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  1. Sukasaa


    Bumpy! :3
  2. Sukasaa

    Halloween 2019

    I was wondering will WG put Premium Halloween Containers in shop? (;'3
  3. Sukasaa

    [TORPZ] Recruitment. ^_^

    About our Clan: [TORPZ] is an international (STORM Rank) Clan. Requirements: Basic understating of English language. Being Active. Win-Rate of 55% and above. Sub-Requirement Extra:Being Cute!! :3 Our Clan offers: Highly active members. Division Battles Helping inexperienced players learn. Friendly members \^.*/ Clan Training battle sessions. And we actively participate in Clan Battles. Discord with many Channel relating from Anime-Games. ^_^ If you wish to join us leave your name below. <*.*< Famous last words...
  4. #WorldOfWarships #NavalNonsense Title:Fueling the Beast >:3 Username:Sukasaa Server:EU
  5. Sukasaa

    Minotour Captain. :3

    Which skills should I pick after getting PT/AR/SI/CE ? =) I was thinking picking up following: Jack of All Trades Smoke Screen Expert Vigilance Radio Location.
  6. Sukasaa

    Enterprise Upgrades

    Thanks guys :o
  7. Sukasaa

    Enterprise Upgrades

    Which ones should I pick as Upgrades for Enterprise? ^_^
  8. Sukasaa

    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    #WorldOfWarships. #JoinTheNavy. [Torpz] Clan is an International community of players. We value a positive attitude, co-operation and a good sense of humour, Clan Tier:10. Join us and say famous last words.... ^-^ Name:Sukasaa Server:EU
  9. Sukasaa

    Air supply Container. ^^

    Thanks guys! I completed the Mission and got 8m+ Credits which I used to buy Seattle I'm coming Worchester. ^_^
  10. Today I got an Bonus mission from one of the Containers, Sadly it wasn't an Premium ship it was Eidenburg shipy which I already own (Hull B also researched.) and has 23k EXP farmed on it.. so I was wondering the one from Mission will be fully researched? If so then I can sell the current one I own before finishing the quest and the reward ship will get that farmed 23k transferred to that ship? :3
  11. Sukasaa

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    I thought same too. :o
  12. Sukasaa


    I'm sorry for late reply, I've taken PM,AR,BFT and AFT. ^_^
  13. Sukasaa


    Thanks guys I've installed the Upgrades and picked skills for the Captain! ^_^
  14. Sukasaa


    As for Upgrade which ones shall I pick? :3
  15. Sukasaa


    What if I take Demolition thing instead of AFT? ^_^