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  1. So if login isn't working right now for me, there's no point trying until 4 in the morning? Which means I won't be able to get the daily missions and won't get containers?
  2. Lupin_IIl

    Bug Reports

    Same here (see my previous post). It's not 20-30 seconds, but about 1 second maybe. Ships are not drawn at their correct position.
  3. Lupin_IIl

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Game becomes unplayable after sudden FPS drop in battle. I run 50-60 usually, then (minutes into a game) it drops to below 30 and stays there. Ships are not really where they are shown. Drawn ships models are lagging behind the real position. Shells pass right through ship models without hitting. 2. Reproduction steps This happens for no apparent reason. Once it has happened the game needs to be restarted. It can even happen on the first battle after launching the game, but sometimes I can play multiple games without a problem. 3. Result I had a lot of battles recently, where it became impossible to hit anything. The ships drawn in battle or BEHIND der real position in game. Shells pass right through the ships without hitting (also those fired by other players, if they didn't aim properly) Shells hit in front of the ship Torpedos hit ships half a ships length in front of the ship When ramming the ramming sound can be heard before the ships have touched each other. [EDIT] When ships get spotted the ships are drawn and visible for 1 or 2 seconds, but don't move at all. Then they start moving at normal speed. When a ship is sunk and was moving, it suddenly moves forward quickly (it's not a jump, it's a smooth but way too fast movement), I guess to the position where it actually was (on the server, but not on my screen). 4. Expected result Well, don't do the above 5. Technical details Started happening over the last week, definitely after the 0.7.6 patch
  4. Lupin_IIl

    Backend läuft mittlerweile auf Taschenrechnern?

    Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem. Ich sehe in letzter Zeit so gut wie nie mehr die Spielzusammenfassung, sondern lande fast immer direkt im Hafen. Dort kann es dann gleich nochmal weitere 10 Sekunden dauern bis das Spiel (und Wartung usw.) in den Meldungen auftaucht. Nachdem ich weder an meinem Computer noch meiner Internetverbindung etwas geändert habe und das früher vielleicht bei einem von 25 Spielen passiert ist, bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, dass das ein serverseitiges Problem ist.
  5. Lupin_IIl

    What does Karma do ?

    With the current karma system I think it's already bad enough that it has the small effect of increasing/reducing the number of compliments/reports you can give. Just yesterday I lost 2 karma in a NM, because I citadelled a Nürnberg that was parking broadside behind an island (spotted by other ships at the time of the shot, but undetected when they hit 10 seconds later) and sunk him with a second volley. Obviously I could only have hit him, because I'm using an aimbot... Right the next game he ended up on the enemy team again and we met on the same flank. I shot at him (he was moving this time), got a cit over 10 seconds later (he was sailing broadside in a straight line the whole time) and killed him (again) with a second volley that had a flight time of almost 15 seconds (because it was at the extreme range while using the spotter plane). He didn't change course in that time either. That time he started cursing in chat (things I can't repeat here, suffice to say the chat lines included mom and dad ;) ), at which time a few people called out to report him for misbehaviour in chat (which is also the only thing I reported him for; I didn't "revenge report" him for anything else). Why do I tell this? Because the way the karma system is implemented is so stupid that it's only asking for abuse if it gave even more bonus/malus. When I lost karma it didn't have anything to do with me playing "disruptive", but only other players being salty after making a mistake. If the karma system stays in place, it really has to be changed. For example, negative reports should not have an effect at all unless you get reported several times by different people over several matches (still show a warning that you have been reported).
  6. Lupin_IIl

    Massive performance issues

    Catalyst 13.9 (that's the last driver that supports my graphics card) on Win7 64bit. I understand that games can get more demanding, but going from consistent 40+ FPS (sometimes hitting 60) to random drops below 10 FPS in a single patch seems weird. Btw. vsync has always been off.
  7. Lupin_IIl

    Container bug

    I have been playing an hour ago and it still happened (the newest patch was installed just before starting the game).
  8. Lupin_IIl

    Matchmaking getting worse.

    MM isn't the main problem. I checked alot of my recent games with WoWReplays MM monitor and tried to predict the outcome of a game by the player statistics. From my experience it does not really matter how good BB and CA/CL players are (to the point of being irrelevant), but it does make a difference if you have a good CV vs. a bad CV player or good DD players. In my opinion the main reason for steamrolling games is bad game design that has become worse with the latest patches. There is no real penalty for taking damage as long as you survive. A ship that has taken damage in almost all cases still has full firepower. So sink one ship of one team and it's almost the same as if the game started 12vs11. Now one team is overpowered and the steamroll begins (not claiming that the first blood team will be the winning team, but I guess you get the idea). The torp nerfs were one of the worst changes. Torps were pretty much the only thing that could at least somehow balance a game, because they could put at least some checks on BBs even in games where one team quite behind already. Now with those 5+ BBs per team games (damn, those are boring games, no matter what class you play; IMHO two BBs per team should be the norm, more than that tends to turn into pretty crappy games), firing when on the team with the numerical disadvantage means you get targted by many more ships than your own team can onto enemy ships. As all the enemy ships still have full firepower, no matter how much damage they took before that, this most likely leads to another loss of a ship and the steamroll is rolling on. I have these steamrolling games much less if there is alot of cruisers and DDs on the team (like 4CA/CL 5DD), even on the newest patches, so it is definitely BB related. There needs to be some more permanent damage. Destroy the main battery more often, or at least make it less accurate, have less range, take longer to reload, slower to turn, depending on the damage it took. Make the ships slower or have longer rudder shift times permanently, if they took hits there. Decrease the range they can spot, if the took hits to certain parts of the superstructure. ASO. There needs to be some penalty for taking damage.
  9. Lupin_IIl

