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  1. Zeveroth

    New European Commander Missions

    Since this "polish" captain looks in fact like Zelenski (with long hair) it's a pity WG didn't hire someone to also make Zelenski's voice. It would be very cool to have Zelenski as captain with the voice of Zelenski. I mean on the looks you are already there(almost). Could WG ask Zelenski himself to speak a few lines for the game or alternatively maybe Макс Комикадзе could immitate Zelenski's particular voice. In any case both options seem very interesting WG. On the one hand a Greek captain, we don't have Greek voiced captains so this is an additional quite unique feature. Thank you WG! On the other hand a Polish voiced captain, less exotic choice, i think on some ships euro captains are "speaking" Polish already depending on which ship you put them, but i guess this new Polish captain will be able to stand-alone in every euroship, so there is that. If you want your Ostergotland to speak Polish here is your chance. But i just couldn't help but notice that this Polish captain at least to me looks very much like Zelenski (only that has long hair ,the drawing) so there were created expectations to me "what if he would also sound a bit like Zelenski too?" But unfortunately he doesn't. So would WG consider my proposal and maybe hire some actor to immitate Zelenski's voice or perhaps even propose it to Zelenski himself to say a few lines for the game? Come on WG... That would be so cool!
  2. I am asking about something else. I am asking if the flatter shells score more citadels on long distances than the more rainbow ones, and vice versa. So for example a Stalingrand can citadel much better than a DesMoines at longer than 12km distances but on closer than 5km distances could the flatter shells be a problem and although penetrating they can't find the citadel that is below the ship? Is this correct?
  3. I saw on a page that the ships' salvos hit an enemy ship on set distances at specific angles that differ for each ship. So which angle of the bullet hitting the enemy ship is ideal to cause citadel? Example, Stalingrand has relatively little angle like 5.9 degrees around there. While other ships' shells hit at a larger angle like 7 degrees. So which angle is the better one to cause citadels? Or the success differs compaired to distance. So perhaps for a short distance the bigger angle of impact is preferable to the flatter one? And on longer is better the flatter angle? (assuming equal penetration value) Anyone knows?
  4. Zeveroth

    KotS XV Commander Mission

    I too have not received it yet. Here is a screenshot from my twitch page showing i have claimed the commander mission + the 12.3 update mission down below (unfortunately the page doesn't scroll exactly so i had to zoom it out considerably. But is seen with some efford
  5. I see. Well, it was on that youtube video that i noticed her. PotatoQuality had her on his Delny yes. Well too bad is only availiable on CiS server cause she had a very nice voice. For me at least. Probably we got that pirate-woman captain instead that i didn't take cause her voice seemed rather indifferent to me and "nothing special". The other though ,Vera Michailova, I really liked her voice. Well thanks for the response. Perhaps she could be availiable in the future in some special offer? After all why WG to say "no" to some extra profit. Right?
  6. I had seen her couple of updates ago. But no idea how to get her. Anyone knows?
  7. Zeveroth

    KOTS Numbers

    The crate you get anyway when you log into game. Everybody received one. Watching KotS via Twitch gives you a mission to do 10000 base XP and then it gives you an extra crate. You need to claim the mission though via your twitch rewards page
  8. Zeveroth

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    So you are telling me it's a rather technical issue that CiS server can't partecipate? Due to Western sanctions that might affect (have banned) the ip addresses from Russia? Is that it?
  9. Zeveroth

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    Many Finnish play over CiS server due to lag issues. Are they now cut off from KotS? Some Russians that came over to EU server will they be eligible to play in KotS? So if Gerasimov would play from EU server would he be able to partecipate in KotS? In general countries are being controlled by filthy elites. The average person of player in a game can do nothing to affect the choices of his dirty elites that push governments towards wars. Why is he deserving punishment via a video game? Will this kind of punishment make Russians more inclined towards loving the West and therefore push Putin (i wonder how they could do that) to stop the war or will they become more hostile towards the West for punishing them unfairly due to purely racist reasons? Moreover the game is still being developed by a Russian company by the name of : Lesta Studios. Are the Russians the "trespassers in our game" or are we in theirs? If we hate Russians so much why we play their game then? Isn't this controversial on our behalf?
  10. Zeveroth

    Will Russian clans be partecipating in KotS?

    I don't understand. I just want to ask if there is going to be a normal KotS like always or this year's will be without the CiS server?
  11. So will they? Or will it be a separate KotS for them?
  12. Just read on the news within game that The naval community section of the Armory will get some changes in early july. The Szarza camo for Blyskawicka will be replaced with Stripes and Stars camo for Texas" What does that mean? They will exchange places? The Texas will get the Szarza and the Blyskawicka will get the Texas camo? Or both will get the Texas camo? And will it be permanent? Any what even Stars and Stripes camo has to do with Blyskawicka? Anyone can explain?
  13. Zeveroth

    Summer sale

    I told it also at the recent survey... This lottery thing needs to stop. This is not a proper "sale" . Make a proper sale (example 30% price reduction on ships) and then call it a sale. I don't see the point to just buy tokens for slightly less than the tier's worth in order to exchange them for random ships of that tier. It's very possible that i ll end up with nothing at all or something i wouldn't even wanted to get in first place.
  14. Thanks a lot dude! You have been immense help :) (apparently my clan was already in the correct suggestions' tab. Although for some reason i don't see it when i look on the recomended ones. Could be because i am already in it. Anyway thanks a lot for your help and anyone who cared to drop a reply on this thread :) )