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  1. CaptBoardy

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    Captains, take a closer look at the picture of the FD Roosevelt again. What are those translucent ICBM like protrusions sticking up from the AA mounts? How many days are we off 1st April, now? You decide.
  2. CaptBoardy

    British Tokens

    I think you get 5 for every daily mission group completed.
  3. CaptBoardy


    Hi. What WG, could look at is spreading the event over 3 months (an arc). However after each month, the rewards along the way, could be reduced, and in the case of the santa boxes, replaced with something current. Having the interim rewards still linked to time would encourage players to get as much done as soon as possible and putting back the deadline make the PR achievable to more players.
  4. Hi. He was not apologising for the event, but rather the lack of communication explaining what would be required. To this effect he is trying to address this error. Aside to this, please try and face up to the fact the PR, at the beginning will be a rare ship. Perhaps as it should be. Who wants to face in battle a fleet of PR's because everyone has one and wants to drive it.
  5. CaptBoardy

    Border Kiting

    With JPN mid cruisers, kiting is an effective tactic. I do it. I don't consider how close to the border i am. For me its how close to the enemy i am. If the border gets in the way, so be it. Also withdrawing also opens an opportunity to let off torps for area denial at the least.
  6. CaptBoardy

    Critical errors

    It is game related. Too many people are getting this issue, including myself. I do not power off when it freezes, I Ctl Alt Del and load the task manager and kill WOWS from there, then restart via the game centre and prey that I haven't died in the meantime in battle. btw so far it only crashes on the EU game engine, not the engine in the NA folder.
  7. CaptBoardy

    Price drop on Premium Shop

    Could it be due to WOWS birthday being around the corner?
  8. CaptBoardy


    Since the last update, I've been getting a critical error about every two to three hours of game play. Only solution has been to close the game from the task manager and restart. Sometimes, if i am lucky i am still alive when i get back in. Spreadsheet or not, this is not fun.
  9. CaptBoardy


    I haven't played any Random battles for some time, however my PR rating on the stats web site is climbing ever-so slightly. This may indicate the player base is getting gradually worse as the PR reflects personal damage, win rate and frags against expected figures across the player base. Regards
  10. CaptBoardy

    bots invasion

    Could they be super tester accounts created by wg?
  11. CaptBoardy

    #Make Jingles crap again!

    Sadly, whoever directed the recordings has made Jingles sound like he has had a lobotomy, no character, no soul. Staying with Mermaids Wrath voices for now, me thinks.
  12. The reason this op is currently unavailable is due to the scripts for the aircraft driven by the bots require rework to be effective. You could argue the bots were using off map CV's or airfields to provide the aircraft sorties. Regards
  13. CaptBoardy

    Now for everyone to see...

    Nah, not always. I activated hydro prematurely yesterday trying to hover over but clicked it by accident. Ship happens. Its more noticeable now.
  14. CaptBoardy

    How do I win?

    It works with game developers too.
  15. Hi. Game play may have to evolve with the CV rework, where some cruisers & BB's provide "protection " to carriers and combining AA into a more effective defence bubble. This cannot be successful unless players work together. Instead of hiding near borders and islands, CV players may be better coming forward with the fleet with other ships close to hand to both protect and engage at the same time.