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  1. I gave it a look, and although I can admit it's cute, I could only look at it for about 10seconds before I had to close the page. Close-ups on spiders will always 'activate' it. On-Topic:
  2. Oh shi- *runs* *Yelling from a distance* "GET 'IM, KAMINARI!" F*ck you, I'm an arachnophobe. I like her more in WoWS.
  3. I realise I'm sorta necroing this topic, but I wanted to share a hearty farewell to a good friend who has treated me well the last couple of months: And to say hello to a new friend.
  4. 'K den. I think the artist just fails at drawing breasts when they're not exposed... There is this new competitior to KanColle called Azur Lane and a lot of KanColle fans have migrated to Azur Lane due to its better gameplay. (It's a bullet-hell shooter rather than RNG mess ) They also appreciate the variations on popular shipgirl designs used by the game. The following is a rant based on my own opinions of the designs for shipgirls used in AL, please ignore if you do not wish to read it: I shouldn't really be the one complaining about 'sex sells', though, especially seeing as Lebe and Max were both pretty low down on my 'list' until they got bikinis. And the fact that the tan-skinned girls were always way up on my list. I'll give AL credit where it's due: I like the Hood and Prince of Wales designs, even if Hood looks a tad too flat in her normal attire. At least the artist doing PoW did his research. Fuso and Yamashiro I like their AL designs over their KC designs. I just plain don't like the artstyle of their KC artist.
  5. Mighty Hood is looking Mighty...Flat...for the largest BattleCruiser ever built. I know I shouldn't be one complaining about flatness, but somehow it just doesn't look right to me. If we're talking Fate/waifus, there can only be one for me (I've already said this): Our (adopted) children: Now back on-topic, how about a little Taigei to make everyone happy?
  6. I'm going to start by assuming you haven't enabled replays, ignore this step if you have: As for uploading them: Never EVER smoke up in a cap circle, for two reasons: 1) "Smokescreens are torpedo magnets." Even if the enemy cannot see you because of your smoke, you are still broadcasting a big old "HEY! HERE I AM! FIRE YOUR TORPEDOES OVER HERE!". If there's no smoke, they have no real idea where you are in the cap circle. If you are spotted, RUN. A moving target is one that's difficult to hit. 2) If you are smoked up, you are NOT SPOTTING FOR YOUR TEAM. You are blind in your own smoke, so using it willy-nilly like that is a worthless act. Your best bet when the enemy DD entered the cap was to reposition or leave entirely. They can take the cap if they want it - you can always take the cap back later. Remember, it is better for you to stay alive and keep your ship in the game than to be reckless and try to defend against overwhelming odds. Regroup with your cruisers and remember to hit F3 to designate an important target if the enemy DD shows up. Farragut has maximum torpedo range of 6.4km, right? Farragut's minimum detection range is 6.6km. You would probably never be hitting anything with your torps unless you were yolo-rushing. I'm not suprised you didn't hit anything with them... I can only assume that you ever even tried to open up with your guns in that farragut game - that's why you got 0 contribution. The game doesn't take into account (as much as it should) time you have contested a cap circle, instead mainly giving XP and credits for actually capping or hitting an enemy ship that's capping (resetting their cap counter). I hope my little advice helps.
  7. So, basically: "Because I get more XP/minute by sinking early, I should deliberately play stupid and deny the rest of my team a victory." Believe it or not, you can be useful to your team by staying alive. Keep your ship in the game. Keep your guns firing. The more damage you do to your opponents by playing smarter the more XP you will earn at the end. Don't forget about the win bonuses! If your team wins your base XP gain is doubled. How do you win games? By not being a selfish @$$hole and playing for the team. That CV player? Ignore him. He got to where he is by deciding to do exactly what you have decided to do, which is not playing for the team and instead playing for some selfish ill-conceived notion that dying early somehow means better XP gains. Do YOU want to be that @$$hole in the CV? No? THEN. DON'T. F*CKING. DO. WHAT. YOU. ARE. DOING. I really cannot recommend the videos the community contributors have given us enough. CCs like Flamu as @para4502 mentioned above. My personal introduction to this game came from TheMightyJingles, and his videos are as much entertaining as they are useful guides to the game. Some key phrases: "Sailing broadside to a battleship? That's a paddlin'." "Smokescreens are torpedo magnets." Please, for the love of human sanity, just try to take on board what we, the other players, are trying to tell you: To learn, to grow and adapt to the game. Rather than playing selfishly and not learning from your mistakes, you should try to learn from other players, players who are better than you, players who are better than me, that is how you improve at the game and make the grind easier! One last thing, if you want advice catered specifically to you, please upload some replays - that way we can see how you play and give advice on what you could do differently. If you need help enabling replays or uploading them, there are guides on this forum (or possibly the US forum, I forget which). Here is one I prepared earlier: There may have been an update since that replay, so don't count on the replay file working.
  8. I feel like the second question should have another option: "Depends on my mood" If I'm sunk early - "This is going to be a waste of 15-or-so minutes, I'll load another battle." If I'm sunk towards the end - "This has been a good battle, let's see how it ends."
