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  1. How to perform (more) consistently in DDs?

    I would normally advise just trying to torp enemy ships, but of course that's not really viable in Nicholas. I guess it comes down to just keeping enemy ships spotted, you ARE rewarded for spotting, just not very well. If you had the torps for it, you could force them to think again about covering the cap, but once again this is where the mid-tier US DDs fall flat. Try to ping them with F3, maybe an ally battleship will take a pot shot...? If you don't intend to buy premium ships or premium time, a good technique is to 'step' your tech tree ships. I.e. I currently have a Benson as my highest tier US DD, while I'm grinding that I am also grinding a T5 KM DD and a T4 VMF DD. The lower tier ships help to finance the higher tier ship. Another good rule-of-thumb, at least when going from T7 to T8 and up, is to try to have saved roughly double the number of credits needed to buy the next tier up before actually purchasing it. I did this when upgrading to Neptune and Minotaur, as well as Yuugumo and Shimakaze. Doing so ensures that you have plenty of experience playing in each destroyer before moving up the tiers, as well as ensuring you have enough credits for modernisations or half-retraining your captain (or even quickly upgrading from stock modules if they're particularly bad, like Fubuki/Shimakaze stock torpedoes). Premium ships are always a good choice for credit earning and captain training. If you don't think you can afford even one, there are a few available for free. If you're not interested in the T9 Battleships I think WG may be rolling out FXP cruisers and destroyers eventually. There's also Shinonome, which is the reward for the Honorable Service campaign, although it's recommended you gain experience playing IJN DDs in order to fully appreciate Shinonome's playstyle. In terms of what you should be building your US DDs into...well, really they are generalists. They can do anything you want them to, while other DD lines are more specialised.
  2. I've heard that too, like the French really love Japanese stuff. All sorts of 'Japonaise' events go on in France.
  3. How to perform (more) consistently in DDs?

    No problem. If it helps, try going down the KM DD line. I'm doing so and it's been a real learning experience having to deal with the German smokescreen (in short, KM DDs are 'smoke starved' in that they have short smoke generator duration, short smoke duration and long generator cooldown, meaning you really have to learn the correct time and place to activate your smoke). It is normally expected that DDs will go to the cap closest to them. It's just up to you to watch whether your team is following you or buggering off somewhere else. Remember the F5 key defaults to 'Requesting Support', so you can use this to try and attract attention to your movements. Although F8 is normally a command to set a smoke screen, being in a DD you could probably use it to indicate you are activating yours. It's a good idea to go for a cap to start with, but be prepared to leave if things go south. If you're still alive later in the match you can take the cap then, when the enemies have been thinned out a bit. You might struggle to kite Japanese and Russian cruisers, due to their flatter shell arcs meaning they're more accurate at range, but you can certainly kite US cruisers or RN CLs as they have more rainbow-like shell arcs - or Battleships due to their slower rate of fire. In another battle (this time in Mahan) I remember kiting the secondary battery shells from a Bismarck. That was amusing. Kiting the Pepsi was made easier by the only other living players on his team (a Furutaka and Gulio Cesare) being over towards our base while I was near his. After I sank him I got smacked for all but about 90hp by the Furrytaco who had turned back to 'no cap kill all' me. The Caesar Salad only just missed sending me to Davy Jones' Locker and the match ended while I was being pursued by the two of them (it was a loss for me, but making a fool of Pepsi was fun). I remember being called a 'slippery little bastard'. My hands were shaking after that battle (as you might expect). Your first four are all generally good choices for DDs. With the latter three (or, more precisely, the latter two) it looks like you're trying to go for a pure gunboat build, but if you really want to maximise your gunboat set up with the US DDs, I'd recommend swapping out Superintendent for Basic Firing Training. BFT reduces not only the reload time on AA or secondary batteries, but also on your main battery as your guns are less than 130mm in calibre. Furthermore, it can't hurt to improve your AA as US DDs have the best available AA on destroyers (apart from the Russian sub-branch). I find that the extra consumable charges from premium consumables tends to be enough overall so I don't need Superintendent, although I am sitting on 60M credits so I can afford to make a few premium consumable-incurred losses. In pretty much all of my DDs I'm running RL/RPF: in torpedoboats it's good for allowing me to keep away from other destroyers - or for allowing me to accurately torpedo another DD hiding in smoke; in gunboats it makes it easier to track down my prey. The only exceptions to this are the Russian DDs and the German DDs: the Russkis because they're more about shooting enemy capital ships at long range and generally being seen; Ze Germans because they have Hydro for griefing smokes. Wow, I've really gone overboard here... I hope this is all useful to you and I haven't overwhelmed you or anything.
  4. I assume you're not including KanColle in that. I think KC Iku is quite cute. Actually, I don't have any real issue with AL Iku either, I'm just a bit confused why she's depicted as riding her submarine self.
  5. How to perform (more) consistently in DDs?

