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  1. Axl06

    Wave mechanic in World of Warships?

    What about having lifeboats and getting extra rewards post game if you manage to safely evacuate your crew to another ship or island (if this doesn’t work you can always have a counter that shows how many crewmen survived the battle and get rewards for keeping them alive).
  2. Axl06

    Wave mechanic in World of Warships?

    I agree, and to clarify I don’t want to see maelstroms included in the game. Just some rough sea that adds variety and makes sailing a skill (anyone can sail a ship in the current game since you simply put it in a speed setting and see it go perfectly straight without having to turn into waves to stop the ship from sinking (capsizing should be an extremely rare event).
  3. Should World of Warships have a wave mechanic where rough seas can temporarily obscure ships, capsize them, destroy things on ships, change the heading, smash them on rocks and other such mechanics (or that CV’s can’t launch planes)?
  4. Axl06

    Possible Soviet CV line

    What? (I didn’t want to start a new thread/discussion and there is still activity on it as your comment proves).
  5. Axl06

    Possible Soviet CV line

    The Soviets had over 30 different projects for aircraft carriers (but this was after the war in the late 40s and none of them ever materialized).
  6. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    You’re point being?
  7. Axl06

    ST 0.9.11, changes to Italian Battleships

    I would say that I represent a big part of the player base (players that are suffering from hubris and aren’t that good), but I would say that the new RM BB line will probably be quite boring since you already have a sniper line, brawler line, all round line etc (ie that there isn’t much left that a new line can bring except for some gimmicks (SAP and smoke for example(which should be good in the hands of an experienced player but absolutely terrible in a bad players hands(which can be said for almost all ships).
  8. I know that there are plenty of videos on how one can get better at the game, but my question is a bit more specific. I have made a lot of rookie mistakes and have ended up with the following ships: Zara, Prinz Eugen, Atago, Queen Elizabeth, North Carolina, Gaede and Weser. As one can see this is a mess (considering I’m terrible at the game). My question is what to continue grinding and what to put on hold as well as what to do with high tier premiums that are too hard to play (for me that is)?
  9. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    Thanks for all the advice, I will get better at NC before thinking about premiums!
  10. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    My intention wasn’t to hide my stats, I thought that pressing hide would only hide your battles for the actual post, not hide ALL your stats. I just didn’t want people to attack me without looking at my stats (which are also terrible).
  11. Axl06

    Best T8 premium

    Yes the question was originally something completely different, but I felt that if people were anyway here I might as well ask about this as well. I would also like to say that convoys during ww2 had 15-20 destroyer escorting them. Wargaming trying to balance subs when 1/3 of the ships have ASW will never work.
  12. Axl06

    National Flags?

    Red ensign would be more appropriate!
  13. Axl06

    Is a new Italian BB really coming?

    Isn’t that a bit like saying that the torpedoes of the Tirpitz represent all German BB’s?
  14. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    Thanks for the constructive criticism, I think that a couple of battles in NC will make me know if I have the in-game competence to buy a premium. (As many people said 26k and 96k could wither mean that I’m crap at the game or that I have potential to do a lot more than 96k).
  15. Axl06

    What T8 premium BB to buy

    I edited the answer to give everyone full clarity! (I thought that hiding your battles ONLY hid your battles, not your stats)