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  1. Decided I want to freshen up the game a bit by joining a clan. I'm looking for one that is active, friendly and doesn't take the game too seriously. What I can offer Experience with 2100 battles played Active on the game, play almost daily 59% solo win rate Ships at almost every tier (with the exception of T9 for now) Worldwide damage record in the Monarch Mainly a battleship player but have respectable stats in some cruisers and a few DDs Fan of the T10 battleship Montana About me 22 years old University student and part-time supervisor Can be competitive, but mostly just try to have fun and joke around. Very easy to talk to. Cheers for taking the time to read (I won't be able to join the clan for three days as I only just left the last one but will still come on TS/Discord etc)
  2. Silvamord

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not today, but I checked my stats online and realised I might have the worldwide damage record on the Monarch (261k). Amusingly, the game itself was a loss.
  3. Duh! It's called the bait and hook method. Simple business, really. If the French battleships were easy to get, they wouldn't get silly people like you to waste all their money on the lootboxes.
  4. Silvamord

    Which silver ship YOU have played do you consider the most OP?

    From my own experience: King George V. She puts out a blistering amount of damage with her HE, she's stealthy and she's fast. Fiji is also incredibly powerful, not far behind the Belfast, actually.
  5. Silvamord

    Nerf mid-tier BBs

    I think the mid-tier cruisers are perfectly fine, with some exceptions. Most notably the poor T5 cruisers, like Omaha. They constantly have to battle T7s and OP premiums. I imagine it turns a lot of players away from those cruiser lines.
  6. Silvamord

    Time for a good ol Edited

    All it need was a sigma, krupp and turret traverse buff. Why did they have to make all these weird choices?
  7. Silvamord

    Metric system is annoying me

    There's an option in Aslain's Modpack to show the inches as well.
  8. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Wait, they changed the camo from the testing phase to this new ugly blue one? Oh, jeez.
  9. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Thanks for the tips. Just got a bit angry because I got trashed by Bayerns in the two games I took her out in, I need to get to grips with her downsides so I can train a captain, the other T6 BBs are so much easier to play which makes switching over to her a lot more difficult haha. Back to the topic at hand! Do you think Hood might be played like a faster Nagato? Given the (speculation) slow turret rotation, weaker armour but British accuracy and high HP, it seems that she'll excel at ranges around 12-16km.
  10. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    The Bayern just outclasses her in nearly every way, Youtubers like Flamu agree that she has been power creeped. Just a bit concerned that the Hood will be utterly outclassed by the German twins at T7.
  11. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    On the other hand, your guns can't even keep up with a New York in a brawl. Making them worthless. Edit - You also get citadelled through the bow by Bayerns, learning this ship is fun! .. NOT. I stand by my original statement, she's worthless compared to the other T6 BBs.
  12. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    The problem is she requires a lot more effort to play well in. I can go out in the Dunkerque, New Mexico and the Fuso and find they're all significantly more consistent because they can much more easily re-adjust to evolving situations. Warspite's turret traverse means you're waiting about a minute or so before you can fire a shot again if you ever need to re-adjust, and you only have eight rifles! Dealing with a destroyer is also significantly more painful. I like her and you can definitely have good games with her, but she just doesn't have the consistency that the other T6 battleships have (at least not for me). T6 MM also punishes Warspite a lot more because of her range, she gets shredded in T8 games because of the 16km, people tend to snipe a lot more and you just can't do that. Luckily the speed of the Hood should help alleviate some of the inconsistency the Warspite has. Edit - I notice your stats are quite a bit better than mine on average, perhaps I need to take her out a bit more and see if I can't make her more consistent for me.
  13. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Obviously speculation. I imagine she'll have better accuracy and a better health pool (I would guess around 67k?)
  14. Silvamord

    HMS Hood Teaser

    She looks wonderful! Considering her immense tonnage, I would imagine that she will have the same HP as the Bismarck? What are others thoughts on this? I feel because she had Warspite armour and guns, this will be okay for balance. Edit - Maybe not exactly Warspite armour, but I don't think it was very good. Deck armour was obviously horrible.
  15. Silvamord

    Looking for an English speaking clan

    Thanks everyone, gonna have to choose now! Hahaa