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    New and looking for Cruiser line...

    Are you a [edited]idiot or what dude? I gave an opinion which you didnt like.Already told ya i might be wrong. You implied i told him to stay back and snipe which i didnt. And then you bash me for my shitty bb stats although i already said i am a dd captain. Get your sh it straight and stop trying to misinterpret what i write. Last but not least,if you didnt like my tone,check yours first.
  2. passwordistooshort

    New and looking for Cruiser line...

    Its just my opinion ,that doesnt also mean its correct I actually learned to lead on a bb.1 ranging shot followed by a full salvo did the trick for me I never said anything like that
  3. passwordistooshort

    Various Suggestions

    Comms:Z-menu system that depending on where you click it will have different options for caps,allied ships,hostiles ships etc. Messages like:-Push-Defend-Laying smoke in map_coordinate-Radar/Hydro up in 15 seconds-I am chat banned-I dont speak english-I cant write english but i understand what you say (yep,dont laugh).-Will spot flag_letter or map_coordinates for cvs.-Target used Repair-Target used Heal-Gonna use defensive AA -Target used Defensive AA-Ability to point on the map where you are gonna do what.If you select push and double click 3 squares on the map the message will say: Push on C3,D3,E3|-Where appropriate put on the map icons that represent actions:--Push : A fist that moves forward--Defend: A shield-Smoke:A smokescreen icon-Chat banned:Mouth with an X-He used repair:The repair icon with an X and so on. Ideas stolen from thread :http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/63681-automated-comms-please-eu-is-multilingual/#topmost -Where appropriate show the messages to people that matter.A cruiser using defensive aa on the 3 line is useless for me if i am on the 8th line. Voice comms enabled by default not only for divisions. Arguable.Could or could not work. Reports regarding harassment on voice should lead to an immediate ,lets say,4hs voice ban. Player X proposes ban on Player Z. Every player gets a vote option. UI mute button.-Again,2 detachable chat tabs(I will keep asking for it till it gets implemented ).Specially if the above gets implemented its crucial.*1 for auto messages*1 for actual chatterPlayer messages are getting lost before anyone manages to read them because of the default message spam. -If 2 targets are moving close to each other,X should switch between them.Cause atm you cannot target the back one unless you zoom in.-Ability to match another ships speed-Improved "speed thrortle mechanic".Aka i wanna natively sail at 12knots and not have to toggle up and down to achieve that. Mods to include natively:-Player panel :Ship type,player name,ship tier,ship hp-Navigator-Ship types on minimap-Ship lines on minimap UI:-Scalable UI-Ability to reposition UI elements.I would like for example smaller ribbons since they are not crucial and i would love to move the score and "match time left" elements right above my minimap. Replays:-Ability to see replays from previous patches-Ability to go backwards in a replay Reports / Compliments :More options for afk,intentional team harrashment Post Battle Screen:-Be able to see ribbons and damage for every player on both teams.Usefull when trying to compare your performance to other players. Flags:Allow us to create flag profiles.Different flags on ranked,different on random,different when xping captains. Mahan:-Shoot first with the Side torpedo tube and then with the middle one and not the other way around. MM (among a shitload of other things that need to be improved but wont): -Improve MM regarding divisions.If i am not mistaken every time we get a 3 man division that includes a DD our team always gets 1 more dd than the other team.More often than not dd power is unbalanced between the 2 sides.
  4. passwordistooshort

    New and looking for Cruiser line...

    Well i would strongly recommend to NOT start with cruisers. Since every battleship will be able to delete you the moment you show even a hint of your sides. In my opinion you could go for battleships instead since they are incredibly OP and forgiving and also try IJN and USN destroyers up to tier 5. Keep in mind that i am mainly a dd captain. No matter what you choose i strongly recommend to read/watch again and again these: -http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/49421-new-spotting-mechanics-guide-rework-patch-055/ [spotting mechanics to save you some of the early frustration] -http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7456-an-illustrated-guide-to-hitting-things-apart-from-islands-with-your-torpedoes/ [How to Torp efficiently.Extremely usefull even if you never ever play a dd] -Captains Academy Youtube series.Explains everything. -MightyJingles,Notser,Flamu,Aeroon,Voulezvous and my personal favorite Jamin411 youtubers.Jingles is more like a presenter than an instructor but i highly enjoy his work. If at any point you feel a game mechanic is incredibly OP,frustrating and annoying you are either out of position or doing something wrong. Read a lot,dont be afraid to ask stuff in the forums and NEVER EVER EVER try to snipe from the edges of the map.Be reasonably aggressive and communicate as much as possible. Be also prepared for sometimes toxic chat. Treat the game as chess and not as an arcade shooter. eu.Warships.today is a great place ot monitor your progress Best of luck out there!
  5. passwordistooshort

    Spawn positions and fleet "partitioning"

