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  1. undead42

    Suggestions thread

    I disagree. A player at the front line has enough to do to care about the enemies. Making him watch out backwards for torpedoes that "allies" fired in his direction is making the job way more complicated. It limits its options when getting into trouble etc. Someone firing torpedoes from the 2nd line makes a mistake IMO. I once even got as a torped inside my own smoke screen from behind when moving backwards to rotate my ship. It was a "clear shot" that person wrote. Today the punishment system would deliver an appropriate "message" to the player. It does happen (and happened to me as well) that I did not see someone potentially entering the path of my torpedoes because the ship came from outside my field of view. Nevertheless, it is a mistake of the person firing the torps (in this case me) because a look at the minimap could have prevented this. It would be nice, however, to be able to quickly warn that player. E.g. by aiming and pressing F-something. Like we do with other F-keys already.
  2. undead42

    Suggestions thread

    Absolutely agree. Give a ribbon for each 1.000.000 potential damage. Makes it more visible so people actually understand it.
  3. undead42

    Suggestions thread

    I'd prefer having it as it is. I'll explain why. If someone strafes into a locked dogfight of an allied and an enemy carrier it depends on the situation whether it is a good or bad thing. With only one allied plane and five enemies it could be beneficial for the own team to do it. And then there's the fighter tiers, the amount of remaining fighters (is the enemy low on fighters? are the allies low on them?) etc to be considered. I don't think one can say that it is always a good or bad thing to do. It depends on if it helps the team to win. If no enemy planes would be harmed, then everybody would strafe into such dogfights without thinking about it. Would reduce the complexity of carrier play. But then one could argue that we shouldn't have friendly fire for main battery guns, ramming, torps, ... The rule seems to be: If it is controlled manually (strafe, main guns, torps), there is friendly fire. If its automatic (fighter lock, secondaries) then there is no friendly fire. Exception: Ships seem to know the team affiliation when dealing damage :) To be clear: Killing allied planes just to farm the enemy ones is selfish and weakens the own side. I don't encourage anybody to do that.
  4. undead42

    Suggestions thread

    IMHO the general idea of scuttling is good. AFK players normally get caught by the enemy team, giving that team points for sinking the ship. So, the green team not only lacks the guns but also gets a points disadvantage. If scuttled without altering points, then this issue would be gone. However, there should be some severe restrictions to prevent abuse. If the threshold would be 6 reports (just picking a number here) then these players could sink any allied ship they want. Getting this right is the hard part IMHO. So I'm not sure if the other players should really be able to do this. Maybe vote somehow? Maybe get the karma value into consideration? As a first step, WG could auto-scuttle any ship that gets hit by a red team member before the player's client is successfully connected. This would be impossible to abuse and make it a little bit less of an issue for the green team. Edit: a) The ships could alternatively be controlled by a bot when hit. b) Maybe not wait for a hit but for being spotted from surface. Then the bot would have a minimum of time to act and be more useful.
  5. undead42

