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  1. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    T10 .. because you can't get up-tiered .. Screw the matchmaker, you need to redesign it from the ground up. That won't matter until you address everybody getting torched to death every five minutes, HE chance of fire has caused it to become very irritating in todays game, just rename it to naval fire starters and have done with it (and that's just the battleships).
  2. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    No it's called different ships, ie variation.
  3. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I have previously suggested that AN element of player skill be incorporated, but with the players rating in the ship he has selected (not his overall rating). This was coupled with a balance from team a to team b on skill levels (within acceptable levels) Some people love and can play some ships, but hate and can't play others, and that goes for ships classes as well. Whenever I have mentioned this the high level players get offended for some reason, when you would have thought the lower end players would be more offended.
  4. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    No. Your interpretive skills must be on hold today, the variation is different ships (ie. I can use a slightly more powerful ship) and variation in matches nothing to do with RNG, and I think you know that already, you just want to argue. Look I said Ship balance affects the MM, I suggested they work on that to help matters (with whatever method you like), it appears that we disagree, and that's fine so let's leave it at that. I have no "beef" with you, it is not personal, its an opinion on a small part of a game, it not like the world depends on it or anything. The problem in most of these threads is that people look at parts of the game as isolated entities that can be fixed individually, when they all relate to each other and feed into each other. WG fall into this trap as do many and then chase their own tail trying to adjust other things to make it work rather than revisit the initial change and look for alternatives. The up tiered / down tiered problem did shift to T7, it is worse, all that shows is the tweaks that were made are less than perfect and a different approach is needed.
  5. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Sorry I didn't explain it better, the simulator method would assess the ships against each other to give a starting point. To often they release a ship far to weak or far to strong in it initial introductory period. If you have two players in identical ships, theoretically with RNG about equal the better player should win the majority of the time, he is just better at using what he has to work with. Surely that is the point of the game. OK so that would be boring, throw in a little variation to spice it up and give the worst player a chance. That includes, ship balance and matchmaking, both systems work, but both systems have flaws.
  6. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That is not what I am saying, just the way you wish to interpret it. I get up tiered and down tiered and same tiered and I really don't care that much, all I am interested in is an enjoyable game win or lose. Trouble with today is the SJW mentality or shutting people down because "YOU" don't agree.
  7. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    In which case, 1) You recognise they exist 2) The current method is ineffective to allow this to happen. 3) Current Balance is OK. (What planet are you on?) I think you are just one of those people that likes to say NO just for the sake of it. Any new method, system would be developed Offline and tested, but then you don't want change I suppose as you are happy with it as it is.
  8. Quazie

    Does the Smolensk need a nerf.

    Yes, and its not the only ship that needs a nerf.
  9. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Doesn't appear to consider any of that judging by the number of OP ships released lately. It appears more like release OP ship, make player spend money to get equal or better ships. I done spreadsheets and stuff they don't listen anyway so you put a lot of effort into nothing other than while away a few hours. It started around the time of the British BB, and has got worse with each subsequent release since. I just think as a starting point simulation would be more reliable to "Rank" the ships, which could then be used in the MM as part of the selection. In engineering (or science) you do controlled tests by REMOVING as many variables as possible it gives the greatest chance of reliable and repeatable results. The biggest variables in this case are the HUMAN and his WR% How do you KNOW it wouldn't be better if you haven't tested it, answer you don't. They told the guy who invented glass bottle manufacture you could not treat molten glass like metal and forge or mold it, but guess what that's how they are all made today, and the other engineers laughed. The formulae they put up used WR%, this thread alone shows WR% is garbage so you are assessing ships with flawed data, so maybe it is time to try something new. But I don't think they use anything of the sort in matchmaking, they just pick T8 cruiser for "A", T8 cruiser for "B" I was never that worried that much about MM, it's always been the same. Lately games have got worse but I don't think it is so much MM. I think ship balance and changes to game mechanics have had more to do with the decline in gameplay and a NON-Gated approach to the grind and purchase of premium ships. Lots of new ships way out of balance, and of course the good players get those ships so much faster ( xxx million free XP doing nothing no problem.) Or the wallet warriors get them on day one of release, even the research stuff, have enough money and free XP all the way, and do you think WG don't know this (Dream on). Screw the game up badly enough and money go away, take it seriously and fix the damn game, more players, more money.
  10. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That's the point though my friend, THEY don't want that because their precious WR% will go down by playing other elites.
  11. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Not even by their own admission with the 20 battle monitor and 8 max up tiers, eh! that's tampering which definitely makes it NON Random. As much as I feel for you mate, think of us poor 50% players that can't carry a game so often.. but then with MM the way it is and the teams you get drawn with it just goes to prove that WR% is not reliable as a measure. To think WG actually use it as part of the ship balancing system, the MM is matching ships that are totally unmatched, you want some variation but not what we get all the time. I don't think you will fix matchmaking until you address ship balancing and for that you need to remove MM and player skill variation, run ships through battle simulations against all it potential matches 2 tiers up and 2 tiers down multiple times. Take the positioning from its damage dealt, spotting, damage received, potential damage, damage caused by spotting, you know things that actually make a difference. Create an indices calculated from all the inputs to rank the ship, use Tier AND indices when picking for MM Anyone else getting Ricochets and non pens more, when your T7 get put in with T9 and your shells can't touch it, when you can get close enough because of the gun range difference etc etc. And your T9 is getting more over-pens. I said the changes would just move the problem down the tiers, everyone laughed and informed me I was wrong .. Well guess who is laughing now.. ( Q.. lightening and thunder to manic laughter fading into the distance … )
  12. Quazie

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Eh! Maybe it has something to do with the fact you can't be UP tiered in a T10 And consider that CLAN battles are invariably T10, now that couldn't possibly affect it could it? Another thing I noticed in the charts shown is the number of T5 to T7 games played, I thought there was a shortage in these tiers, or a least that's what we are always told. The charts don't show that!