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  1. Year preview 2018

    You're right, and I felt the same way several months ago, but those torpedoes are still good, better than the single launcher on the Kidd. She also gets the TRB in a separate slot to smoke, allowing you to panic-fire when you need them. I have my Akizuki equipped with the Engine Boost mod, allowing her to go 35-36knt for a full three minutes, which is always handy. She is not one you should play like either IJN or USN DD - rather than scout ahead, you need to be in positions where your team can support you, rather than smoke up and spam at the nearest BB, you need to keep moving and screen your team against enemy DDs. Don't forget she does have the most health of all T8 DDs, so if you play smart you can outlast all of them. She still has DD-like rudder shift, so you can kite enemy fire with relative ease.
  2. Matchmaker

    So, basically you two chaps chose to fail div, and got slapped for it? And now you're whining on the forums about it?
  3. Year preview 2018

    Akizuki is great. She is a DD killer, completely annihilates enemy DDs when she gets in close. The only DDs she loses against would be higher-tier DDs with enough armour to block her IFHE-buffed HE. Don't have an opinion on Shiratsuyu, as the last time I played her would be during the 6th Ranked battles season.
  4. A man can dream that we might actually have a heavy-set character in one of these moeblob things...
  5. In English all ships are female, regardless of the name of the ship. Even 'King George the Fifth' or 'Duke of York' (a female Duke is a Duchess, ofc) are referred to as 'she'. Out of curiosity, what does 'Grosser Kurfurst' actually mean in English? It's pretty clear Friederich der Grosse is Frederick the Great, but does that mean Grosser means 'Greater'?
  6. @Adwaenyth Welcome to 100 pages in the future! How was your trip?
  7. None of those were shitposting. All of them were genuine counter-arguments to the hate.
  8. I think Intrepid's design is fine. Especially after seeing posts like Akirataka's on the KanColle wiki: What I don't like is shitty admirals issuing death threats to Shibafu on his/her twitter account. I feel actually and physically sick that a keyboard-warrior-subset of a fandom I belong to would act like this. Like, seriously, if you're going to threaten physical harm on someone because they drew a picture you didn't like, please leave the fandom and don't come back. Please let that be an unsubstantiated rhumour. I really don't want Kadokawa/the KC devs to cave to these arseholes.
  9. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    TC doesn't seem to realise that by resorting to insults and ad hominem he actually ends up looking worse than the 'troll' who is baiting him.
  10. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    You don't really have a sense of humour, do you?
  11. Just saying Hi!

    I c u thar. Shakin that Kizuna Ai avatar.
  12. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    I cannot take your argument seriously, the amount of times you said that. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/edited " simple past tense and past participle of edit "
  13. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    Okay, so I'm going to put this in the politest way I can manage; Can you, perhaps, restrict your playtime to Co-op and not bother those of us who enjoy playing this TEAM-oriented online game? Thanks.