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  1. Yūbari, yay or nay?

    >You complain about Yuubari's low survivability, suggesting it as a reason to not get the ship. >I indicate using her manuvrability to increase survivability, even listing an example where 'dancing' helped me beat a division of sealclubbers alone. >You accuse me of 'bragging about sealclubbing'.
  2. Arms Race - a Failure or not?

    I liked it, it made grinding Kitakaze and Fletcher more interesting. However playing Shimakaze and Minotaur was quickly rendered moot when I realised my progress didn't count towards the legendary modules. When I tried playing the mode over the last weekend, though, I found myself faced with longer-than-5-minutes-as-advertised wait times, so I didn't bother. Honestly, if I had any complaints, it would be that the mode snowballs extremely quickly. So much so that if you lose any ship during the opening scuffle, you might as well consider your team lost. Also, and this might be confirmation bias as I mostly played Kitakaze, I swear the buff distribution was something like 50% Reload, 35% Stealth and 15% Heal, and when Heal did show up, it was almost always on the opposite side of the map to me. Don't get me wrong, AR+6*Reload Buff is hilarious on Kitakaze, but it's just not fun when the enemy breaks contact and comes back with more than half their health restored.
  3. Anime

    Ah yes, spoilers for poor Seiko's fate. In the sort-of-sequel, Book of Shadows, it's actually possible to save Seiko at one point... Interesting fact: Seiko Shinohara is voiced by Satomi Arai, who also voices Kuroko Shirai from A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. In Corpse Party, Seiko is in love with Naomi Nakashima, who is voiced by Rina Sato. Rina Sato also voices Misaka Mikoto from Magical/Scientific Raildex, who just so happens to have a same-gender admirer...Kuroko Shirai. I see your mind has been opnened to the beauty of the monster girl. Allow me to help guide you on your journey to true enlightenment: My reaction to your reaction below:
  4. Yūbari, yay or nay?

    I do what I call the 'dance of the trollbari' and her survivability goes through the roof. One low-tier game recently I had a 2-player Varyag division coming after me and I managed to out-damage both of them and finished the match on top of my team for overall experience. I was left on about 100hp after a low-tier MN BB took one last pot shot at me before he ate a bunch of torpedoes. It was the only hit he actually landed. Definite Yay from me.
  5. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I know, I'm just messing with him, seeing as he's going to bring up stats because he can't beat my arguments any other way.
  6. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    55%WR and above average damage suggests the opposite.
  7. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Butthurt, much? Okay, I'll bite: Basically every ship in the game has to make a decision which ammo type is best undercertain circumstances. Apart from BBs. You can call a DM, Wooster or Atlanta an 'HE Spammer', but every competent player of these ships knows the value of firing AP under certain circumstances (like enemy cruisers giving you perfectly flat broadside targets to shoot). In particular DM can absolutely melt BBs if they present the flat side of their ship. Not to mention, fires are 100% repairable, while AP full penetration damage is not. However, your lovely Bismarck? Seemingly exempt from the ammo switching rule. A Bismarck has enough AP penetration to eff over most other (lighter-armoured) ships in her tier spread, so why bother switching? BB gameplay is braindead to me. That's why (in my own words) I occasionally play Nelson to switch my brain off. It's fun spamming 16in HE at other BBs, starting 2 fires, seeing the damage control, firing again and starting two more fires.
  8. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Dood, TWW is a troll. He's trolling you.
  9. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    In the position I was in I would gun the engines. As I said - I was behind an island, gunning the engines would have put me on the other side of the island with respect to the Acasta and his torp launch would either be where I was (behind me) or would hit the island. Positioning, my friend, you fail to catch me out with that one, too. Now you're just contradicting yourself.
  10. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I don't have colorado, but if I were in Colorado instead... I'd do exactly the same effing thing. Switch from AP to HE? What a laughable concept! Just fire what you have in your barrels, it'll still do damage, and in the current patch even AP will do good damage to destroyers!
  11. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I don't think yuou have any right to call someone else 'specul', not after this comment: BTW, you still haven't repsonded to my example:
  12. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I am a DD main, but occasionally I like to switch my brain off and derp around in my Nelson. The other day there was a game where we were winning, with a couple of BBs near the enemy cap while I was closer to our cap (the southern one on Trident in Standard Battle), I think we had lost all of our DDs (possibly one left, idr), while the enemy still had two and a couple of cruisers. As I was starting to rev my engines to head up mid to the enemy cap, an enemy Acasta popped up a little too close to our Bayern and got spotted between the islands where B and C caps would be on domination. After the Acasta went undetected, I slowed down and hid behind the island south of 'B cap', using my knowledge of what Acasta was trying to do (cap our base, behind me) I pointed all 9 of my 16in guns, fully loaded with HE, to starboard and waited. Sure enough he popped up exatly where I predicted, less than 4km from me, and one Dev Strike later the enemy team was one fewer DD. Naturally I revved the engines again to make sure I didn't get hit by any lucky torp launches. Map awareness and position used flawlessly in a ship I like to derp around in. I'd also like to add to Ouzo's point that, unlike BBs, most DDs do not get a heal. Thus any damage sustained whilst under fire is permanent.
  13. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    That is literally the stupidest reasoning I've heard for a while. I bet you're someone who actively looks for a mod to disable the minimap because you don't use it. You have just lost all credibility in this argument.