    Tips for DD hunting...let's see... I guess firstly, in terms of captain skills you'll probably want Priority Target and Radio Location/Radio Position Finding (the latter being 4 points, so do not take it before Concealment Expert). You'd be surprised how useful PT is over Preventative Maintenance in a DD. There are times you can be spotted, but no-one is targeting you, which saves you from wasting time trying to get undetected again. Furthermore, if you're actively knife-fighting with another DD, it helps to know if it's only that DD targeting you. If you see the number start to hit 3-4 or more, it's time to bug out and smoke up! As much as it might be tempting, don't bother with gunrange upgrades. As of a patch last year your maximum gun range is also your detection range when firing with your guns, thus if you do open up with your guns in a destroyer, you want to be able to reduce the range at which you are detected after you've finished firing quickly. As for working with your team...It can be difficult, but try to keep an eye on the minimap and 'go with the flow'. If you're heading towards a cap and/or contesting it, think more about how you're going to get out if you get spotted - try to maneouvre to get your bow pointing outwards. If you're located via RPF (it can happen at low-mid tiers, given premium destroyers or cruisers), don't stay still in the cap - you're inviting a torpedo spread aimed at your position. This advice also goes for smoking up, if you're planning to smoke up to start using your guns consider moving forwards at 1/4 speed until your smoke generator stops, then start reversing until you reach the end (or beginning) of your smoke then start moving forwards at 1/4 speed again. Being a moving target in your smoke makes you much harder to hit both with gunfire and with torpedoes. OH! Speaking of smoke, don't bother smoking up as soon as you enter a cap, you are not only blinding yourself (so you aren't spotting any enemies) but you are also broadcasting your general position to the enemy team, so they know where to launch their torpedoes. Try to think about using your smoke to provide cover for ally cruisers. If you make a smoke trail leading into the cap, ally cruisers will be more willing to get in close and support your cap - this also creates a decoy smoke that will attract the torpedo fire of enemy destroyers, but don't worry about the cruiser sitting in your smoke, most have Hydroacoustic Search and thus have at least some form of self-defence against said torpedoes. Another tip I can give is to learn how to kite. This is when you turn your ship bow-away from the enemy and continue shooting while making periodical left and right course adjustments. This makes you a narrow and agile target and thus difficult to score decent hits on. By using this trick I was able to reduce an enemy Pensacola(!) from 1/3 health to zero just using my Sims' guns while I was on roughly 1/4 health. Although a loss, I got complemented by both teams for humiliating the Pepsicola. Note: Kiting works best when shooting larger targets at distance, when fighting DDs you want to keep yourself close so your shell arcs don't cause problems at range. I suppose most of my advice is just general DD advice and not very well tailored. The main thing I would suggest is try not to get too worried about scoring kills or damage, as @Ysterpyp said above: your role in a DD is more about spotting and capping than scoring raw damage or kills.
  6. Asashio and Teamplay

    I don't think you did, somehow. If you had, you wouldn't even have looked at the thread and posted a response to my post. In that case, I apologise for assuming you were entrenched with the others. Unfortunately, your argument was spoken as if you were trying to discredit my argument using nothing but the single sentence, which struck a nerve and caused me to lash out. I accept that certainly, you can play for the team in Asashio. My point was that you can also do so in exactly the same way in Kagerou and Harekaze. The difference is, Asashio was designed and implemented in such a way as to be toxic for the game and toxic for the community. So toxic, in fact, that this thread and a few others popped up either in defence of the ship or in hatred of the ship. Sadly, it's reasonable to consider that if Asashio had been implemented as a nerfed or cloned Kagerou, we certainly wouldn't even still be here arguing about it. Had WG decided not to take the toxic design route, Asashio would've been nothing more than a blip on everyone's radars. And this is the ultimate problem I have with this ship. I would've spent a lot less effort here arguing on the message board about a ship I hate and refuse to buy (but have been tempted to buy on multiple occasions) and would have already given WG my money, just to have a complete collection of IJN DDs. Even if she was just a nerfed Kagerou. I'm not proud of being 'blind', I'm just mad at WG for implementing a historical ship in such a toxic way that I refuse to have any part in.
  7. How to perform (more) consistently in DDs?

