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  1. Dams_77

    Gearing DD US TX

    J'ai également été déçu par l'AA, et c'est sur qu'en terme de maniabilté ce n'est clairement pas dans la lignée des T8 - T9, mais bon c'est la logique sur toutes les lignes de bateaux? Le bateau est assez gros également, du coup il faut être relativement prudent avec. J'y ai beaucoup réfléchis à une époque et ne vois qu'un built réellement au final Gearing couteau Suisse - Adrenaline accélère tout sur le navire - P Maintenance, Surv Exp et Concealement obligatoires - Avec les meilleures smokes du jeu Super I. obligatoire pour moi - Les 4 derniers points je me suis pas mal retourné le cerveau mais j'en suis très satisafait : Radio Location. le skill n'est pas tant situationnel que ça au final. Il m'arrive souvent d'épingler un shima qui tente de flanker ou de blind torp un destroyer
  2. I understand you and admit that sometimes players drive me crazy. But more experienced players should remember that the game is a bit hard to master, and can therefore afraid newbies. There are a lot of information the player has to integrate and he only has a few seconds to take the good decisions, especially in light ships. Not everyone have 1000+ battles played. Moreover I believe that the lower maneuverability of high tier ships and the fact that credits are harder to earn make it worse (potatoes teams and flame chat) than at lower tiers for which people are overall more relax.
  3. Dams_77

    Des Moines - upgrades + commander skills

    Almost the same for me, I've just replaced my 15 points random captain with Steven Seagal. I'm ok with turrets traverse of DM, I'll replace expert marksman with preventive maintenance as they are quite often disabled + expert loader as I often switch shells type (-75% with Seagal). The skill is even more usefull at close range or when you are shooting at agile targets (and only costs 1 point). I guess AFT is mandatory, you really want to deny area to CV on 7.2 km instead of 6.0 km (make your AA close to your air detection range). For the last 3 points it will be demo exp or vigilance (not sure yet, but I don't really fear torpedoes)
  4. I often want to check my allies positions at the start of the match, and the most distant ones from me only appear on the minimap
  5. I could be wrong but I think it's not bad at all. You are not only shooting at DDs at close range in a DD
  6. Dams_77

    Neptune captain to bring in Minotaur

    That one works fine, but I don't have +20% on smoke
  7. Dams_77

    Best DD for TX Clan Wars

    It is at 1.7 km today, I think WG reduced it a bit, and at 1.4 for Fletcher and Gearing 2.5 km for the 20 km make them unusable, don't know for the 8 km but well ... 8 km xD. The ship has a lot of torps, higher damage on them, and a good speed but she is very weak overall. She is my first T10 and I only have 20 games played.
  8. not exactly the same, not all ships appear on the map when you press "M"
  9. The whole idea is to do what you want, like zoom more than 1//4 for a few seconds. The poster needed some of these tools
  10. The mod(s) allow larger sizes than vanilla, with the same shortcuts indeed ;)
  11. I customize my own minimap with some mods from the great pack of Aslain It allows larger size with + /-, bigger ships name and a lot of other things. Vanilla minimap is terrible
  12. Dams_77

    Best DD for TX Clan Wars

    torpedoes also have bad detection range Shima don't have better concealment (than Gearing), and if she want to try to flank, there will be a Gearing with RPF to locate her
  13. Dams_77

    USA DD line or wait for the Pan Asia line?

    Fletcher is an OP Benson, you'll enjoy her a lot. Gearing is very different and can not be compared with these 2 ones
  14. Flamu in Hidenburg (Tears of the Desert), Aaron in warspite ranked battle (Trident), Negativvv in Benson (okinawa) from what i know
  15. Dams_77

    We should also do sth to the USN crusiers!

    The line become more and more nice as you grind into it. 7 - I had the same thought as I started to play her again, but I had great success in terms of damage (not WR), the keywords are angling and strafing. USN heavy AP start here 8 - Radar range close to concealment make her nice for ambush (DDs but not only), and her very low concealment allows disengagement. Play it safe enough as you don't have a heal yet. 9 - A taste of DM 10 - Had her recently, she is so amazing, very enjoyable on every aspects imho. I have often heard she is squishy, but she is definitely not. Ofc you don't want to meet a Yamato at 12 km .... Note that as Cleveland is very maneuverable, the ships of line become more and more clumsy up to T10 (T9 and DM especially)