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  1. tksf_2013

    Submarines are Coming

    Another disaster for BBs, fine
  2. WG, if you really want us to play different ships, make the upgrades as rewards of combat missions that is restricted to particular ships, just like the legendary upgrades. This is so stupid to sell the researched lines and grind them again and again. The reason you insist doing this, is that you want players to buy and spend their credits, free exps, doubloons, etc. I have been playing wows for 3 years, and I finally get almost all T10 ships. I dont have time to repeat this crap 6 times! I feel like WG not only want my money, they also want my life!
  3. tksf_2013

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    Screen frozen in almost every game I played. I could move my mouse but couldn't control my ship. I tried to run both the 32bits and 64bits client, but it makes no difference. I didn't have this kind of problem in the 0.8.4 test. I wish there is a fix for this problem.
  4. tksf_2013

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    Why the Tier 10 ships are 500k exp to research? How do I get these ships?
  5. I can't waste more money on this, my heart is bleeding.
  6. Same here. I bought 40 and only get T61.
  7. Who will spend more money with this **** RNG.
  8. Then let me open those 40 crates again with the reasonable drop rate of ships. I don't believe RNG can play a big role when you have 40 or more crates.
  9. This is completely [edited]. I bought 40 mega gifts, only get a T61. I have already send my tickets for refunding.
  10. tksf_2013

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    I said it's a feeling. But if you want mathematical proof, I can show you one. My ibuki win rate is 43.33% with 60 games (26 wins). It's so low because I experienced a terrible losing streak.(11 losses). I am an average player and my other IJN cruicers has over 60% win rate. Let's just assume my chance to win a game with ibuki is 50%. If the MM is ideal (which means my chance to win in the next game is always 50%), we can calculate the conditional probability of having a losing streak of 11 games in the 60 played games with 26 wins. Can you imagine that the probability is lower than 0.2%? I can show you how it is calculated. It's just like throwing 60 coins and you get 26 heads. There are C(60,26)=60! / ((60 - 26)! * 26!) = 69886166503903480 different kind of combinations. If you look at the 11 losses as a single coin, you have C(50,26)=50! / ((50 - 26)! * 26!) = 121548660036300 different combinations, but it includes the cases of losing streak of more than 11 games. In summary, your probability of have a losing streak of 11 games is less than 121548660036300/69886166503903480 = 0.17%! That's why I have the feeling that the currently MM system is somehow controlling your wins, because if your chance to win are always stable, you will shouldn't have a lossing streak of 11 games like me. The reason you have this is because, at the time you are playing, your actual win chance at that time is very low. There might be some very bad players playing at that moment, but it won't explain why you keeps losing, unless the server did something that magically reduced your win rate. This is just my feelings and conjectures based on some facts, I would very like to know how they make the matchings.
  11. tksf_2013

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    I am not saying low ranks are bad. But rank 1 guys are surely experienced players.(I played ranked battles, I know it is not easy to reach R1.) The point is that in that match, enermy has a T10 carrier division with strong aa ships and also a solo des moines from OM. We have no T10 division. There was already a huge disadvantage on our side. Look at the result, they have shot down 96 planes.
  12. tksf_2013

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    It seems you don't understand my purpose. I am not complaining because I have a bad luck to win. I am complaining about the system. It's "broken" because you can keeps winning a lot and keeps losing a lot. If the matchmaking system is good, you should not have a huge difference in winrate as I had recently. Your recent winrate shouldn't go from "superunicom" to "bad". The thing that makes me mad is that, it feel like the matchmaking system has some power to decide your winrate. If the sever decides to let you be in the bad team for the next few games, you can't really do anything to stop losing. This experience is frustrating, when you really want to get a first win of the day, but in the current MM system, you will problably be in the same losing side for a while. I don't think I deserve a better winrate, and I am not complaining about bad luck. (I don't care about the winrate as it won't change my stats anyway). I think the game will be more fun to play if your team are much more balanced. (not in the case when you have a T10 CV division with des moines on enermy team while you have solo players on your team). I don't want to be on either side of the match. For the winning team, one-sided match is also boring right?
  13. I have been playing the WOWS for 2 years. I used to enjoy playing the game a lot. However, recently, I feel more and more frustrated and unconfortable to play the game. Although WG keeps bringing us new ships and game modes, but it feels like they never try to improve some basic but important features of the game, like the matchmaking system. I feel like the matchmaking becomes even worse in the passed 2 months. It is more often that I got massive wins or massive losses in a row. This can be shown from my win rates of different ships.(from 40% to 70%). Today I got an very unfair matchmatking: Enermy team has a T10 3 men's Rank 1 division with midway, des moines and montana, and a T8 division But we only have one T8 BB division. I tried my best to win the game, but at last I just melted by the fires of 2 des moines and CV drop. I don't think it is a problem of bad luck to get such terrible matching. I have experienced a lot such unfair matchings recently. Today I feel very mad of this unfair and unpleant game.(I was planing to test the submarines on PTS, but this game ruined everything.) So I decide to post my complains of this broken MM system on the forum. I hope the developers can hear their customers' voice and improve the current MM system. I love to play WOWS very much, and I hope it can become better. It is just quite painful to play with the current matchmaking system.