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  1. Quazie

    Karma- What's the point?

    I regard myself as an average Jo hovering around the 50% mark but see this as irrelevant as it includes early games and is team dependant, we all known how that works. Karma serves no real purpose, I401Kongo is correct that the misuse of the system makes it meaningless. The GOOD players don't need it they just say "Look at my stats aren't I good you potato" the bad players get ratty and are more likely to abuse it with the reports for killing them fairly. I don't pay much attention to it, I have had both good and bad reports and generally have no or very little karma even after a day of blinding games. It is generally as stated people are slow to compliment and lightning quick to report, I can't even see anywhere how many of each I have received. Wouldn't it be nice to click on the Karma and get a breakdown, 54 Plays well, 48 Plays poorly, 3 Chat abuse etc. etc. I've known players that have spammed all bad reports on 1 player in one game because they pissed them off, that along shows the system doesn't work. And the calls in chat for all players to report one player, if you don't like what they did fine, but other people can make up their own minds.. Face it, it was broken from the start because it has no clear purpose.
  2. Quazie

    Naval Battle Ranking

    Hi Regardless of how well your clan is doing getting stars, does anyone know how the ranking is worked out. There is a distinct lack of information. Does it take into account 1) how many active players or how many clan members you have. If you have two clans with a result of 40 Stars, one clan has 20 members and the other 15 members, does the rank come out better for the clan with 15 members. When that clan may have 15 Active members and the clan with 20 may have only 10 active members. 2) how many attempts your clan made for stars gained Or does it factor in how many attempts were used, if you have 2 clans each with 20 members (200 Attempts giving a potential of 200 stars), each clan then gains 20 stars but one clan uses 50 attempts and the other only 20 attempts. Does the clan using only 20 attempts get a higher rating? 3) what level of star you are obtaining (300, 900, 1500, 1550 etc) Does it factor in the levels of XP being used to obtain the stars, so 10 stars all at 300 will equate to less ranking than 10 stars 5 at 300 and 5 at 900 4) Or even what tiers ships you are using, it is harder to get higher XP with lower tier ships. So does getting a 1600 star gain you more for a T6 than it does for a T10 Not that it matters that much, but I am curious as to what factors are taken into account, personally I think I would use the number of attempts against the number of stars gained and weight it using the XP level of the stars gained. Does anyone know, or WG how about some insight please.
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    Cheating (again on public record )

    Any game can be hacked. Server side .. Server sends data packet, modify incoming data, act on data in game, send data back to server, server acts on data packets received. Servers with thousands of games with thousands of players, with hundreds of objects to track do not have the capacity to double check outgoing against incoming on so many parameters on every ship, every shell, all AA, Torps, turret positions, what captain skills are applied, what flags you are running. I think you over estimate what the servers can do. They are likely to do this on an audit basis maybe 5% to 10% possibly targeting suspicious players based on game results. The question is not if it can be hacked, it is how often they find it. The video may have other issues, but please don't make statements that server based games CANNOT be hacked.
  11. Quazie

    I have been warned . . . again

    It is Russian, free opinion, free speech, vhot is dat comrade. You directly attacked their income with your opinion my friend. It maybe 06:00 in the West, but they are ahead by hours to the East ..
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