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  1. LooneyToony

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    That reply is total bulshiit he knew it when he was writing it to fara and we all know it, that or someone needs to visit a mental institution... anyhow im sorry to say but Fara is very bad at rework cvs i watched his stream 4-5 times and its kinda frustrating to watch so i kinda get why hes mad and all but hes no longer a measure for cv gameplay, rts is dead and either adapt or stop playing no third way out...
  2. LooneyToony

    New AA mechanics explained

    ill hold you for that last sentence...
  3. burek s mesom, pita od sira...
  4. dojdi na discord ti dikisakeru
  5. ajmo homiči, lezbače, kurbače i svi koji se osjećaju pomiskuitetno a uz to misle da mogu igrat na najvišem nivou.. huha kak sam dobar tekst složio jbt... discord: https://discord.gg/J7txcNr
  6. 60% i naviše igrači se traže, iznimni pojedinci za izniman klan!
  7. LooneyToony

    Balkan, unite!

    Love the bumps guys
  8. LooneyToony

    Balkan, unite!

    well this reaches more people so thats why its here until mods move it to its place, i dont understand what you two think you have to do ith this thread and why it present any sort of isuue but hey i might be to openminded for that...
  9. LooneyToony

    Balkan, unite!

    Hello everyone, id like to start off by saying if youre not form Balkan area you wont find much content in this thread.... Since we have alot of players in foreign clans from balkan speaking countries OSC started the initiative to gather them all into one clan so that we could be competitive on the highest level on EU server, this is going on suprisingly well i might add and sofar we can say that we managed to gather a group of 30 strong 60%+ players that are working towards the goal of top 10 clan on the server. Results came late, but this season we managed to put up an fight and beat on several occasions all top clans in CW (with the exception of 2 but i wont name them :P) we are doing very well with our recruitment but as we all know there are alot more good players on this server from Balkans that we simply dont know of, and alot of us are in foreign clans. ....So this thread is a call to all balkan speaking players that consider themsevles able to play at the highest level to join the Balkanisation and apply for OSC, together we will be even stronger....
  10. bump me bejbe, ima jos par mjesta za 60% + igrače javite se ne se sramiti... btw @petko nisam te vidio na discordu.....
  11. LooneyToony

    Clan Wars Match Making - How?

    you had tough luck, deal with it and move on, we also got hurricane teams in typhoon 3 becouse there were very few teams in urricane and mm has to match them with someone, same as the t8 mm, you can get t6 and t10 depends on your luck....
  12. ma netreba, dok se radi ne boji se gladi ;)
  13. ni ja zlaja, al ovo s podacima ti stvarno nije trebalo, ak se oces ohladit od igre prestanes igrat, ban ti ne treba a ovo je ja mislim perma ban na forumu i u igri jer je ovo ozbiljan prekršaj privatnosti, da ne govorim da je i prekšaj po zakonu....