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  1. Jaki_AJK

    CVs are not okey

    flambass is new mr. G LOL
  2. Jaki_AJK

    CVs are not okey

    This is flambass LUL
  3. Jaki_AJK

    V-25 Jousting Tourney (Stage 2)

    I'd love to participate in this
  4. Even i concluded the same.. Zara is mentioned in 2 tasks of potential damage.. So i figured something was wrong
  5. Not to get chat banned next time? xD
  6. Nope bro.. although it used to happen once i log in previously, now it notifies so many times without any reason.
  7. The game keeps notifying about it like 5 times in a minute. It is so annoying. Is there any way to stop this?
  8. Jaki_AJK

    How to farm achievements?

    I did mine with the conqueror! Too easy with that.. I got high calibre, confederate, witherer, arsonist, dreadnought and fireproof.
  9. I entered the ranked queue and i was surprised to find a CV in that queue. Afaik, CVs can't enter ranked right? Or am i wrong..
  10. Jaki_AJK

    AFK solo warrior

    his team won. The afk player was on his side. The enemy gave all the points to friendlies.
  11. Jaki_AJK

    Who thought double CV games at t8 is fun?

    My kiev doesn't have smoke fyi. I use heal because of all the radars (minimum 3 every match)
  12. Jaki_AJK

    Who thought double CV games at t8 is fun?

    The AA in tier 6-8 is trash anyways. So no planes were shot down. And enemy put fighters on top me, so i was perma spotted and they did 2 strikes each with same attack aircraft.
  13. Jaki_AJK

    Who thought double CV games at t8 is fun?

    Ohh, i could use some help about it. Where can i find it in aslains modpack? I use modpack, but only for few things (like enemy info, navigator, crosshair, detection timer, score timer etc)
  14. Jaki_AJK

    Who thought double CV games at t8 is fun?

    Fyi, i said that last line because you play CVs and it is very satisfying for you. I wanted feedback from CV player like u gave here about fighters etc. But you classified this thread as whining and you were suspecting me for bad play, hence i concluded that i won't get any feedback anyways as everyone thinks the same. But after so many replies, its clearly evident that there is no way in double CV games to survive as a DD.
  15. Jaki_AJK

    Who thought double CV games at t8 is fun?

    No, there were other DDs too. But i was top tier, so they went for me i think. Even hiding behind mates is useless as they can strike you with impunity. And shooting down planes? Of 2 CVs? And in tier 6-8 battle? C'mon, even a t10 ship build for AA can't do that. We just have to agree with the community and CCs that this CV rework is just a mess with 0 skill ceiling.