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  1. TheCoolBird

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    First campaign super containers, and one super container I got before them which was a radar module. Just need the ships to use the modules on now.
  2. TheCoolBird

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got this a few days ago. It's okay, now I'm sitting on around 200 of these
  3. TheCoolBird

    Nerf Emile Bertin!

    The Emile Bertin is a great ship, though I did skip her after 17 battles because I went through a rough patch. I think I could of broken 100k if I used AP more. A wonderful fire starter though, great for toasting ships.
  4. TheCoolBird

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm struggling to get a win with this ship. Not my highest damage so far, but I found this battle to be more impressive. Note that the images contain historical naval flags, so if you find them offensive don't open it.
  5. TheCoolBird

    Why are we sailing cruisers?

    I think cruisers are enjoyable, but tough to play. Making a mistake or being unlucky with rng means you could die fast. But having low health doesn't mean you're out of the game, I've had some good games where I've lost a lot of my health at the start of the match. My problem is forgetting my role usually, that a cruiser is more support than anything. Move with the team, don't be overly aggressive at the start of games. Sometimes it's better to stop firing and sneak away, and so on. Though I don't usually play too many games in a row, otherwise I'm more likely to make a mistake and end up regretting it.
  6. TheCoolBird

    Cruisers MM talk

    I think the main problem is the large amount of battleships there are present. With more battleships, it means avoiding one and usually being shot by another. I'm even taking a break from cruisers (which I enjoy most), because of the amount of battleships there are now. Already mentioned in this thread AA being buffed so carriers have a harder time, and destroyers just not preforming as well as before. It's not exactly fun that angling doesn't matter a lot of the time against a battleship, they'll go through the armour and into the citadel. I skipped Omaha because of battleships, having my citadel hit constantly wasn't that much fun. Doesn't help that German battleships can't be easily deleted. Their citadels are hard to hit so even when broadside they don't suffer that much. Torpedos aren't easy to land which are their weakness. While cruisers should get punished if they go full broadside, it's really not enjoyable when you can be angled and still lose most of your health. RNG plays a big part, and it effects cruisers massively I find. I don't see WG really doing much about the BB population anytime soon, if they do I'll be shocked. I don't feel like going above tier 7 in a cruiser currently, because of how accurate battleships can be and the damage they deal.
  7. TheCoolBird

    High School Fleet collab = premiums

    I was hoping for something a bit more interesting, but it's just two re-skinned ships. I was hoping for something like the ARP ship event, that gave me more of a reason to play. I don't see a reason to pick them up currently, in my view.
  8. TheCoolBird

    Mikasa Marathon on the Asia Server

    I hope EU brings out something. I enjoy low tier premiums, but I won't buy them (Christmas boxes being an exception). If we were given the Mikasa, I wouldn't take her out. Would just be something to spice up my port. Even the Katori would be welcomed.
  9. TheCoolBird

    Premiums: First OP Belfast and now OP Duca?

    From what I've seen, I don't think she's OP. I've watched Flamu play her on stream, and he will clearly show the strengths as he's a good player. But once it's released to more people I don't think it'll be considered OP. However I do have a problem with those long range torps. I don't think they are needed, they just seem like they're going to be more of a danger to the friendly team rather than the enemy. I think the range before was fine, and so they could be used defensively. Hopefully they're changed back to what they were. I'm thinking about picking it up, since I seem to enjoy tier 6 cruisers. Though if it is over preforming once released I'll change my view on it.
  10. TheCoolBird

    The reviews: Duca d'Aosta

    I've watched some games on Flamu's live stream, and just finished reading Mouse's review. Now my opinion is mixed on it, as it looked very enjoyable on the live stream. The fire chance of 7% seems very low, but her ap seems strong enough. The 14km range is a bit short, but I am used to closer ranges as of the Cleveland. She looks great though, camo-wise. It would be nice to have a premium cruiser, that isn't low tier. I'm unsure if I'm going to pick her up if I do. I'll wait for some more player based reviews before I go for it.
  11. TheCoolBird

    Ranked #6 WorldWide Wrap-Up

    I should of carried on with ranked, just to get the jolly roger flag. I gave up once I got around rank 12, I don't like how the system works. Even though it only took me a few battles to get there. Well done to everyone that got the rewards they were hoping for though. Maybe next season I'll go further and one day own the Flint.
  12. Out of that list I think it's elite commander xp. I don't currently have a 19-point captain, and far from it. But I can see it being very useful when I finally get one.
  13. TheCoolBird

    So, my Blyska is now a piece of ####?

    I haven't taken my Blyska out in a while, but I am unsure if the removal of SF will affect it so badly. I'm thinking of changing my captain so I have AFT, while the cost to change captain points is still cheaper. This way I can keep some range and making me harder to hit by using my rudder. The stealth firing while it was nice, it wasn't always in use I found. I could be wrong though, and end up being focused and killed off. I may take it out for a game later, and see how I do without SF.
  14. TheCoolBird

    any region changer mod for 6.3?

    I had some problems with Aslain's pack. None of my mods worked until I went into where they were located (In the WOWS folder). In res mods there were two folders. I moved the contents of into Have you tried this? It fixed the mods for me.
  15. TheCoolBird

    Unfavorable MM Poll

    For me the tiers that hurt the most at tiers 5 and 8. However, I find my Amagi to be fine. It's just cruisers that I've struggled with at those tiers. I skipped the Omaha recently just to get Cleveland, since going against tier 7s just meant death in that ship.