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  1. Hey Red,


    Feel free to message me in game anytime or drop by discord https://discord.gg/CvedZV

  2. Zuikaku__

    [TIW] Thames Iron Works - Casually competitive

    Do you guys have a Discord? I might wanna drop by ;)
  3. Zuikaku__

    [concluded] V-25 Jousting Tourney!

    Damnit, I am 12 minutes to late, just arrived home from school >.< I'm gonna be watching this for sure, good luck to all participants!
  4. Zuikaku__

    [concluded] V-25 Jousting Tourney!

    7pm to 11pm is in the evening am I right?
  5. Zuikaku__

    Halloween: Scary Battles! - Discussion Thread

    The 3 coordinates are: 43°25'22.4"N 2°43'22.4"W (leads to a place in Bermeo, Spain) 51°09'29.8"N 0°10'06.1"W (leads to Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom) 43°36'54.1"N 116°12'08.3"W (leads to Boise, Idaho) I would understand why one of these leads to Boise, Idaho. It may be a clue that Boise is going on sale again. Would be kinda weird, seeing as her last sale wasn't a long time ago. I don't understand the other 2... Maybe there is something on those locations on Google Maps, I couldn't find anything tho...
  6. Hey everyone! Last week, I got my 2nd T10: Worcester. Such an amazing ship, I love her so much. The thing is: I don't know what line I should grind next. I'm doubting between these ships: Montana (currently at T7 Colorado) Conqueror (currently at T7 King George V) Minotaur (currently at T8 Edinburgh) Harugumo (currently at T8 Akizuki) Gearing (currently at T8 Benson) Midway (currently at T7 Ranger) Here is a link to my stats page, so you guys can see what ship class I like most and what ship class I perform best in (https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/). I like cruisers most, but I now own 2 T10 cruisers so I wanna try to get a BB, DD or CV next. Please answer the poll so I can see what you guys think of it :D. If there is another ship you think I should grind and didn't include it in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Thanks in advance, I'm really struggling on deciding :/ ~TheRedboss
  7. Hey everyone! My friend and I are searching for an experienced, good, competitve clan. We are both great players (if I do say so myself :P). Jmp2303 is a really, REALLY good Battleship player and TheRedboss is very good in Cruisers and Destroyers. We are searching for a more competitve clan, because our current one isn't all that good in competitve :/ Both our statistics: jmp2303 - https://wows-numbers.com/player/544680415,jmp2303/ TheRedboss - https://wows-numbers.com/player/540813098,TheRedboss/ This is what we would like from the future clan: They must be active in the competitive scene, they must particepate in clan battles, they must have a kind playerbase, if you'll understand what I mean. (We don't want to be in a clan with a bunch of [edited] :P), they must have someway of communicating (e.g. Discord, Teamspeak) We are both Dutch, but we both speak English good enough to understand what we mean :P Hope to get many replies!
  8. Zuikaku__

    starting dutch clan in search 4 members

    Heel erg bedankt vnnygr! Zal vanmiddag, of zo snel mogelijk eens online zijn en je IGN zoeken (Wat is die? Ook gewoon ''vnnygr''?).
  9. Zuikaku__

    NL VOC

    Im that kinda Cruiser-Carrier guy ya know? And I know how to write in English, not like Roytjee. PS: im Dutch
  10. Zuikaku__

    starting dutch clan in search 4 members

    Natuurlijk doe ik serieus (en fanatiek, maar kan niet altijd i.v.m. school) maar een grapje op z'n tijd moet natuurlijk kunnen hè? ;)
  11. Hello! I'm TheRedBoss, a 13 year old World of Warships player. I really wanna join a clan, because I miss the teamplay. Altough, not a lot of clans accept a 13 year old gamer, unfortunately. My highest ship is currently Myoko, about 50.000 xp away from Mogami. I play all the IJN lines, DD, BB, CA and CV. I'm that kinda Cruiser-Carrier guy, you know? ;). I'm not that often online because of school and -grmbl- homework... I would say: 3 times a week, excluding weekends (in weekends I'm almost always online at about 4 p.m.). The clan doesn't have to be big, just with some nice people I can play with. I hope someone responses, and that I can join a clan! PS: yes, my native language is Dutch but I write this is English so more people can understand it! Ciao for now!
  12. Zuikaku__

    NL VOC

    Hey! Wich age do you accept? Not every community acceptes a young gamer of an age of 13. D=
  13. Zuikaku__

    starting dutch clan in search 4 members

    Welke leeftijd accepteren jullie? Zou erg graag meedoen, maar niet veel clans accepteren een jonge gamer van 13 jaar D=
  14. Zuikaku__

    Batteries not Included zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Ik wil zo graag in een clan maar niemand accepteert een fanatieke Wows speler van 13 jaar D=. Moest ik ff kwijt ;P
  15. Zuikaku__

    ik ben opzoek naar divisie maten

    Hay Janneman77, i'm also Dutch and I'm looking for some mates to play with too! There is a small problem: on the player-database on the site I saw you mostly play tier 6 but my highest ships are tier 4 (Battleship Myogi, Cruiser Kuma, Carrier Vessel Hosho). Do you mind playing a bit more tier 4 or 5? I will get higher tiers of course but I am not playing the game for so long. Hope you will play a battle with my because now I'm a bit lonely, not a lot of Dutch people play WoWs! Greetings Captain, from TheRedBoss.