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  1. CaptBoardy

    Bug Reports

    The clickable area of the chat dialogue buttons that minimise or close the chat windows in the client has been reduced or de-sensitised to the point where it does not activate most times when clicked with the mouse pointer. This leaves the experience rather frustrating as one tries to "click, click, click" to try to do something that should be done with one click only. The mouse pointer has to be precisely over what appears to be a "-" (minimise) symbol in the button which is only 1 pixel in thickness for the click to be effectice and raise the button event. In the past, the trigger area has been the button itself rather than the symbol on the button. (GUI protocols)
  2. May be i am missing something but i have never been able to "train" a captain on to any premium ship that was not recruited from scratch. I have only ever been able to assign them.
  3. CaptBoardy

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    Hi, One way of making Captains of the Commonwealth and British fleets interchangeable is to tie the feature into a signal flag consumable. By creating a "Secondment signal" that would be used to mount a captain for the other nation, it would avoid making the function a permanent "hard coded" feature. The ability would have to be acquired by earning the signals in the first instance. Wargamming could also then manage this ability by making the signals as rare or common as they wanted to maintain a balance.
  4. CaptBoardy

    Hall of Fame

    Hi WG cannot dish out the hall of fame awards until the stage is over, as your final ranking cannot be determined. If you continue to gain points your % ranking will rise but should you stop, your ranking will slide down avain before the stage is over. To reach silver, gold or diamond will vary as more points are gained by other players.
  5. CaptBoardy

    Suggestions thread

    Hi. Can we have a button on the signals page that one can use to dismount all mounted signals in a single step? Thanks
  6. Hi. Some cammo's are not visible in the port immediately as you have to select the scheme (like the ARP's ) in the popup list by clicking the cogs in the bottom right corner of the port. I had to do this with the HSF Cammo's.
  7. CaptBoardy

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    It wouldn't suit all eventualities or strategies, and it's more likely to be a team effort to knock out an opponent's radar.
  8. CaptBoardy

    Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    Hi, in a recent thread, someone had the suggestion of making radar, "breakable" which if WG introduced in to the game, may be a good antidote to radar. If it is treated similar to turrets, the first damage cool down could extend beyond the radar operating period, thus rendering that charge of the radar ineffective. If the team were able to hit the radar again before being repaired, it would destroy the radar feature for the rest of the battle. The challenge for the team would be to hit the "sweet spot" that triggers radar damage. The challenge for the ship with the radar is avoid getting hit.
  9. Hi. The american arc missions award the ship for completing the mission. If you already have it, you get the cost in credits.
  10. CaptBoardy

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    With good sbmm, providing you have enough players queuing, you will get a game, it just won't be as matched skill-wise. To match skills, the population needs to be large enough to selecton skills. So at quiet times the mm would just push players together as it does now, with tier bandsof course.
  11. CaptBoardy

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    With a correctly designed skill-based matchmaker, you would still have randomness in the selection, as the matchmaker would need have to create teams based upon the population size who are currently queuing to enter a battle within an acceptable period of waiting time. A statistical certainty [1.0] of matching everyone would be impossible as the population rarely ever gives that chance. The Matchmaker would have to select some players with a skill level that deviates somewhat on either side of the chosen skill value. It would create a bandwidth of skill, basically. The greater the number of players queuing, the nearer to each other's skill level they would be. But it is in the bandwidth where the randomness would still apply.
  12. Good. That answers my question. Thank you.
  13. Hello I am keen to learn a little more about how the new "System for Prevention of Unsportsmanlike Conduct" will work. One of these elements in especially... "Fleeing the battle", can be ambiguous and could be very difficult to measure. The other two issues "Inactivity" and "Damage to Allies" are precise and are easily measurable. It is one thing and fine to say, if a player manoeuvres their ship in such a way as to keep bouncing the ship off the boundary for a significant period of time or to "park" in the corners and then follow that up with non action, is the measure, is great, as these actions are clearly deliberate infringements of trying to "flee the battle" and can be measured by the system. I see battle gameplay broken down into three distinct sections like we have in chess and shogi, opening, mid-game and end-game. Not everyone "get's" that! However if the system still relies upon our peers voting with the reporting system, how would this pan out for players who utilise quite valid tactics for their ships such as kiteing, using islands as shields (in particular CL's and DD's) or to spring surprise ambushes? Some cruisers are more effective in later mid-game to end-game providing they survive to reach that point. There appear to be many players out there who make poor judgement calls upon their teammates when it comes to reporting, as they aren't fully understanding the tactics of others. I can envisage lots of players who adopt various tactics in their game play being penalised unfairly because one player on the team triggers a report. Others could be "whacked" to play co-op battle by spiteful teammates. I don't want to see the game play succumbing to one tactic, ie: just moving forwards, meeting one's opponents head on and letting the numbers (the balance of hit points remaining) decide the winner. This tactic is effective once per battle and usually with BB's towards the endgame.
  14. CaptBoardy

    Is game broken?

    Like me. You're someone working your way up the tiers and doing well by it. Potato is a derogatory term that the elite use to put the rest of us down. Well done captain. Don't let the elite grind you down.
  15. CaptBoardy

    Camouflage issues

    I believe its called UV mapping where you texturize a mesh object with a two dimensional image. Also the cammo's are more abstract looking rather than realistic paint jobs.