    I m fairly sure partitioning will not make any sense to you but couldnt find anything better. What i am trying to describe is that there are times when spawn positions feel fucked up. Like it can be seen in the image bellow all dds are on the east side of the map and cruisers on the west. A-cap will never get any cruiser support and most probably C-cap will never get a dd to smoke and spot. Another typical scenario that i have mostly notice on trap map is 3 isolated bbs and 1dd spawning SW close to C and the rest of the fleet closest to A SE. At least dds and cruisers should be equally split on the start of the match,taking also into account their strengths. For example ,in my opinion atleast, an ijn dd is stronger in open seas while a us one prefers islands etc. An atago might prefer to be in the open while a chapa is more useful near spawns that can allow him to be near to a cap,behind cover to radar and help his dds to contest the cap. Regarding mixed division spawns. I often play with a BBuddy while i am on my dd.Always either i will spawn back with the bbs or he will spawn front line with cruisers and dds. I will try the next days to grab some more examples of what i consider bad spawns and keep the post updated.
  6. passwordistooshort

    Benson SKill?

  7. passwordistooshort

    Keen Intuition

    Thats [edited]brilliant.In my usual dd division we just gun the fuc k down everything we see on our way. But that sir is art. Now i know what i am gonna do all day tomorrow!
  8. passwordistooshort

    Disappearing/Intermittent sprites

    In case you are not trolling, read this to answer your question : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/49421-new-spotting-mechanics-guide-rework-patch-055/ Also since you seem to have enough time to dedicate to the game, youtube for captains academy. It will teach you a lot!
  9. passwordistooshort

    Upcoming Captain Skill Changes (Leak)

    In any way this skill goes into game its a failure.Why the [edited]do they wanna deny stealth and element of surprise from ships? The guy who proposed this needs to get fired.Asap.
  10. passwordistooshort

    Registration for pubblic beta tester

    If you are not receiving the confirmation email try to use gmail instead of hotmail
  11. passwordistooshort

    Remove CVs from the game!

    You are too old to be allowed to be that stupid
  12. passwordistooshort

    Upcoming Captain Skill Changes (Leak)

    I gotta admit you are somewhat right here. The main beneficiary from this skill are the dd captains and not the bbs.Although i am pretty sure enough bbs will pick it and also cruiser captains who like to play aggressively. The fault in my logic was that since most nerfs happen to benefit bbs ,i blamed it on bbs without a second thought. But you also gotta admit that they indirectly benefit from it since dd survivalability will massively go down. Doing damage in a dd is way different that being efficient and effective in a dd. Even if its like you describe it i would have no issues using it for surprise torping inside caps and chasing targets down. Even like this i can still get a better position vs any dd that doesnt use it. Keen intuition is pretty much useless for team battles and can be safely skipped in that regard i believe. Your role there is to smoke your fleet and spot torps and deny area with torps.You wont go rogue hunting for targets unless you first eliminate enemy dds. Solo. Great use in matches with non gun boat dds where you can actively and more effectively hunt them down and get a better position to gun them down. I would gladly take SE last so i could take this second (1x1,1x2,1x3,3x4). Divisions. I,as part of a clan pretty much play with the same people all the time. With some of the guys there we have an incredible chemistry when playing dds no matter in what combination (us + ijn, 2x us, us +ru,us +pan-asia) and we always get incredible results mostly carrying our games(or at least our flanks ). In situations like these only 1 of us has to take the skill.And considering that more often than not we also have a bb or cruiser behind us you can imagine how incredibly effective we can be on deleting enemy dds and securing caps. In the same manner i guess it could be effectively be used by standard division of cruisers or bbs.
  13. passwordistooshort

    Upcoming Captain Skill Changes (Leak)

    Not exaggerating actually. What about the following scenarios: -Fleet cowards back and does not go close to caps.You try to contest vs unspotted enemy dd at about 6km. -No enemy dds.You are ahead of your fleet trying to flank enemy bbs -End game scenarios where you try to get into a good flank position to torp the frack out of them. -Ambush or hide and seek scenarios using terrain or smoke. In all these cases your element of surprise and your stealth is pretty much nullified by a stupid arrow that will show your direction and can also be used in a way like we use torp predictions to see where a ship is turning or how fast its moving. DDs already suffer from: -High mobility bbs that are able to reliably avoid prediction torps at 3-5km.Very very basic brain functioning required for this. -Hydro bbs. -Hydro dds.Lo Yang and incoming german dds. -Radar cruisers with extreme range. -Stealthy smoky cruisers. -Matches with 9 to 10 dds. -Poor AA in the sense that a competent cv captain can keep you lit for the whole match or park his planes above your smoke or even blind torp/bomb you in your smoke. Its not that dds are powerful,every ship is powerful with a proper captain.Its just that players are fracking stupid. And as much as i hate all of the above (and especially hydro and extreme radar ranges) i consider them part of the game and a reasonable way to keep competent dd captains in check. Keen intuition on the other hand serves nothing but keeping cryBBabies satisfied while allowing them to remain as ignorant on game mechanics and as stupid as ever. That crap should not make its way on the game.
  14. passwordistooshort

    Upcoming Captain Skill Changes (Leak)

    No keen intuition. Will just frak things up more.
  15. passwordistooshort

    Fletcher 3m module upgrade..

    http://wowreplays.com/Upload is the easiest way as far as i know. Upload there and post the link for people to review it