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  1. DestoCorvus

    New CVs

    I just had a game where in my LOYANG shot down a squadron of 6 planes instantly. Was that intended or...
  2. [GRKEN] Genesis Raptoris International Clan is looking for new recruits. We are an international clan, looking for guys who love the game, want to be a part of a group and like to play competitively. Requirements 18+ years of age Have at least 60% win rate Like to play competitive Speak English Use Discord for comunication Have at least one Tier X Warship Contact info You can send an application directly to our clan [GRKEN] in game Our Discord channel is: https://discord.gg/QWNH8Bk You can message our commander in game MAGNUSMAXIMMUS or me DestoCorvus We are looking forward to meet you in game and have fun.
  3. Its true but i think this game deserves more, in my opinion its far better than tanks and warplanes, tanks have more vehicles and more people play it than warships, but also with a small push this could go further. The thing is that tanks makes them more money overall and that their main focus is there. There is much work done for warships as well, new things get in all the time, the warships team works hard. Checked the next update on pts and its cool, probably will buy something soon even if i say i won't, but people complain about the detonation "mechanic" for like a year or more, is it so hard to try and change it? no we have to prioritise on making smokes fade away when ships shoot from inside them... and finaly in my opinion its not even a "mechanic", its more like add a line in the rng recieving damage code line that says its 0.2% detonate on hit. again sorry guys if you are fed up with my posts(oh i doubled them today!). see you around.
  4. i never said it's a bug, it is BAD mechanic, actually terrible! and mostly if it happens twice in a row. Please tell me one thing and i call it over. Do you realy like it? Because i don't and even when i shoot someone and he detonates most of the time i tell them i'm sorry. And probbably you didn't even read my first post, because i said something in there about how detonations should work. Please, really please don't answer with something like this, i'm at the edge. Really. You don't like what i have to say, leave it there. I returned from a stroke recently and the only thing you do is making making it worst.
  5. i like the game, i dont like detonations, so i wont pay again, as simple as that. they keep it that way its fine to me, just saying that i wont pay for anything more if they continue this way. i also like Jethro's and mtm's comments, they are probably guys that i'd be happy to hang around(they have a sense of humor...), but i don't get why you are defending WG against it. people like one thing and others dont. what is the point you are trying to make? you think i don't know that my detonations are ~1%? It still pisses me off, and since last update it happens more often. an'd about the "it's working exactly as intende" thing, what is this? seriously? if no one complains for something how things are going to get better? First DDs get nerfed, then CAs stealthfire, then they cut Shiratsuyu to have either smoke or reload as if the german dds dont have a 3rd slot for hydro, then they will cut down german dds because people complain(smoke or hydro) and the game will most likely be a BB radar P2W Missuri like game and we'll all go and play something else. Stay like this, don't complain about anything, praise the WG accountants who make the catalogs and when others try to speak go and defend WG for always being wright! I was trying to make a funny post and say what i think about how the game is going, this hole defenders of the faith thing made me feel even worst. Affeks makes a good point of how it should work in the last post. Players have good ideas, i think we should be heard. Ok, i won't hung myself tonight but i'm close, maybe depression, maybe something else... we'll see, we'll see.
  6. so people who pay dont get kicked in the butt?
  7. wise words... don't give a damn about cocky people either
  8. order a stake at a restaurant and eat it pay for it even if it has pubic har in it... its less than 1%
  9. can you check again now? i think its 57....
  10. 12 since last update i think, oh and i detonate other like twice a day.
  11. My last post was about the Gallant i recieved in a Dunkirk container thanking WG. This one though is about hitting the nail on coffin, preety much sick and tired of getting detonated... I don't know if you realy take seriously what your playerbase thinks and they ask you to put in the game or remove but since the last update you preety much "F"ed up the game experiece for me and i think many others too. I realy ask for forgiveness from people i detonate once or twice a day. This is not "a fun and engaging mechanic". This is plain trolling. People ask you to remove it, and make detonations even more common. Just now 88k health Tier X Kurfurst and puff... "get to the port". I was about to get some money in on Monday and buy the ultimate treat, get the Scharnhorst that i was looking forward to buy in the summer sales(but you didn't even bother again to put in) since i got the Gallant from a crate and it was a kind of cut in the price if think of it that way(no sale price on the Scharhorst-got Gallant-nice tradeoff) but i think you don't want money right? You just want to piss off your playerbase.... So all and all, untill i see in the a next patch that detonations are removed or ships can only detonate if the players ship is below 10-15% health... don't expect a cent from me. And make an huge explotion when ships detonate dont give us flags, you can stick your detonation flags ... you know where... We detonate, you give us 10 flags, we use the flags(not that a detonation could happen in the next 10 matches but...) the flags run out then we detonate again. No point, its plain Stoopy . There is nothig realistic about it. this is a game and people play it to have fun, not to get trolled by you. The guy who thought of detonations and came up with this approach needs to get castrated and have his head shaved like that guy in game of thrones who always walks with his hands where his balls where supposed to be.(yes i'm trolling you too) So have fun, but no money from me untill you start to listen to what people want. I hope more players react in the same way untill you realise who pays your bills. ps. 100 euros for a ship.... i can get a sheep for that money! ps2. please don't put this as a comment in another thread as a comment again, it realy shows that you are trying to burry a thread on another that no one reads, if this is a forum, opinions should and must be heard. oh and it spent time to wright it. Thanks again... not!
  12. DestoCorvus