  9. This is called 'yoloing' and is a strategy that, while ensures you do a fair bit of damage, basically means you did nothing for the team because you (selfishly) focused on your own performance over helping the whole team win. My advice: stay with your team, don't assume that they will follow you wherever you go. If you overextend in one direction you will be focused to death. Watch what the team is doing and react accordingly. I wish I knew how the game was 'designed' to encourage yoloing? Sure, you can make some marginal success out of yoloing, but you are not helping your team. (Also, players are quick to point at players who yolo in at the start as the reason for the match being lost, so take some time to think about your actions before accusing the game of something) You were focused becuase you overextended. Stay with your team and the AA bubble from your ship and the ships close to you should help defend against aircraft. BBs are the second-hardest ship to play when uptiered, because you are a big target and everyone sees you are the lowest tier in the match. Cruisers are worse because they lack the stealth of DDs and are much squishier than BBs. Do. Not. Ever. Do. That. You are literally doing everything you can to ensure your team loses, short of actively teamkilling. Especially in a f*cking BB! You are your team's tank! You should be up there taking the hits and soaking up the damage, if you're AFK you're not doing that! WTF, dood? Yeah, get used to that. T5 -> sees T7 battles. T6 -> sees T8 battles. T7 -> sees T9 battles. T8 -> sees TX battles. The game doesn't get any easier when you get to T9 or TX, you are just as likely to get focused just because your ship is seen as powerful. The only thing I can tell you is to never give up. Someday you will be TX and you will be forever top tier. Live for the dream, my friend. Good luck and fair seas.
  10. Fate/Stay Night (and associated spin-offs) is an IP belonging to TYPEMOON. ufotable is responsible for doing the animated adaptations of the Prequel 'Fate/Zero' and two of the routes available in the original game - Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel (HF is in production at the moment). Do not ask me who did the 2006 anime or the 2009 (?) movie as I do not know. The prequel is more closely associated with writer Urobuchi Gen of Nitroplus, rather than being written by Kinoko Nasu of TYPEMOON. There are other spin-offs being brought to us by other writers and creators, Fate/Apocrypha (light novel, currently airing as an anime from A-1 studios), Fate/Grand Order (Mobage from delightworks, has an animated OVA), Fate/Prototype (based on the original draft for Fate/Stay Night which has a lot of differences), Fate/Strange Fake (I don't even know...), etc. It's a huge thing. I love it. I've had enough talking about Fate/, can someone else take over? EDIT Ninja'd.
  11. At the risk of turning this into a debate into the correct order of watching an animated series of a franchise that is massive and difficult to break into for a newcomer: 1) Is Fate a TypeMoon property or ufotable's? References missed can be re-examined post-watching Zero. Gives the viewer a reason to go back and review what is arguably the best route in all of Fate (there are only 3, so take your pick, I personally like both UBW and HF for different spoilery reasons). 2) The fact that Zero is a prequel immediately negates the argument of 'UBW spoils Zero'. It's a given fact that UBW spoils the ending of Zero by existing. Zero, however, spoils something from Heaven's Feel that was played as a major plot point. A plot point that I, having seen the 2006 anime before playing the game, completely missed out on the 'WHAM' factor of. This is a fact that saddens me greatly. (I literally reacted to the scene with "Huh, that's suddenly rele- Oh, yeah. Not supposed to know that yet.") 3) Insane plot? That was insane to you? I've seen worse mind-f*cks. [EDIT Alternatively: He can start with Fate/Extra or Fate/Extella and not bother with /Stay Night or /Zero.] Anyway. Back to waifus:
  12. Sorry, only available in Japan with a fan translation floating around teh internetz. There is a PSV version, but good luck finding an English patch. EDIT Here's a Reddit page for you.
  13. As a Fate/ fan, I would recommend playing the VN first. However, I'm not even certain where you can actually get it legally anymore... In any case, I would recommend watching ufotable's adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works before Fate/Zero, I would even recommend watching Heavens Feel before Zero, as Zero is a prequel and spoils some plot points of the later series. The 2006 anime should only be watched after clearing yourself of all of the spoilers from UBW and HF, as the 2006 anime follows the first route, 'Fate', but because the latter two routes were not expected to get anime at the time, it mixes in spoilers for both. That's just my recommendation, but if you don't care about spoilers I'd suggest watching the 2006 anime followed by the UBW movie, then do the ufotable anime in order of release, just so you can see how far the series has come. EDIT Let's see now, waifus, waifus, so I'm not off-topic:
  14. Some music to go with your madness: Or maybe some of this: But seriously, if Fantasque becomes a T8 premium (or a T9 FXP ship) I will definitely just get her and ignore the rest of the line, because comboing 45knt, speed flag and engine boost is a match made in heaven.
  15. Yeah, sorry. Tamamo scolded me for treating her like an object. Have another pic to admire: Oh, I wasn't expecting a DE. Well, that explains why I couldn't guess - I tend to only pay attention to ships of Destroyer size and up. Unless it's a certain Shoreham-class naval sloop that happens to be named after my hometown. Can you guess which one? Here I come, King of Heroes! Do you have enough swords in stock? Some music for mai waifu: Finally, to make sure I'm not completely derailing this with Fate/ stuff, have a KanColle music cover: