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  1. TheWombHammer

    -CE- Looking for Highly Motivated Players

    Welcome to the Clan!
  2. TheWombHammer

    -CE- Looking for Highly Motivated Players

    Join us today! We have cookies.
  3. TheWombHammer

    Looking for a non elitist , community clan

    You literally don't know how not to be obnoxious and toxic. It's almost like you don't know how to be human to people.
  4. TheWombHammer

    -CE- Looking for Highly Motivated Players

    Looking to progress and get through those pesky middle tiers?? Join Today!
  5. -CE- CASUAL ELITISTS Currently looking for driven and highly motivated players Want to be apart of the future of WoW's? Looking to take the next step in your Warships life? We're what you're looking for! -CE- is looking for international members to complete and expand our Clan Wars roster and eventually KotS. Founded by players who all have successful competitive and professional careers in life and games, we're searching for players who not only want to win but dominate! All we need from you is a open mind and willingness to learn. Requirements: Speak English: Doesn't have to be perfect, as we are comprised of players from NA and EU we speak English to communicate Teamspeak 3: Have working mic and headset, pretty straightforward 18+: Be an adult. We're crude and not politically correct. It's a brotherhood with us, we're open and honest with one another, expect the same in return. Ability to self reflect, give and receive constructive criticism: I can not stress this bullet point enough. Think about this before you apply and/or join. Are you willing to be told you are making mistakes that are costing you and your team victories? Are you willing to let other teammates know when they are making mistakes, in a professional manner? This is what is expected of you and the clan, from bottom to top. Ship and Stat Requirements: Ships: T6 and above. We would like all of our members to have all T10's in all lines, but have a basic grasp of the game. We feel T6 is the line in which you should understand basic WoW's ship concepts and strategies. We're in a constant state of grinding ship lines as well, so don't worry if you're not as progressed as some. Everyone had to start somewhere. Stats: I don't care about your stats, in general. Stats are a great guideline or how competent a player is but rarely do they show a players ability to learn and/or take advice or orders. I would rather have a team of green stat line players that listen than a team full of unicums that are selfish twats. That being said, there are always exceptions to the rules and each person will be looked at on a case by case basis. Misc: All that being said, we're looking for people to fill our roster as well. Just having people to play with is enjoyable in itself most of the time Contact: In-game Application: Apply via the in-game Clan Application Process In-game PM: Feel free to contact myself, Fluffhugger, or Squarelove, 1ndependance for information about joining Forums: Contact us via the forums. This may take a little bit longer for a reply but we will get in touch as soon as we see the message.