    Unexpected expected GIFT!!!

    Well, how can i say this... With the last update and the itroduction of the operation Dynamo and the the Dunkirk collection i was preety much happy, another good scenario to play and get some hydra and other flags that boost our advancement in the game i was quite ~happy about the game and its current course. I got some good games with the special flags on like this one with my akizuki having a 19 point captain on it gave me some serious xp(check pic below), then came my first Rank 1 and got 100 type 3 ranked camo and 2500 doubloons that went towards geting a month of premium account and today this... Since i got all the parts for the Dunkirk collection i wasn't paying much attention to the Dunkirk containers because all i was expecting was some more flags to boost my xp or cradits. But i was wrong! tottaly wrong! just 10 minutes ago a Dunkirk container came in and just looking at it i knew that something was wierd about it! An unexpected but also expected in some way gift, there was something exceeding the container on the left side! A ship on a stand! Oh!!!!! come on! That cant be true! Too bad i instantly clicked to open the container and didn't get a screenshot before i did so i could show you how it looked! Gallant + 10 point commander + 2 doublicate items from the collection, the items icons all together couldnt fit inside the container so the ship was half out of the box! Thanks WG ! I will sail with this ship a lot i think and will be ready for the rest of the RN destroyer line when it comes. Again BIG THANKS!!!!
  13. DestoCorvus

    8 kills no natural selection awarded

    Just had a game in the new operations mode and after killing 8 ships i didnt get the natural selection achievement. Anyone else had this happen to you?
  14. DestoCorvus

    New PVE Operations

    My games in this mode was mostly fun to play, didnt have a didvision and still made it. 11 tries today and 6 victories. only once with 5 stars, once 4, and the rest 2-3. I think it is a very good addition to the game, prizes are ok and difficulty is about average if you go in without a division. I think if i try it with friends it will be easyer. Also the thing that you dont need dubloons to play again with the same ship is a good thing, and a + forwargaming in my eyes after pwople complained about it in the pts. Anyway i did't have to use the same ship twice as i wanted to try my luck with other ships that i didn't play much lately. I hope every week its a new scenario and the difficulty and tiers of the sips used change from time to time, both higher and lower tiers. With less words, I like the new mode a lot!
  15. DestoCorvus

    Got detonated twice today...

    Just got my second detonation of the day also, first was with Gaede, second with Shinonome. engaging game mechanic indeed, as i was about to torp a bunch of bbs and a graf spee going in a formation behind me!.... oops you can't end the game like this, get out of the fight!