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  1. In case the Youtube link isnt working: http://www.twitch.tv/redronie/v/639167738?sr=a&t=0s
  2. RedRonie

    I tried some editing

  3. At the moment we have a few spots open. Please check the details above if you have what it takes.
  4. RedRonie

    I tried some editing

    So i have been streaming on Twitch now for little over a year. Recently i started editing a bit. This video is my second try. Feel free to let me know what you think.
  5. RedRonie

    One year on Twitch....

    Streaming on Twitch for a year now has given me some awesome Highlights
  6. [-TFD-] The Flying Dutchman is an international clan with members from all over Europe. We are a Semi-Casual / Semi-Competative clan who loves to play together in Divisions and Clan Battles. We have a limited amount of spots open in our clan and we are looking for new players that bring experience and skill so that [-TFD-] can become a stronger and better clan. Our requirements / rules: - Respect your fellow crewmember - Use English as your main language - Return to The Flying Dutchman before being 30 days in-active - Have atleast 3x Tier 10 ships - Have a minimum of 55% Winrate and 2500 Random Battles played - Discord is mandatory Do you have what it takes? Apply ingame or contact one of our commanders / recruiters ingame
  7. RedRonie

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Seeing the responses giving by the WG Staff here, i dont think they listen to their own community. The community is worried and are very clear that they dont like the idea (like NTC) and still they talk about about finalizing it. What part of "WE DONT WANT THIS" dont they understand. It is very exhausting to fight against bad ideas and a lot of players will loose interrest in the game if they go on with this idea. I really hope they listen to the community instead of finding an alternative which ends up being the same thing.
  8. RedRonie

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    I love this game and building the PR looked promising. Seeing it live, all i can say is that the damage is done. WG wrecked their own F2P structure with P2W tactics. Nobody and i mean truely nobody will say that this is a great event. If somehow somebody manage to grind it for free, they have to recuperate for weeks, possible months and wont play the game for a while Those who spend money to buy the PR have to be nuts for the insane amount it will cost. Is it worth that much? Those who dont spend money or cant complete the grind will be salty because they missed out on a free ship. Either way this will damage WG reputation. And the playerbase will loose their trust in WG. And today's stream was an absolute joke. They made a fool out of themselves. My advice: enjoy christmas with family and loved ones and forget about the PR.
  9. In honor of the upcoming Wargaming event in Den Helder, the Netherlands this weekend. I will be holding a fully Dutch Stream with my friends from "Wargaming Dutchies" on Friday from 7pm till 11pm CEST
  10. RedRonie

    Ship Filters Reset every time

    Since the last update, everytime i start up the game, all my filters are off. I have to tick them off everytime i start up the game. This was never the case and it is really annoying. Please Wargaming can you do something about this?
  11. Im not making any promises, but i will definetly try
  12. I might pick 1 up for you my brother ;)