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  1. Sukasaa

    Air supply Container. ^^

    Thanks guys! I completed the Mission and got 8m+ Credits which I used to buy Seattle I'm coming Worchester. ^_^
  2. Sukasaa

    Air supply Container. ^^

    Today I got an Bonus mission from one of the Containers, Sadly it wasn't an Premium ship it was Eidenburg shipy which I already own (Hull B also researched.) and has 23k EXP farmed on it.. so I was wondering the one from Mission will be fully researched? If so then I can sell the current one I own before finishing the quest and the reward ship will get that farmed 23k transferred to that ship? :3
  3. Sukasaa

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    I thought same too. :o
  4. Sukasaa


    I'm sorry for late reply, I've taken PM,AR,BFT and AFT. ^_^
  5. Sukasaa


    Thanks guys I've installed the Upgrades and picked skills for the Captain! ^_^
  6. Sukasaa


    As for Upgrade which ones shall I pick? :3
  7. Sukasaa


    What if I take Demolition thing instead of AFT? ^_^
  8. Sukasaa


    Greetings fellow Captains! ^_^ I finally got Atlanta after long 2 years. So wanted to ask which Captain skills & Upgrades should I take for Atlanta? =) Thanks in advance! (Don't mind about Gif I love putting those in posts.) :3
  9. Sukasaa


    Thanks guys! :3
  10. Sukasaa


    After long grind I've finally got Akizuki (Small Dakdakdka.) I got an 12 point Commander for now, still working on Yamamoto questline. Anyways which Skill points should I pick? right now I've got PT/AR/SI/CE for 12th skill point I've picked the LS So far it worked okay but I think I am using gunboat as an Torpedo boat. :o Thanks in advance! ^_^
  11. Sukasaa

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    I as a DD main felt very vulnerable when rework came yes, it's hard for DD to play with rework but it's not as hard as before of being constantly spotted by an fighter now we can hide using a Smoke and CV circling us eventually get tired and go after Battleships or Cruisers while we can proceed to do our DD things so it's only hard for DD on start of each match unless an CV is determined to sink you. Honestly I had no problem with this rework I kind of liked the CV gameplay even though I'm a big fan of RTS CV too (RTS is my favorite genre.) . Even after Rework CV isn't easy for players it's hard constant burst flake damage (Black smoke.) is harder to dodge for 90% of players and lose their squadron even pro players will lose their planes most of the time. There can be a balance without altering the initial rework much my suggestions are as follows: Smoke:Give more Smoke charges to Destroyers (They use least 1-2 smokes to escape early game from CV.) maybe an extra of 2 charges more then what they have. And as for BB/Cruisers their AA kind of handles the CV's attacks so no chances should be applied to them unless some of specific ships with very low AA has trouble. Good luck and Fare seas Captains. :3
  12. Sukasaa

    U.S CV Captain Skills.

    Oki thanks! :3 Islander too huh hehe you got nice beaches there too (:3
  13. Sukasaa

    U.S CV Captain Skills.

    I'm thinking to use Langley I got an 7 Skill point captain which skills should I pick? :3 Also DD gameplay is kind of dead (i main DD.) Getting bombarded non-stop in one run hard always hiding in smoke isn't that effective either I like the Carrier rework but favoring one Class too much I think. :3
  14. Sukasaa

    Ranked Season 11

    Wow nice I don't usually Participate in those so don't know much but thank you a lot for clearing that up. ^_^
  15. Sukasaa

    Ranked Season 11

    I forgot which rank I participated, hopefully I start from 18th need to earn some Steel, =)