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  1. Sukasaa

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    I've played few games on Massa now with only PM,AR since my captain is low leveled and I've notice something.. I always am spotted by an DD/Cruiser so I was thinking what's the point of even getting Concealment Expert if an DD/Cruiser always spots me and rain death on me :o so I am highly thinking of getting either Manual Secondaries or Concleament Expert. wish CE was an default skill of Captains.
  2. Sukasaa

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    I am using Concealment Module. :)
  3. Sukasaa

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    So hard decision!! :'3
  4. Sukasaa

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    I see, thanks guys! I'll skip MS and take CE/IFHE/AFT. :)
  5. I was wondering which skills to get for Commander. :) I saw some use IFHE instead of Manual Secondaries was a bit confused. :o Also I have that Alexander Oreovichkon (Pardon be if I butchered his name.) is it an good Idea to use him on Mass? :3
  6. Sukasaa

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wish to Participate in this Lottery Event! Good Luck everyone. :)
  7. Sukasaa

    British Battleship Commanders.

    Again Thank you everyone for the kind Advice I appreciate it a lot!. ^-^
  8. Sukasaa

    British Battleship Commanders.

    I see, thanks guys should I use "Jack Dunkirk" for BB line? He has bonus something for Expert Marksman. ^^
  9. Sukasaa

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    I only got 560k I believe. I don't grind much on Premiums :o
  10. Sukasaa

    British Battleship Commanders.

    I'm thinking to work on British BB line but not quite sure on which commander skills to take. =)
  11. Done, I've gave 5 to all as they all seemed to worked hard one those camos. :3
  12. Ahh I see, Thank you. ^-^
  13. Where is the result page? :3
  14. Camo Name:Eternal Peace. :3 Username:Sukasaa Server:EU #WorldOfWarships #PolishNavy100