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  1. Push :)
  2. Ich habs mal ans SOFA gepinnt Ich denke es werden auch ein paar Nasen ihren ihren hintern hochbekommen! Coole Sache und weiter so! sowas braucht die Community
  3. dafür das es am 30.4.starten soll, fehlen sehr wichtige Informationen. - welche Maps werden gespielt? - welcher Modus wird gespielt? - wie werden die Teams gebildet? - wann finden die spiele statt? - wie viele gefechte werden gespielt? - wie werden die ligen eingeteilt? - habt ihr ein Regelwerk? - welche Teams haben sich schon angemeldet? Das sind die fragen die wir uns auch vor einigen Monaten stellen mussten! wir haben selber erst die League of the Sea ins leben gerufen! Das war mehr als nur ein paar tage arbeit! Ich bitte dich das nochmal gut zu überlegen.
  4. Hallo Freunde, nun ist es vorbei! Die Anmeldezeit ist vorbei. Wir freuen uns über 53 Registrierte Teams. WIr haben uns was feines überlegt. Etwas kurzfristig aber egal Wir wollen die Veröffentlichung der Ligen morgen um 12 Uhr streamen. Wir wollen auch ein wenig über die Entstehung der Liga sprechen und über ihre Entwickler! Wenn ihr Lust habt, schaut doch mal rein. (das gespräch wird in deutsch sein)
  5. push!
  6. 45 Anmeldungen!
  7. 45 Registrations !
  8. Hello, we need the second name to change your registration. We need: - name - tag - winrate you can send me a PM. see you soon
  9. This is from Discord! from Wednesday nothing after 2 days.... [sOFA] Stone_TheFirst-lastlast wednesday at 20:53 o´clock Hello Officers! We got a lot of feedback in the last few days cause of the matchdays and their playtimes. So we propose some changes here! - we want to release the match times. The clans should be flexible and agree on their match times themselves! - we want to delete the backround. So each team would have only one game a week, the event will still be 7 weeks - we want to customize all leagues to 8 teams Since no league needs to be considered in time We would like to ask you for a feedback! Please look at first, before your criticize!
  10. Thats not childish?Please do not expect any further reaction. We explained it to you.It's your decision whether you stay or get out.
  11. Hey Kamikazesushi, I think you have forgotten in your post a few facts. That is why I have the conversation for you again! SOFA Stone_TheFirst-gestern um 09:48 Uhr Hey, can i help you? I dont understand your problem in WG forum. We have changed the rules. This all is work for you and the community. If you have a problem with the actually rules, pls say this, take your team out of LotS and play events the goes perfect, because of you made it. Or accept the rules, and be happy, it gives people who made some for you. We accept every opinion, but what you do there is big crap. Greeting, Stone 2. April 2017 WGP2W Kamikazesushi-heute um 09:58 Uhr Hey. I dont have problems withthe rules. I have problems with changing the rules after it was announced that its the final version. WGP2W Kamikazesushi-heute um 10:00 Uhr so let me make it straight: 1) you announced final rules 2) you changed them without any explanation or apology 3) i complain 4) i get rude buthurt messages SOFA Stone_TheFirst-heute um 10:29 Uhr I understand your Problem! Please let me explain After this final announcement we got many messages, because many had just registered, but the rules not read! Many had problems with the fixed play times and the double gamedays! In order to avoid the many cancellations, this rule change was necessary! We had a survey with an explanation in Facebook and Discord. The clans agreed with the change. The whole week everyone could say his opinion. Since nothing came against, we have changed the rules! The final announcement was wrong. I think you're right. We can only apologize for this. But the rule change was necessary. Since we can not ask each person personally whether he likes it. In #feedback you see the announcement! If you have a question or a problem, I help you! But this topic should be cleared! Actually, I do not like such a children's play. But what is fair, must be fair!
  12. The MDIV League is based on the system of the Champions League from football. However, this system is more based on the system of the Bundesliga. There is no K.O. system after the group phase. Compared with the MDIV Liga, the clans are fighting for the ascent and against the descent. We planned to seed the clans into different Leagues in LOTS. The criterion for this would be the Winrate so they are facing equal opponents and will have more fun. The map pool and the rules will be published soon. Shiprestrictions aren´t planned yet. Thanks for your help
  13. We are currently in contact with the organisators of KOTS and the MDIV Liga. Also we are looking to not overlap the Tournaments so all clans can participate.The League of the Sea should also be a possibility for smaller clans to grow and get better. Thanks for your help
  14. 7vs7 was once the basic idea to also the newer and still small clans to allow them the participation. And we wanted to keep the effort for all clans as low as possible. Of course it would be possible to adjust the 1 and 2 league and play 9vs9 there.
  15. Ahoi recruits and veterans of naval warfare, After extensive maintenance and optimization of our ideas ship are our guns finally loaded and today you get the full salve info to "League of the Sea". Open our supercontainer, take a close look at our RULES And rejoice, because from now on you can go for Sign the "League of the Sea" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REGISTRATION DEADLINE 16.04.2007 MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it is up to you. Tighten the muscles, put the sails in the direction of full pleasure and we make the Sea to the pool party of the players