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  1. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    Thanks for all the advice, I will get better at NC before thinking about premiums!
  2. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    My intention wasn’t to hide my stats, I thought that pressing hide would only hide your battles for the actual post, not hide ALL your stats. I just didn’t want people to attack me without looking at my stats (which are also terrible).
  3. Axl06

    Best T8 premium

    Yes the question was originally something completely different, but I felt that if people were anyway here I might as well ask about this as well. I would also like to say that convoys during ww2 had 15-20 destroyer escorting them. Wargaming trying to balance subs when 1/3 of the ships have ASW will never work.
  4. Axl06

    National Flags?

    Red ensign would be more appropriate!
  5. Axl06

    Is a new Italian BB really coming?

    Isn’t that a bit like saying that the torpedoes of the Tirpitz represent all German BB’s?
  6. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, I think that a couple of battles in NC will make me know if I have the in-game competence to buy a premium. (As many people said 26k and 96k could wither mean that I’m crap at the game or that I have potential to do a lot more than 96k).
  7. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    I edited the answer to give everyone full clarity! (I thought that hiding your battles ONLY hid your battles, not your stats)
  8. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    The way I see it one can just click my profile to see my stats, right? (Also if my edits were saved you should be able to see my battles, sorry if someone felt that I was hiding something😕
  9. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    Yes! You are quite right I did agree to not buy anything in another thread, but since then I’ve been doing really well in the North Carolina (I did only play 2 battles but I consistently did good damage). And after that I started thinking about what I said in the last thread and changed my mind about T8 premiums (I’ve been doing very well these last few days and my stats are improving).
  10. I was thinking of buying a premium brawling BB, I am currently grinding the American BB line and have come to the North Carolina. I’ve only played 2 games in her and got 26k damage (I feel like I’m excused because it was my first game) in the first game and 96k damage in the second (T10 game). I like the ship but would like something for brawling and a bit different (in essence not the Massachusetts since it has the same 9 x 3 gun placement). Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Mr HE spammer will be very happy that so many lightly armoured targets are coming, let’s be real a ship that is I in need of assistance needs a battleship not some Oiler or repair ship (they will be sunk immediately).
  12. Axl06

    0.9.6 - German Carriers

    German CV’a is just what the game needs, also I feel that the game is lacking in Soviet paper ships. Last but not least I absolutely LOVED the CV rework (please give me free stuff wargaming).
  13. Axl06

    Italian T10 paper ships?

    Thanks a lot!
  14. Hello everyone! I was thinking about the fact that a lot of people want to see Italian BB’s in the game. My question is what the T9 and T10 ships would be? I know that most T9 and T10 ships are paper ships but they tend to be based on designs (like the Alsace, Sovetsky Soyuz and H class), however as far as I know Italy had no plans to build any more. So what do you think the Italian T9 and T10 ships should be?
  15. What new line would you most like to see on World of Warships? (comment if any lines were left out).