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  1. I'm sympathise with the OP on this. After getting to Izumo in the IJN BB line, and grinding the US BB line all the way up to North Carolina, I reached the point where I asked war gaming to delete my account. I was bored and frustrated with battleships. They give you one last chance to reconsider, and I changed my mind. I decided to do something different and ditched battleships (except the glorious Amagi). Now I'm having fun again working up the US cruiser line, playing below tier 8 matches. The stress can also be caused by too much WoWS. Take a break - I've been mixing it up by playing Mario Odyssey. I wanted a totally different game and it's a refreshing change.
  2. I can't speak for the other BBs, but I have enjoyed using Amagi for all the points raised so far. However, I think I've discovered a fatal flaw that is causing me real problems. The Amagi is made of petrol. It will catch fire with nearly every HE salvo that hits it. This means positioning and concealment are everything as basically, Amagi only works if nobody shoots HE at you! I became so convinced of its high fire chance that I decided to test it out in a match against an enemy Amagi and a Tirpitz. I used my Amagi, and shot the enemy Amagi with 3 full salvos of HE. He caught fire every time. I fired 3 salvos of HE at the Tirpitz, and did not start a single fire. Sadly, this means I now play Amagi very cautiously, as it is fatal to over extend, or be focused on by practically any well captained HE firing cruiser. So, does anybody think it's worth choosing the 4 point fire prevention Captain skill to help with this, or are there other ways to reduce the chance of fire that don't involve me sailing in circles in the top left corner of the map :) Note: this is not a rant against HE and fire in the game - I'm trying to find a counter to a specific vulnerability of this particular ship.
  3. Ben_Dust

    No this is not World of Batleships !

    Thanks for the comment. I will check them all out. This could breath new life into the game for me
  4. Ben_Dust

    No this is not World of Batleships !

    Sorry, should have been a bit clearer - I am going to carry on with the cruiser line, and start the DD line. In some ways this is a good thing as it's getting me to try different classes, but it's a bit frustrating having to put my journey to the yamato on hold.
  5. Ben_Dust

    No this is not World of Batleships !

    Wow, I wish I could get a match with that many different BBS. I've no problems with the numbers and class of ships, but pretty much every match is now full of German BBs. I'm grinding Amagi on my way to Yamato, and it's usually 8 out of 10 BBs are German (Tirpitz and Bismarck). It's just got too boring. So I'm going to break out my Kuma and start the JPN DD line, and burn and torp them to death until this German BB silliness stops.
  6. Ben_Dust

    Inertia Fuse HE Shells

    After broadsiding the side of a stationary cruiser with AP in my Nagato at 7km, for less than 2000 dmg, I'm wondering if this could be a cure for Nagato's situational over pen problems? I couldn't believe my luck - I charged down the smokescreen, straight on to reduce torpedo risk, & as it lifted, he was side on to me, busy spamming HE. I was about to be rewarded for aggressive BB on point play. I gave him a tiny bit of lead, aiming at the low hull/ water line. My jaw hit the floor when my shells just went straight through him. He was left with a bit of extra ventilation, & sailed off laughing. I keep getting this overpen on cruisers with the Nagato, at any range. Fuso would have instantly deleted him with its smaller shells. This got me thinking that we could do with the option to adjust the fuse timing in game on AP to help with this, but maybe this IFHE will have the same effect? In fact, on a WASD destroyer or cruiser where it can be likely only one shell will hit, having a chance of penetration & fire can only be a good thing IMO. Has anybody else tried this with Nagato or Amagi? It's a bit annoying that I have to use up a level 4 skill to get it, but I'm going to experiment with it.
  7. Ben_Dust

    Can too much PvE trigger a 4.07 violation?

