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  1. Suggestions thread

    I have 2 suggestions, 1 of my own idea and 1 for a friend. 1. Idea is about the port options Currently we have in my opinion: The Phillipines - for US Dragon - Looks fun but also kind of chinese themed Dunkirk - Event but also French The Black Sea - Russia Surushima Base - for the ARP event ships or even HSF London - Clearly UK Zipangou - Japan New York - Clearly US Ocean - Neutral Hawai - Also clearly US Saint Petersburg - Clearly Russia Naval Base - Neutral premium harbour So we have ports for the nations US, China, French, Russia, UK but none for the German Navy. So a Port Option like Kiel or Bremerhafen would be a cool addition because the other nations have their specific harbours. 2. Idea is about experience gain I think the experience curve is pretty good but specially when you are in situations where you are bottom Tier there could be a benefit if you do well with a low Tier I kinda have the feeling that you get the same XP as when you are top Tier but can't do that much because you are NOT Top Tier so some kind of Bonus XP for low Tiers would be a nice idea. Sometimes you have the pain of beeing forced into alot of high Tier Matches due to Matchmaking, it's fun to do your tasks as the underdog but it could be rewarded a bit more in my opinion. If there is already such a benefit im not aware of it, so if it exists, please tell me.