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  1. Campaign "New Year's Celebration"

    Totally agreed, im a (poor) student and i got Real Life™ to deal with (exams in jan etc.) i would say im an average-above average player and even that, completing Mission 5 in Battle of North Cape and those 20 tasks in New Year's Raid in just 10 days is really a tight squeeze for me and probably quite a number of players out there. Moreover, some tasks in New Year's Raid can only be completed in only random games but not ranked games, which means again we even have to choose between Rank 1 vs completing the mission. In this case, I would definite choose to get Rank 1 rather than this mission giving whole bunch of Tier 6 ships that I already owned. I dont know whats the plan for WG, but i dont like all these missions and ranked packed all together.
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    hi lup3s, i would like to join the raffle :) my ingame name is fab1010 Thanks and happy holiday :)
  3. is there any tier requirement to join the clan?