    T5 is a bit of a jump for all ship types, as the first time you will experience +2 MM, so you will find yourself up against opponents not just with ships two tiers higher, but also with experience of grinding those same two tiers. Ultimately, destroyers have an easier time of it, due to their stealth-focused gameplay. Now, I had trouble with Nicholas, too. The thing is she is a good ship, but you need to upgrade the guns in order to make her so. The upgrade literally doubles your firepower and makes you a destroyer hunter. By comparison, Farragut will feel like a little bit of a downgrade. The line starts picking up again around Mahan, when you unlock torpedoes that exceed your detection range, allowing you to ninja torp like the Japanese. On the subject of consistency...Yeah, torp boats have a problem with that. The thing is, as much as people say that launching torp walls takes no skill, you actually need to know what you're doing in order to make the damage stick. We've all had that frustrating moment of a battleship showing perfect broadside to your torpedo spread, only to turn away half a second after you used your last torpedo launcher, wasting all of your effort and forcing you to wait another minute to three just to have another try. If you want consistency you have to go for the russian DDs, they don't even care that they have torpedoes - just speed along singing 'Rasputin' and firing your guns ad nauseum until the enemy is dead.
  8. Asashio and Teamplay

    If I admit that I am, will you admit that you are similarly blinded? I am under no delusion that I am one of (if not THE) most vocal critics of WG's decision to include Asashio in the way she is designed currently. The difference is, while I am blinded to the ship having any redeeming qualities due to it's toxic design, the Asashio 'defenders' are blinded to the fact that the ship IS toxic by design due to their belief it has redeeming qualities. Redeeming qualities that basically everyone has said multiple times Asashio shares with Kagerou and Harekaze, both of which aren't toxic by design. Sorry, but admitting to my 'blindness' does not actually harm my case in the slightest.
  9. Shinonome

    I struggled with my Shinonome to start with, too. I just couldn't get any of my torpedoes to land for some reason. It took something like ten matches to finally get a Devastating Strike achievement, which is weird for me. As such, I've decided to make a dedicated commander for her set up as a gunboat build. I've got the turret rotation speed up and the reload is down to something equivalent to a base Fubuki, so at the very least she can easily outgun her sister. In theory she should be able to match Farragut based solely on her flatter shell arcs and having four guns to the rear compared to two in front on the Farragut (I'm assuming a chase situation, full broadside I'm still at a disadvantage). @Hatsune_Miku_ARP I took a quick look at your stats (I hope you don't mind me doing so) and I have to say, you seem to be doing fine in her (granted I only used the WoWS EU main site, not one of those stats sites). 22 kills vs 22 matches, averaging one kill per match, and you've won 13 of those matches, for a WR of 59%. I only wish my 14 wins out of 31 matches (45%), with 29 total kills looked as good.
  10. I just found out about another Etorofu sister:~ But her damaged art? Hoo boy...
  11. Asashio and Teamplay

    You got lucky that the enemy team had a terrible player in that Gearing. You come up against me (or literally anyone competent) in a Gearing and you will sink, no doubts. No. It's me, obviously. For successfully torpedoing an enemy Asashio I wasn't even aiming at (I knew he was around, but I didn't know he was going to try to smoke up that Nagato I launched them at). Thus proving that torpedoes that do hit destroyers are more valuable than those that don't. Trust me when I say that I hit enemy DDs with my torpedoes often enough to make being able to do so worthwhile. Feels like it's at least once a week. I also hit cruisers with my torpedoes with alarming regularity, another priority target that Asashio can't hit. (Oh, and the reason I knew Asashio was over on that side of the map? His torpedoes swam underneath me earlier on in the match. Had he been given non-toxic torpedoes our positions would've been reversed) That picture proves nothing. Nowhere does it actually say what ship you were playing at the time. As far as I can tell, you had a bad game in an Atago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You keep on harping on about how you keep getting complimented for your games in Asashio, but realistically that isn't because of the ship, it's because you're doing things that ALL DESTROYERS should be doing. The problem here is, you're so blinded by your need to prove to the playerbase as a whole that the Asashio isn't a toxic waste dump of a ship that you flat out refuse to realise that you could be doing exactly the same thing you do in your Asashio in ANY OTHER DESTROYER IN THE GAME (apart from the Russians, but they're not really destroyers anyway). Do you want to know what I've been getting complimented for recently? Smoking up cruisers and killing Asashios, so you're not really special for getting compliments.
  12. Welcome, both, to the thread! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. Asashio and Teamplay

    Ironically: Shame, I was planning to bully him with my superior firepower. Now who's winning a car?