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  1. Jaki_AJK

    My highest score without securing a single kill

    Had this game just now. See the potential damage thrown at me!
  2. Jaki_AJK

    Try your luck Supercontainers

    What a coincidence.. I had 2 SCs today and 2 a week before. But the rewards were meh! PS- these SCs are try your luck and not campaign!
  3. The radar of BB near caps early on is no problem cuz if he tries to, he'll get HE spammed to death in this campy meta by cruisers! Missouri radar is not a pain imo if the cap has no cover. If it does, then it surely sucks
  4. Yeah equal radar is good too, but then what about enemy DDs. I myself play Moskva and feel dirty when I radar caps early and get the DD killed. Thus it should be limited imo
  5. Lel, I mean the worst case 1v1 scenario with guns mate. Team v 1 is always won by the team^( only hydro DD, not radar).
  6. I mean a DD if alive after 3 minutes of being radared, he deserves to spot and torp you cuz u(team) weren't competent enough to kill him. Fair and balanced! By GG, I meant sarcasm. U won't have caps as well as damage in such a game!
  7. ^^This, here's a dude who understood by what I mean. I can live with 1-2 radars, even 3. But 4 and above, u have a GG in DD Well, I do play around them in my gearing.. wait till their smoke ends, and then enter cap and make my team shoot at him cuz I outspot him (0.2 km) if he tries to stay there, and in gunfight (me not bsiding) can beat 1v1. I myself play z52 as well. When I cap, I just leave to other cap and let my team to defend that cap.
  8. Yeah, completely agreed. So something like a DD can get radared only twice every 5 mins? No matter how long.. Game too needs to give info about it imo. Permaspotted by radar is so frustrating! Yeah, it would break the game. So, how about balance only on ships which get radar by default ( USN and USSR CAs). Rest (DDs and RN CLs) be like surprises!
  9. You can cap with 1-2 radars at any time. But 3-4 radars, noone can help you. U can't cap in that game no matter what. If i wait till everyone is killed, the game is basically over either in loss or with no damage at all
  10. Yeah, agree. Even 3 is good. There's a 1 min cooldown between each radar, so I can cap. But 4? WG pls balance!! Hey man, I'm not complaining of radar.. I'm complaining of 4 radars. I can live a des memes 56 sec radar, but not 56+56+36+36( 2* des memes + Moskva + Missouri). Noone can, I guarantee you
  11. Yeah radar is ok, but getting radared every time you enter a cap is not OK. 4 radars per side is no joke. 1-2 radars is OK as like in past. Just recently having this matchmaking and is no fun imo. No capping, no damage.. Why even play DDs then
  12. Well, I have this deal recently cuz past 1 week, enemy had so many radars and it's problematic. It wasn't the case a while back, but good luck capping with 4 radars
  13. Lol, didn't expect this reply from a player of your standards (top clan). So, is my reasoning really stupid? Surely 1 should be stupid here.
  14. Yeah, but my main problem is that hydro has some cooldown. Not the case of radar tho. With 3-4 radars every game, u will be continuously lit and can't do anything. So it needs a change. I'm not complaining radar usage with cooldown, it's OK. Not continuous tho.
  15. Hydro means you need to get close and personal.. And detection by hydro, noone has ever survived it till full duration in any of my 5k random battles.. Out of the two, the one who hydro or the one getting hydro always die, unless in island cover.. Hydro by DD is no big deal as rushing in 1 km to smoke will auto spot them and u can kill em(exception lo yang)