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  1. Wasn't that guy the one who made this famous clip?
  2. Dejiko_san

    British Accent Voice is Hilarious (Please Change it)

    I want this. No, I need this.
  3. just a question. Is the same "national flavor" policy present in WoT and WoWp?
  4. Dejiko_san

    Redacted reports

    No, no and simply no. If I want to play a game I like I'll do it as best as I can but if I happen to suffer from the shortcomings of my PC, my connection or even bad programming I'll just deal with it and play to have fun. This game is about having fun and you too should have fun by blasting ships away, not by caring about what others do or not do. The best you can do is offer counsel but You ain't got the right to boss around anyone either in game or here.
  5. Dejiko_san

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    Well, they thought RN were "pretty close to finalised" not so long ago, we even had an ETA for then and look where we are now.
  6. Dejiko_san

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    Aren't these the "Pirate" voiceover?
  7. Dejiko_san

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    This was me at my PC when I saw the shell arcs and dispersion at long range. Well, at least we know this is still testing phase.
  8. Dejiko_san

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    In that case as many people have stated here you'll just have to stick with your fleet for mutual support in those situations. We are talking about a ship that will behave like RU DDs, with less but better torps and that has exchanged speed for IJN level concealment. For me, it looks like it will be relatively easy to make the ship work, at least in randoms. Besides, Akizuki won't be on tier X but tier VIII which means good chances to meet cruisers that don't have enough tools to make short work of you, specially if the ship has 21k health when elited (plus survivability expert).
  9. Dejiko_san

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    Concealment mod+Concealment expert+Advanced firing training+3km less concealment when shooting+8 guns with 3 secs reload+1000 m/s shells+AA barrage consumable sounds pretty good to me, even with that speed since you can put an speed flag on it and then use engine boost. You could even go for 3 level 4 skills captain.
  10. Dejiko_san

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    I think he's saying that BB players are less skilled on average compared to players who play other classes and consequentially BBs have been overbuffed (and WG will continue to do so) to compensate for BB players being worse on average.
  11. Dejiko_san

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    You don't meet many IJN DDs captains that use the ship to its full potential, that's for sure and you find many suiciding or simply clueless players that get their ships in very bad postions, specially when you are driving any of the 35 knoters. But the same can be said about USN DDs players. Truth is, while you run away trying to not let the USN DD close the distance you already got out of the cap and the USN DD only has to disengage and prepare for when you come back from a better position. An USN DD can attack and dodge the hailstorm that comes not only from your guns but from other ships in your team thanks to its turret rotation while you have to wiggle around if you pretend to not take heavy damage from enemy ships. Also, it's not like Benson, Fletcher and Gearing have much worse concealment than you so they can disengage almost as well as you (well, maybe not Gearing because it's a big FAT DD). You also fail to mention the main counter to DDs in this game: CVs. An IJN DD is almost helpless when it's been permaspotted by a CV. Your main damage source gets inmediatly denied by an squad put bettwen you and the enemy team and your guns don't compensate nearly enough. Your AA is lacking too. You are also long and sluggish in turns from tier VII upwards meaning a decent IJN CV can trap you in a cross drop and you'll lose a big chunk of your health of sunk; an USN CV is less off a problem but if you get hit by RNG skillz 1000 pound bombs from USN DB you'll lose a big chung of your health too. On contrast an USN DD can get the AA barrage skill to deal with planes apart from having decent AA by thenselves, they also don't need to get into specific angles and places away from their fleets to deal damage because they can rely on their guns for that instead of torps. Russian DDs are another breed which won't contest caps but can deal wiith capital ships and cruisers much better than any of the other 2 lines while remaining in the fleet for cover against enemies. The time when they'll give you problems will be when the number of ships in game had decreased and you have to defend the caps.
  12. Well, I mean. These abstractions about "torp oriented" and "gun oriented" are artificial ideas that don't reflect the design of the ships thenselves. DDs were supposed to support with their guns too, on both sides of the pacific war and although IJN DDs biggest victories came from their torps they also engaged in succesful gunfights against enemy ships. The USN DDs also did some brilliant attacks using torps with great success. Can't say much about the SN DDs because... well... you know why. In any case, it's clear from my point of view that if WG pretends to give clear characteristics to each line, all of the damage dealing factors should be to a certain point competitive to prevent one trick pony ships which can countered with ease if you have teamplay and experience.
  13. Or they can work on creating special characteristics for IJN guns and turrets that make then more competitive while retaining the good torps. The point is, no matter how good other characteristics are, in current WoWs if your guns aren't good, you don't do much. This is why Khab is the king of tier X DDs (for now).
  14. Then again, what kind of teamplay? There are 2 characteristics IJN torpboats are known for: fast, heavy hitting torpedoes and stealth (and this one not so much if we compare concealment of the last 3 destroyers of US-IJN lines). So, to make use of their awesome torps an IJN DD on high tiers have 2 options: - Stay close to the allied fleet and launch torps from there, which in turn means you'll need long range torps (15km) in order to reach the enemy since you'll want your team to support you in case you get permaspotted by a CV. Then we get the old ramblings about torpedo soup and low risk-high reward gameplay that made Shima the most played DD in tier X for some time. - Get close to the enemy fleet, use your superior(?) concealment to stay out of harm while shooting fast but short ranged torps while providing spotting for your fleet. Some times ago this would have been possible but right now it's not because you'll not only get spoted by planes but also, you'll geet overwhelmed by radar equipped cruisers while you can just sit inside your smoke. So what is it? What is the torp based DD gameplay that works in a teamplay meta? As long as Gearing gets almost the same concealment as Shima it will be a much better teamplay DD even with worse and less torps because it can fulfill more roles and get more tasks done than Shima.
  15. Why not give then: - Destroyer level concealment - Destroyer level agility - catapult shells with short range and with capacities in accordance with their callibre (no ginmicky shells) - Burst Heal - Regular sonar - Decent torps - Speed boost but lasts less than DDs The idea is to create a ship which will intimidate DDs when it's around because they can't spot with enought time to properly react. The agility of the ship can help then in dodging torps and shells. The catapult shells would mean they have to get close to be effective. Burst Heal will make then stay in the fight longer. Regular sonar can give these ships another edge against detroyers without reaching the level of specialization a radar has. Having decent torps can give then good options. Speed boost can be used as their scape method jointly with their concealment. Of course, this class can be fucked over by carriers, as much as destroyers. Having a thin armor will mean they'll be fragile but heal and speed boost should help in getting you out of tricky situations alive.