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  1. Ship board fires are one of the most dangerous things for a ship and one of the first things they teach sailors is ship board fire fighting. It is a constant threat. Fires have been the bane of ships for hundreds of years. It should be prevalent in the game.
  2. SovereignDawg

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 5 big boxes on Na server and got the 2 free ones and netted the Gremy and the Nik 4x 1000 doubloons and 10,000 FXP. Got small x 20 and big x 20 on Eu got 4 ships so far Okhotnik Mutsu Leningrad Anshan and 9000 + doubloons and a whole bunch of green camo and some signals.
  3. SovereignDawg

    So about that Vampire

    apparently you have never Derzki'd.
  4. SovereignDawg

    Why did they remove Harekaze??

    Yes it is still in NA and they said it would be there for a full year from launch date. I mostly play on NA But I like the way EU plays better so far.
  5. SovereignDawg

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to join this fine raffle. Thank you and Merry Shipmas.
  6. SovereignDawg


  7. Let me start by saying, thank you, to who ever it was that sent me the invite a friend link. I tried to look at my past posts to find out who you were, but it says that I have no threads that I started, oh well. Hello to everyone, from a player from the NA server. I thought that I would spend a little time playing with you fine ladies and gentlemen. I just got my first tier 6 ship today and therefore my Texas too (Thanks again my inviter enjoy the spoils). This post is mainly to say, WOW! what a great team that was on Killer Whale. You guys rocked! My game froze up and I had to rejoin the battle. You guys were all still there and we all made it to the end alive, this just doesn't happen on the NA server. Every one there is out for self glory and seldom can you find a random group of players that work together to achieve a goal. So to you Team, a Salute from the USA in your general direction. The only bad thing about playing here is that I have almost no ships or port slots yet. I have 184 on NA and counting. I may try and join a clan on the EU, but I would like to establish a good ship base first and establish a base rating. Well that's about it just wanted to say hi and thank some people (by the way team, I complimented all of you, it's the least I could do). You all have a great day now. Pics of the battle;
  8. SovereignDawg

    BB nerfs in 0.6.00

    Colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra.
  9. SovereignDawg

    BB nerfs in 0.6.00

    The biggest nerf to me in 0.6.0 Is the 1% nerf on Demolition Expert. Which equates to a buff for Battleships and a nerf to CA/CL and an even bigger nerf to DD's.
  10. SovereignDawg

    BB nerfs in 0.6.00

    Cruisers aren't necessarily supposed to be in between or the middle as you put it. They are to protect the BB's from DD's and airstrikes. They also protect DD's from other DD's who should not be far from the group either.
  11. SovereignDawg

    BB nerfs in 0.6.00

    Seems like I won't be buying the #2's the only reason I ever got them was the faster cool down times. now they are so close that I really won't care. This was my first post on the EU forum. Good Day from Minnesota -9 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.