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  1. Sowercroud

    secundary weapons control/some general stuff

    i have here a correction, you need to set 4 tagets with marker, for 2 ships, and for 2 plane groups for each side
  2. hello, there are some issues with the secondary control. at least you need 2 times, set automatic/target fire on ships. one for each side, because if you have the ability for secondary fireing just to marked targets with 60% accuracy, you can just set one symbol, at least you need 2, one for each side. in ship dokumentary, i saw, the hole secondary system is used, for ground and air contact. (in reallife dokumentary). /some general stuff. then i saw and i wonder, is this fail-thinking or not-> if you open on minimap, the blue circels, for spotting, ships can wider spott, then plains. for my opinion, plans should can see more/wider then ships, that means you have there a plot-twist inside ? or maybe i'm wrong, then i bid for excuse. you have world of warplains/tanks and warships. in all 3 games you have 20minutes, to battle, but the differens between this inztanses are, warplains-> one people tanks -> 5 people warships -> 500 people warplains -> some kilograms of vehicle tanks -> some little tons warships -> some heavy tons. and then comes the length of the ships. at least if plains and tanks have 20 minutes time to battle, ships need 40 minutes to battle, because of instanz, because there are bigger and slower. at least you capping and defending system, make no sense, for warshipgaming, it is more a arenafight between warships, then a "warship-life-game", the map and instanz have to be more bigger and it need more duty/desteny, of warship-life. and thank you for reakting to my informations about world of warhships, what i give to you, and i decite, that i want a ingame free money system. because, you take no money for playing this game, and i dont want and can take money from you. but you can give me ingame- infinity-money acess. this is something, that i can live with, for helping and supporting you with my informations. no need to answer, thank you very much for you work. regarts Sem Semiz.
  3. Sowercroud

    Suggestions thread

    Hello, if you want to buy a ship, you can not see its special forces, and posibillitys for modules. If you use the radar capability of the New Orleans, I think this ability is not added to the last module of the ship's improvement to see further. Many Thanks Best regards Sem Semiz
  4. Sowercroud

    Suggestions thread

    Hello, you could do something like paint(the programm) . then people could colour with their own style their ships. just very simple with a brush or a spraycan. best wishes Sem Semiz
  5. Sowercroud

    Suggestions thread

    and something else. suppose the first past is based on these current 10 levels. (packet 1). then they could build warships by the year 2000 (packet 2, to lvl 20) and from 2000 to 2018 set up packet 3 to lvl 30 or so. ships with rockets! in addition, the battlestation midway service, you can generally provide the automatic control in general. as in carspeed games where I can choose automatic or manual control but in case, everything works in first line automatic, and then you can take over control. and maybe or i can't find the controll, in the menu where my ship is parked, i can zoom out with the camera, but after few seconds, the camera zoomes in. thanks a lot ! as an additional attachment, to my wrote best wishes Sem Semiz
  6. Sowercroud

    Suggestions thread

    Dear Sir or Madam, Herewith I give you some feedbacks and suggestions for improvement. 1. Please watch the game -Battlestation Midway. They could take over almost the whole game mechanics, and implement, which is highly recommended. 2.It is not right, in the face of the deceased sailors, to decide that a munitions deco can detonate only from 75%. - Then these players stand, simply "unfavorable". 3. At that time there was no minimap or enough computer technology to represent a minimap. 4. Every ship has a crew. Every ship a firefighting task force, your "fire-extinguishing" button is unjust. Similarly, for water ingresses, the differentiated times of the ship classes, are wrong, due to which the crew is adjusted to the size of the ship, but if you look at Battlestation Midway, here are some good variables. 5. Their relationship between houses, and ships, does not match, and symbolizes errors, fundamental in the map's design. In addition, the battle card needs to be increased by 6 + 6 spaces. These are, ton weight, meters, warships. This is not an ego-shooter game in which you have to hide behind rocks because of the way you play, the responsible battleships that move around the edge of the map, and the cruisers do not get any movement. You may like to watch 100 random games, and only the mini-map, that speaks for itself, is a very serious point of view, in the context of the given playing field. 6. Instead of creating U-boat dolphins (U-boats are uncool), you could bring out more playing cards, night and / or daytime settings. You could implement Deathmatch modes, build in a national filter so that the same flags would blow together (maybe on request). You could, in the battle loading screen, make the minimap clickable as you play in real-time strategy, e.g. that the people, space-limited, their flank, can freely choose, if necessary, instead of you at the beginning of the game, the card cross. You could include the premium ships, in the research tree, at least to incorporate the points of the next stage. They could provide many more ship models, and they could also allow for the following time-appropriate ship mechanics. Make the giant lights of the ships usable. The oil flaps, in the chimney make possible to produce smoke. You could limit the field only to the bridge if you use yourself. You could use a crosshair instead of a crosshair retouching line (so you can see the ship firing :)). You could make the anchor usable. You could make it possible to right-click on an all ship and click speed match, so you can drive at the same speed as the crew's meteorological speedometer. Even if there are no submarines, you could use the barrel bombs on the ships, or dismantle, and still mount a turret. In addition, the stealth master is "uncool" because in, admiral, not to camouflage, the ship can contribute. While the battleships were each other from-to-card edge, I would ask you to re-analyze and rate the scoring system. The destroyers usually have a 1v1 duel in the first 5 minutes of the game, and then they are out. A wobbly mechanism, due to shaft movement you do not need to work out because, by and large, the turrets have shock absorbers. Maybe as a little abnormal or "easter egg" you could allow all 100 battles (depending on the rush) a 20vs 20, 30 vs 30 or 50vs50 battle, maybe nationally fitered, maybe every 1000 battles ^^ '... In the end, aircraft carriers have to be in a high level in a fight. because the higher ships, which have higher anti-aircraft defense, are designed for rugged aircraft carriers of their level. In this sense, thank you for your attention, Thank you very much for allowing free play best regards Sem Semiz Ps: Warships are not box cars, and no toys.but they are not responsible for how the community deals with warships :'P :'D