detection radius over previous ships in the line. Having said that I had some really good games in her. One of my favourite things about Nep and Mino is that if you equip the anti-aircraft modernisations you can easily wipe out any planes that come close - you don't even need any AA captain skills, just a quick Ctrl+click on the plane squad you want shot down. In fact, their AA defence radius is the same as their detection by air, so the CV can't even keep you spotted without losing planes! I'm still getting used to Minotaur, so I'm still yet to have a stonker of a game in her, but I do love melting DDs and other CL/CAs that show broadside.
  14. I was thinking it had been some time since I'd seen one pop up in my email inbox. So WG moved them to in-game, and only for select time periods? That would explain why I haven't seen one in months.
  15. Wow, I think the scales dropped from my eyes just now, hadn't noticed my fellow forumites being so dickish before (at least, not without provocation). Personally, I don't see any reason to create such an option. Especially when it would be ripe for abuse (I mean, who wouldn't tick the 'no CVs' option, other than CV players?) and would tank an already underpopulated CV playerbase in the game. I'm not even a CV player and I think that! I'd rather see touches to the game to actually improve carrier gameplay or improve the quality of carrier players, so that we get a better balanced and more enjoyable naval combat arcade game.