    Going to close this post - I've been playing almost exclusively in PvP without issue for a couple of months or so. Looks like it'll remain a mystery. To those who may be putting off PVP, I can highly recommend it. It's more challenging, but also more rewarding One thing I did change though was to deactivate my onscreen rivatuner frame rate on screen display/ cap as I think this could be detected as an issue - it even has an option in the UI to 'stealth' it which I suspect means it can cause problems .
  8. Ben_Dust

    Myogi troubles

    Completely agree - the usual 1000 dmg can be very frustrating, but when I do score a citadel, it's so satisfying to see a cruiser who was on the attack go running away with a huge chunk of health instantly wiped out. I'll try your tip against destroyers although it just feels so wrong that they can force a big, expensive BB to run away just by sailing towards it. But, like others, I too have hit them at point blank range with HP, and only taken about a quarter of their health off. 30 secs to reload? They've torp'd me to death by then.
  9. Ben_Dust

    Myogi troubles

    Interesting, and like you I have had some success doing this. This tactic works well as long as there are multiple friendlies around to divert attention. Situational awareness is vital and I have suddenly found myself too far forward and outnumbered. If I become the centre of attention for multiple ships, I'm in big trouble. With poor secondaries, I have also found it to be very vulnerable to destroyers at close range. I'm going to up skill my captain in secondaries and torpedo awareness which will hopefully help this. Most of the times I get sunk it's because I've gone too deep into the enemy team. It's a difficult balance as if you turn away, it looks as if you're abandoning your team mates.
  10. Ben_Dust

    Myogi troubles

    I'm actually enjoying the Myogi. I played the Tenryu a lot, and that really helped with this ship. Upgrade to hull C, and she is much better. The best advice I have had is use her like a battle cruiser, not a battleship. Great for learning angling and the reload time gives you an opportunity to come out of the sights, look around and maneuver until they're loaded again. Make good use of your range, and expect a bit of criticism from team mates who think you should be wading in like a BB. You don't have the firepower or armour to do that. Capping can therefore be difficult as you cannot hang around if an enemy BB pushes in. If you go toe to toe with a US or German BB, you will be wrecked. If you go in alone against 2 or 3 enemy BBs, then your game will be over in no time. I only close in when there are other team mates around to divert attention. Hang out with the cruisers on your team to start with, bully the enemy cruisers who aren't expecting big guns so early, then fall back a bit to team up with your BBs when their big brothers start to arrive.
  11. Ben_Dust

    Can too much PvE trigger a 4.07 violation?

    Thank you all for the helpful posts. To be clear I am not using bots or afk etc. If I was then the solution would be obvious. I am not asking people to speculate - i raised this issue to see if anybody else had a similar experience and solution. However, based on the advice, I am going to change how I am playing. Going to jump in to PvP, and spend some of the exp and currency I've built up. I've unmapped the mouse keys too. The PC seller has confirmed there is nothing on the PC, but I have uninstalled the framerate monitor/ limiter just in case. Finally, I might just pick up that premium warspite I have my eyes on. Hopefully, that will make sure wargaming don't think I am using coop to bot/ afk farm exp/ currency.
  12. Ben_Dust

    Can too much PvE trigger a 4.07 violation?

    Thanks. Edited to 4.07. I am at a loss as to what I have done. It's a second hand PC so maybe there is something on it I don't know about. I'll try and check with the seller. Shame as I bought it specifically to play warships and so far I am really enjoying it. I have contacted support twice, but they have made it clear - no appeals. I was looking forward to the british cruiser line tomorrow. If my account gets locked again, it's permanent, so I will have to head off back to the ps4
  13. Today my account was locked for the following: 4.07. Using bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods to accumulate credits and experience without the participation or with passive participation of the player within the battle. (Excessive and repetitive passive play) The only things I can think of that I've done wrong is I have only played PvE since joining wow about 3 weeks ago. This is because I want to at least not suck at the game before I try PvP. Could this have triggered the 4.07 violation? The only other thing I have done is map left and right rudder in the game's control options to the 2 extra side buttons on my mouse. I've asked wargaming for the specifics of the violation, but they won't give any more detail than the 4.07 violation. To be clear, I am definately not knowingly violating 4.07. I wouldn't even know how to use bots and the only clickers i know of are in The Longest Day and the Last of Us.