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  1. Sukasaa

    Update 0.10.1

    When will Update 0.10.1 will be available? Thanks! ^-^
  2. Sukasaa

    Which Coal Ship to Get?

    I am also tempted to purchase Pommern but will hold on to the Coal for time being cause I am collecting all types of Resources to purchase Kitty-Kami (Kitakami.) when release, I personally enjoyed Yoshino a lot it's an good HE spammer but it's sluggish as meow so you have to think when to shoot and where th enemies are position if caught with broadside chu is toast also the Torpedoes are quite fun I've gotten hits on enemies when I just threw them at a direction not expecting anything. As for Salem I did not bother getting it as I already own an DM. =)
  3. Sukasaa


    Bumpy! :3
  4. Sukasaa

    Halloween 2019

    I was wondering will WG put Premium Halloween Containers in shop? (;'3
  5. Sukasaa

    [TORPZ] Recruitment. ^_^

    About our Clan: [TORPZ] is an international (STORM Rank) Clan. Requirements: Basic understating of English language. Being Active. Win-Rate of 55% and above. Sub-Requirement Extra:Being Cute!! :3 Our Clan offers: Highly active members. Division Battles Helping inexperienced players learn. Friendly members \^.*/ Clan Training battle sessions. And we actively participate in Clan Battles. Discord with many Channel relating from Anime-Games. ^_^ If you wish to join us leave your name below. <*.*< Famous last words...
  6. #WorldOfWarships #NavalNonsense Title:Fueling the Beast >:3 Username:Sukasaa Server:EU
  7. Sukasaa

    Minotour Captain. :3

    Which skills should I pick after getting PT/AR/SI/CE ? =) I was thinking picking up following: Jack of All Trades Smoke Screen Expert Vigilance Radio Location.
  8. Sukasaa

    Enterprise Upgrades

    Thanks guys :o
  9. Sukasaa

    Enterprise Upgrades

    Which ones should I pick as Upgrades for Enterprise? ^_^
  10. Sukasaa

    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    #WorldOfWarships. #JoinTheNavy. [Torpz] Clan is an International community of players. We value a positive attitude, co-operation and a good sense of humour, Clan Tier:10. Join us and say famous last words.... ^-^ Name:Sukasaa Server:EU
  11. Sukasaa

    Air supply Container. ^^

    Thanks guys! I completed the Mission and got 8m+ Credits which I used to buy Seattle I'm coming Worchester. ^_^
  12. Today I got an Bonus mission from one of the Containers, Sadly it wasn't an Premium ship it was Eidenburg shipy which I already own (Hull B also researched.) and has 23k EXP farmed on it.. so I was wondering the one from Mission will be fully researched? If so then I can sell the current one I own before finishing the quest and the reward ship will get that farmed 23k transferred to that ship? :3
  13. Sukasaa

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    I thought same too. :o
  14. Sukasaa


    I'm sorry for late reply, I've taken PM,AR,BFT and AFT. ^_^
  15. Sukasaa


    Thanks guys I've installed the Upgrades and picked skills for the Captain! ^_^