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  1. KarelAnkerwout

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    No ships at PT server either. Must be a mess-up with the mailing lists :)
  2. KarelAnkerwout

    0.6.14 version - game not loading

    Try deleting preferences.xml in your basedir.
  3. KarelAnkerwout

    Low resolution setback #1

    Thanks for your reaction, I did not know that. It's been a while since i've been able to play at higher resolutions (last time was without clan tags, ranked etc) so I figured it is related to my resolution. Hope they'll add a menu when clicking with the right mouse button to see the full player name or something. Missed a great oppurtunity of teamplay and I got slaughtered =)
  4. KarelAnkerwout

    Hr. Ms. Tromp

    How about this one? Seems more competitive.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Zeven_Provinci%C3%ABn-class_cruiser
  5. KarelAnkerwout

    Low resolution setback #1

    So, i would like to team up with someone i've just met in a game. He was helping me out really good, but i forgot the write down his ingame name. When im going back to the battle report i cannot see his name, because im gaming on 1368x768 WoWs Team: Please add an option for us to see the full player names, instead of seeing (in this case) master......
  6. KarelAnkerwout

    New Orleans. give me some reason not to quite the line here.

    Like mentoined above: Des Moines and Baltimore On my "old" account I had the Des Moines and I was able to PUNISH any BB that got in a 10KM radius of me. You get like 8k on bbs giving broadside (which they will, they wanna finish you asap and need to use all guns) volleys every 6 (?) seconds, so thats ALOT of fun
  7. KarelAnkerwout

    Super League Mission

    Used search function of the forum... Indeed I did not check the pages, but apparently search is having trouble finding it. Like I said, my bad =) Btw: The "Must Knows" About Season 6 Season 6 of Ranked Battles will see you earning progression Stars, climbing to the top through a total of 23 ranks separated into four leagues. All league matches will be Tier VII.
  8. KarelAnkerwout

    Royal Navy T9: The Fierce Neptune

    I think it's the most fun (cruiser) ship i've been playing for a while. Used to have Zao, Des Moines and Moskva but started all over again on a new account. Don't know how the other three are at this moment, but as far as I can remember this thing is way more fun. Printscreen of my best Neptune battle =)
  9. KarelAnkerwout

    Super League Mission

    Yeah I searched on "Super League Mission" and did not find anything so...... My bad! :-)
  10. KarelAnkerwout

    Super League Mission

    Have you guys seen the new Super League Mission vaild for just today? Check this out!: Finish in the Top 2 with a T5 ship in a Ranked Battle.. Hilarious! I think I'm gonna apply for a newly created function within Wargaming called "Find the STUPID faults Analyzer"