    Suggestions thread

    Hello everybody, I'd like to list a few things that I think could be low hanging fruits. I apologize is some of them were mentioned already elsewhere. 1) Add the better bots from the operations to the coop mode. Make it a second difficulty level. 2) The ability to ignore players should include map clicks. 3) Introduce ribbons for hits that were made possible by spotting. Give it to the spotter to encourage more teamwork. Favors DDs. 4) Introduce ribbons for ships that were sunk by others but where the player did most of the damage. Threshold maybe 2/3 of the total hp. Would make kill stealing less of a topic. Favors cruisers I guess. 5) Introduce ribbons for each 100k (or so) of potential damage. Count only the damage that was NOT dealt. Makes offensive playstyle more valuable and maybe reduces the hiding styles. Favors BBs. 6) In the port add a ship filter for those ships that are NOT elite. Same with ships that have captains less than N levels. Makes picking those easier that you want to work on. 7) The everlasting MM topic: Make the players select if they want to go into a queue with protected matchmaking or not. So people can have a challenge if they want and stop their frustration when they're not in the mood to take it. 8) Some CV manual attack on tier 5. Bring back some, e.g. allow only manual dive bomber attacks for T5. So people don't have that strong change in enemies when coming into T6. Maybe allow certain things per CV? For example, forbid strafing for Bogue but allow it for Zuiho? Just a thought. My 2 cents.
  6. Ahoi Seeleute! Die European Stealth Legion (ESTL) sind ein junger Clan mit Leuten aus mehreren Ländern. Wir spielen mit Respekt vor anderen Mitspielern und Spass an der digitalen Seefahrt. Wir haben Teamspeak und Discord verfügbar. Ein Headset und Teilnahme an den Sprachkanälen ist freiwillig, wird aber gern gesehen, da man sich so besser kennen lernen kann. Die Sprache ist meist Englisch wegen der verschiedenen Muttersprachen, daher solltest Du es zumindest rudimentär beherrschen. Manchmal finden sich auch Divisionen die z.B. Dänisch, Niederländisch oder Deutsch sprechen. Das ergibt sich. Manchmal unterhält man sich auch nur. Es gibt bei uns keinen Zwang zu regelmäßigem Spiel. Wer einige Zeit keine Lust hat - der macht halt mal nix. An Clanbattles haben wir noch nicht teilgenommen (weil bisher keiner Lust dazu hatte), aber sobald sich eine Gruppe zusammenfindet, kann es los gehen. Wir verstehen uns als Clan von Leuten, die Spaß am Spiel haben wollen. Dementsprechend sind uns Respekt und Umgangsformen wichtig. Wer gerne mal ausrastet und Leute beleidigt, weil sie nicht so spielen, wie man es für richtig hält... für den gibt es noch soooo viele andere Clans :) Bei uns bist Du als erfahrener Spieler oder als Neuling willkommen. Wir helfen gerne, in das Spiel einzusteigen. Wenn Dir das entgegen kommt - bitte bei uns melden und einfach mal mitfahren & mitschnacken. Bei Fragen auch gerne PM an mich (undead42) oder (auf Englisch) an Roytjee. Allzeit gute Fahrt!
  7. undead42


    Hallo dies_ari, ich kann nur für mich sprechen, habe in den Foren aber in der letzten Zeit keine neuen Postings von Linux-Usern gesehen. Daher kann ich mutmaßen, dass der Workaround seitens Wine das Problem umgeht. Von gelöst mag ich ohnehin nicht sprechen, wenn ein Programm ungeprüft Daten aus der Umgebung nutzt und ggf. abstürzt. :-) Da wäre eine Fehlerbehebung im nächsten Patch sehr schnell umgesetzt, das ist wenig Aufwand. Gruß, Andreas
  8. undead42


    Im Englischen Forum hat jemand einen Hinweis gegeben zum Crash unter Linux: WineHQ dazu: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43515 https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43423 Ich kann bestätigen, dass bei mir das Problem dadurch gelöst wird.
  9. As it seems, this patch breaks many Mac and - as far as I have read - all Linux/Wine installations. Since the DirectX change is the only obvious technical change this is likely part of the problem. For me, as a Linux player, it would be good to know if WG doesn't care at all if it is possible to play the game with Wine in future or not.
  10. undead42


    Da nach MODs gefragt wird: Keine Mods installiert.
  11. undead42


    Gleiches Problem unter Wine/Linux. Ich habe seit dem Update auf 0.6.9 ebenfalls keinen Weg mehr, das Spiel zu starten. Ich erhalte ebenfalls diesen Crash reproduzierbar. Dem englischsprachigen Forum ist zu entnehmen, dass es wohl nun ein generelles Problem ist, dort häufen sich auch diese Berichte und ratlose Texte...
  12. undead42

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Another thread about this topic: "0.6.9 on linux", started today.
  13. undead42

    0.6.9 on linux

    I experienced this issue with the recent public test and now with the regular client as well. I read about a switch to DirectX11 from this patch on, only Intel GFX users are said to have DirectX9 in use. So if there's a way to switch back, this could temporarily repair the issue for Wine/Linux users.
  14. Wieso sollte mein Linux defekt sein? Und ja, ich spiele WoWS auch hauptsächlich unter Linux. Was ist Dein Punkt? Um konstruktiv zu werden: Funktionieren bei Dir Clan- und Inventarscreens? Wenn ja, welche Versionen und welche Pakete für PoL hast Du installiert?
  15. Für Wine-Bugreports muss man Wine ohne Wrapper verwenden, steht in den Anleitungen auf WineHQ. POL ist nett (nutze ich auch zum Spielen) aber hilft bei der Fehlersuche erstmal nur begrenzt. EDIT: BTW: 2.5 ist eine Staging-Version.