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  1. daddydrew

    Show off your set-up!

    Yeah I guess my office does look a little kitchesque. Probably as I'm an IKEA shopper.
  2. daddydrew

    Show off your set-up!

    Okay, here is my set up excuse the mess home working and all that.
  3. daddydrew

    Show off your set-up!

    Built my latest rig early last year. CPU : 9700k oc5.1ghz stable with EK watercooling GPU: EVGA 2080ti ftw 3 with EK watercooling Cooling: ek Phoenix but customised with clear tubing and 2 x 240mm rads MB : Arous z390 master RAM : Corsair 32gb 3200 CASE : Lian li derbaur thingy KB: Razor something Mouse: Steelseries rival 650
  4. daddydrew

    Greyhound: Second World War movie.

    I think its based very much on The Good Shepherd book by CS Forester. If it follows closely the book it should be very good. I think the trailer looks great but Ive said that way too many times before and the film has been naff.
  5. daddydrew

    Thinking of removing.

    I think its very sad somone who has supported the games development from scratch is considering deleting the game, that surly must say something about the current state of the game. I have only played four random games myself but I saw enough just in those few to last me a while.
  6. daddydrew

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts and Gifting!

    So due to work today was the first proper day I had to spend some xmas money from my elderly parents and dear wife. I purchased 20 mega containers. I also used some doubloons I had kept back to purchase a other 40 big containers. First set of 20 big yielded two ships, an Irian and Indy. Also got some flags, coal and doubloons. Next 20 big gave me nothing major accept 90 days premium and a little coal. The 20 mega, well it was mega indeed. First three containers had Benham, Massa and then a flippin Belfast. Was I smiling, but it was not done as in the end I also got a sharnhorst as well. I would also like to say I dropped £100 during xmas on mega containers which yielded a few ships but mainly tier 4 and 5s. Although I did get a Mikhail which was super nice. I guess its educated gambling as you do get something for your money. However, despite not success I do worry about those who are addicted and dont have the money to spend. If me spending some hard earned money keeps this game going so I and others can continue to enjoy our down time I'm happy to support it.
  7. daddydrew

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts and Gifting!

    I got the Gorzia pack and did a bit of gambling with another 20 mega and 20 big. I got 13 premium ships, some good like Lenin and others tier 4, even got like three versions of the omaha lol. Best bit was the 30k gold and 45k coal. This allowed me to get the smolly which I really wanted. Funny thing was the big containers yielded the most ships. I have spent whar I could affordn but its gambling simple as that. This time my luck was in.
  8. Bit of an update, sorry if already covered. I requested my boosters be refunded on Friday. WG have today confirmed they have refunded them all. I think this was the right thing to do as I had no hope of getting PR even with the boosters. Hope others have similar results.
  9. Being a noob and probably an idot as well, I didnt really fully understand the value of doubloons. I just saw I had 30,000.00 and the concept looked really good so I thought why not. It wasnt until I saw a CC video I realised that as a noob with a job, wife and kids I had no chance of getting the ship even with all the boosters. Being older and lucky I have some spare coin each month for pastimes, I dont mind paying as long as I get value for doing so and this just does not represent value. I have raised a ticket and requested a refund. I got a reply that said the person dealing with my request did not have the authority or tools to reverse the ship building boosters. The WG rep has refered my request to a senior team for review. Sorry if someone has already posted that, I dont have time to trawl the whole thread. I was looking forward to my first T10 ship but as my skill level is not there yet, I guess its not a big issue for me. I hope everyone who has grinded so far or paid for boosters get compensated fairly.