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  1. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    the same disappointed about loosing tokens
  2. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    OT (?) sorry if it is a banal question: for the first time since I play WoW … this (!) morning I was trying setting my fps in engine_config to 120 (my monitor has g-sync up to 144hz max, asus rog 2k, gtx 1070, i7 7700, 16GB ram) with clean and successfully result (getting 120fps very fluid in my display)… was it my bad move? is it because of the current update normal issues of the game server I was getting disconnected after some minutes playing (and getting penalty as result) or because of my mistake in changing that option in the program .xml file? I did a full check of the game program and this was giving no bad feedback. ps: with other games i use g-sync with 144hz without issues
  3. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.9 - The Navy Is Here!


    installed update, I was trying log-in, and I could start the game, but after some minutes lost connection … I suppose I was too early if the europe WoWs server was still busy
  4. raggingkey

    Problemi di connessione

    la cosa più letale che siano riusciti a provocare da quando mi sono registrato in WoWs … e neppure uno straccio di alert per gli utenti: ciò mi farà riflettere molto prima di spendere anche un solo penny nel loro mercatino. ad oggi sono trascorse più di 24 ore ma a quanto pare non hanno risolto i loro problemi (in-game web server still blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!) … vergogna :-|
  5. (the in-game connection with web server a full day not working, lags and disconnections and no alert to users? this is a real *edited* misbehaviorur WoW gentlemens…. not a good way to act with clients) oh yes it was just a "little" problem…
  6. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    me too, no connection ….I was just curious to test this new stuff before my time limit but it looks better to wait for a better server situation before trying a fight, the risk is to go in game-crash like it was often in the last period (I was lucky because I could recover the battle action with a sys-restart…. without penalty and relatively not so a lot damages, but not so good feeling when you are in the middle of a ranked wolves… ) ps: I am with premium account
  7. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    ….. :-(
  8. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    still with server off even if in the wow maintenance page it shows green (online?) :-(((((
  9. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    I use ethernet direct link to router (router with 12" fan blowing on case … very good silent fan connected to the router USB port ...just a 6v power needed don't think it's problematic for my router, and it's (lot) better than to have a network hd for the performance … never had temp. problems even during hottest summer) thanks for answering :-)
  10. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    thanks mate :-) I have a crap provider (Italy) and I think this gives me also periodic game-crash ...my system should be enough ok (i7 1070gpu 16GB ram and…. at least with windows I'm not noob...just in wow ;-( )
  11. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    OT: during wayting time for server maintenance may I ask wich average ping you get when you play? (I am always around lag limit) ...and sorry for my spelling or the OT
  12. I would like operation dynamo back, for me it was the best experience in WoW

  13. raggingkey

    Update 0.7.2


    so ...today no gaming because of servers status? edit: currently updating game (finally my connection is working!?!)
  14. raggingkey

    Ranked Season 8 proposta di cambiamento

    [OT?] ... possibile che non consideriate anche il fattore latenza (lag time) durante un multiplayer basato (anche) sulla velocità di acquisizione target oltre che sulla strategia? del resto la strategia serve a poco se persino gli imbecilli (100%idiots) si permettono persino di polemizzare od offendere quando ti affondano? ps. mi diverto ed amo questo gioco anche se ho uno schifo di connessione, la cosìddetta fibra .... che tutto è meno che "veloce" ...almeno finché la beneamata strapagatissima confraternita delecom non si decide a installare impianti fiber to the home . Giocare con gente che si giova di servizi moderni ...come per la mia dolce metà in Austria, può diventare un'esperienza frustrante... non è questione di millisecondi, è una vergogna sociale se persino in est-europa hanno situazioni eccellenti rispetto alla nostra (intendo nelle principali città). Saluti da Firenze, ex capitale della cultura (seeeee...ma che caxxo di cultura?? forse ai tempi dei Medici? )