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  1. elfboy_iron

    Abusive or insulting players

    but as ive said wows skipped the banning rule and now warn me that all further tickets will be marked as resolved ,that is why im seeking legal advise it happens to many times to people in game and the snow flakes in the office think they are god
  2. elfboy_iron

    Abusive or insulting players

    vulgarities lol all i said is i will ask my clan to return the favour and report her in game its far to easy in division of 3
  3. elfboy_iron

    Abusive or insulting players

    hi im sorry to trouble you but im having problems relating to a chat ban .Ive sent 3 tickets in and still will not get a truth full answer .I received a chat ban for 24 hours with regards to me saying to our cv player what the hell is our cv player doing ,she was in a division of 3 needless to say i got the said ban ,after the ban i sent the lady a private message saying i will return the favour if they see her random in battle .I then got a 7 day ban ?.I after reading the small print in contract it is wows that has broken the agree meant not me ,ive read up on the ban system and why if so called banning system is fair was i not given the 3 day ban ,since i have written tickets all i have received is messages saying all further tickets will be marked as resolved as they cant give me answers ,i asked to speak to a some one higher up and i got told the same its resolved .I also kept screen shots of the messages i received back from this player and reported the clan name .The last reply i had from wows was if i continue i will get a harsh ban ? ,seeing as wows has already skipped the rules they made im seeking legal advice .I find this ruling system unfair and against consumer rights . kind regards
  4. elfboy_iron

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    i was not pink and i was not at the back camping i was on the c cap in my gearing .i got to play coop for 2 games and what happens next time an idiot drives in to my torps i will get a 10 game coop ban then prob a total ban my point is why be a dd if you cant fire torps in to the channels .i warned the ship concerned and he just turned in to my torps .I can see this happening a lot .
  5. elfboy_iron

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    i just played 4 games after the update was good ,then i sent torps warned the bb that was no were near them i was playing with 4 of my clan in battle lucky start tactic then my torps hit the bb that turned in to my torps that were over 7 km out now i have to play coop ??? wtf are you doing at this rate why have dd cause you are killing it tbh im not a team killer but u are now making it so dd dont torp is that your answer to it all .ive got enough hours in this game to not team kill btw