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  1. Master_Arne

    Armory (Naval Community), down-graded rewards

    It was just too good to last. I got 3 containers = 12 K dubs out of it. Now i will prob save for the Lenigrad. After that, I go for the veteran containers.
  2. No. nei, niet, nein and hell no.
  3. Master_Arne

    PSA: Santa Containers

    " As some of you noticed, certain ships in the containers have much higher drop rates than others." This is not true. What is correct is: Certain ships is certain to get before others. A slight difference.
  4. Master_Arne


    Can you still get the Gallant from the Dunkirk containers in the armory? It says so in the description, but not in the premium Dunkirk containers.
  5. Master_Arne

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    A lot of people complain about this isea. Just do what I'm doing with the CV rework. Dont play CV's or regring classes. Then the spreadshhet in WOW office will fail, and someone will get it's [edited]kicked...
  6. Master_Arne

    New CVs

    Sold all of mine. End of CV for me..
  7. Master_Arne


    Then do what I did. Sell Your CV's. Dont give the [edited] the satisfaction….
  8. Master_Arne


    Sold all of mine. Cant say I regret it. Used the credits to buy the Gnevny. Gnevny is fun.
  9. Master_Arne

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    It's easy. I'll stop playing CV and play more lower tiers. Operations may get a comeback.
  10. Master_Arne

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    There are so many issues With the CV rework. I will stop playing CV's when the patch comes out. After watching a good CV player play, it's like watching a ballet. The CV rework is like jerking off With a cheese iron. Slightly amusing, but mostly painful………...
  11. Master_Arne

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    Have been watching Fara doing CV play, and that is a beautiful ballet. The New CV rework is at best like jerking off With a cheese iron. Slightly amusing, but mostly painful. RIP CV..