    Massive performance issues

    Same here. FPS drops below 10 very often and is stuttering to the point of being unplayable. My PC isn't the best (Athlon II X4 620, 12GB RAM, Radeon HD 4850), but I never had an issue before the 0.6.3 patch. I was running 40+ FPS most of the time on medium settings. Now even when setting everything to the lowest I get low single digits FPS (between intervals of the "old" 40+ FPS).
  10. Lupin_IIl

    Container bug

    Same here. The single container animation is annoying enough already, but now it is played twice as described. Just let me select a preferred type and give me the contents autmatically as soon as I have the points for it and be done with it without any animation (the animation is a preparation for disappointment the most time anyway).
  11. Lupin_IIl

    How do I hit more often?

    I pretty much do (or did) what is described in the videos, up to the point that I recognize that following the video just makes it worse. It's way off, at least when using the dynamic crosshair and almost useless as soon as a ship is angled. Calculating from flight time to ticks on the crosshair in a second wasn't a problem either (it's not complicated math), but I rarely do that anymore. Most shots are "hip shots" as well now and quite a few of them even hit on the very first salvo. My damage is above average for "gun ships" (BBs, cruisers, russian DDs) as well, not just torpedo boats (judging by my ship stats on warships today, where most of the "average damage" numbers are green, meaning above average by their statistics). So I have one theory now: I am shooting much more than an average player. How could I otherwise do higher damage with a lower hit rate? I do quite often shoot into smoke for example or over islands even if I don't see the target or send random single salvos at an enemy because my guns are just pointing there while in a turn for example. PS: don't ask me what happened yesterday. I think that was the worst WoWs day I ever had. 15 games where half my team is dead on the other side of the map five minutes into the game or all BBs hiding behind islands instead of shooting the targets I spot for them as DD.
  12. Lupin_IIl

    How do I hit more often?

    What am I doing wrong? When I check my stats on warships today (not that I care much about them, but it is nice for comparison), I see that I have a below average hit rate with my main battery on pretty much any ship I play. On the other hand I'm WTR "Great" lately and a daily unicum (even had super-unicum on DD class once in a while) quite often. I have (for some ships significantly) above average win rate, damage, K/D and surviveability. (don't ask me what's up with the winrate of the Yorck though; I blame MM ;) , because my damage, K/D and survival is still much higher than average). So what should I do to improve my hit chances? Judging by the other stats, I already am doing something right, but it looks like I could do much better and I must be doing something fundamentally wrong, because it does not seem related to practice (not really much change in a thousand battles).
  13. Lupin_IIl

    Gimmicky Container Mechanic

    You mean I should cry about the broken MM and nerfing all classes except BBs to crap, so battles are half BBs now? I'm crying about the animation, because I'm realistic and think that at least they can't make that one worse.
  14. What I want? MM not f****** me over by putting me as a tier VI into a 22 (yes twentytwo) tier VIII and one tier VII battle. In many battles I'm lowest tier with half the ships being two tiers above me. Also do something against the BB spam. When half the ships in a battle are BBs (as said two tiers above) there's really no point playing a cruiser anymore. There's always one BB that you have to show broadside to. Battles with more than two BBs get really boring. Don't nerf BBs. They should be strong (but don't make them strong by nerfing other classes inzo the ground), but make them so expensive to play that only good players can afford to play them continuously.
  15. Lupin_IIl

    Gimmicky Container Mechanic

    I'd also like to see an option for the animation to be gone. I like the idea of just right clicking the tracker on the port screen to select the type you want, get the contents and be done with it. Even better let me set a default type and just give me the contents either immediately when earned or the next day. The animation is far from building up anticipation for me, it's more like preparing for disappointment. I never got a super container when picking "try my luck". I think I got maybe two or three (500 flags of one type must have come from somewhere) by just not caring about picking the containers and taking whatever the game gives you the next day when the containers are delivered automatically (yes, the reward feels worth less than the 15 seconds it takes me to select the type and watch the animation). Even then it feels just annoying to have to watch the animation of a container coming out of the hull 20 or 30 times in a row for all the containers you earned over the last weeks.