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  1. Silvamord

    Looking for a casual clan

    Hi. I'd love some more people to play with, so I'm interested in joining a more casual clan. I rarely ever play CB, however I'd be happy to join those events when I can. I'm pretty easy going, love a good laugh and don't mind at all if we lose games! On average, I only play around 10-20 games a week, however I'm looking to increase that with the help of some good division mates! You can check my stats out here (https://wows-numbers.com/player/540447976,Silvamord/). I have tons of ships at every tier so I can help people grind ships as well. I just unlocked Columbo. If you think I'd make a good fit, please message me or reply to this topic!
  2. Silvamord

    Can't change Hood's camo scheme

    Look at the image you posted - the right camo is the type 10 and you also can't change the colour of it. Thanks for the confirmation I'm not the only one!
  3. Silvamord

    Can't change Hood's camo scheme

    Update: This bug seems to be affecting Missouri too. Can anyone confirm? Is it just me?
  4. Silvamord

    Can't change Hood's camo scheme

    Doesn't help. I think it's a bug.
  5. Silvamord

    Can't change Hood's camo scheme

    Yep.. That one works fine. I'm talking about Hood's type 10 camo.
  6. Silvamord

    Can't change Hood's camo scheme

    Is this intentional or a bug? I can't make Hood's type 10 camo the blue colour any more. Edit|: To those confused, I want to change it to the alternate camo but I can't. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  7. Silvamord

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    I used to play a dozen games a night. Now I play one.. If that.. I actually haven’t played in a week! The rework gutted all my favourite ships (RIP Massa and Tirp) and made playing T10 a real chore. The Italian BBs look terrible. Honestly, if they don’t fix this rework I can’t ever see myself playing regularly again.
  8. The massive nerf to manual secondaries still burns. I barely ever play battleships anymore as a result. Has there been any word on whether the skill will be buffed from -35% back to the original -60%? I just want my GK and Mass to be fun again..
  9. Silvamord


    Hi, I'm interested in joining your clan but the discord code doesn't work, it might have been because I joined the discord a month or two ago to look around but left. I'm looking for a semi-casual clan which is active at the moment and yours seems like it fits that description :) Cheers
  10. Silvamord

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

  11. Silvamord

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    No, you're not gonna keep receive the I got a camo for my T10 tech tree ship so I can play a T10 tech tree ship more effectively - experience. So you think ppl should buy another one, since WG deleted theirs? You're joking, right? I mean it's a good joke but come on, try to be serious. My Lada story is god tier. It has the investment part, it has the part why you need to be able to use your hi-fi even in another car, etc. If you don't get it, you have problems seeing the meaning between lines. (No offense). I don't see how a COVID inducted charity sale could be relevant here. Also I'm not sure if I even get the concept of that game.. so you initially have to buy it, then you can spend money and grind in it? How fked up is that lul? If WG says hey, let's give everyone free T10 tech tree camos, and I bought one a year ago, I accept it, it's a weird situation but things like this can happen. But REMOVING something, that's an entirely different stroy.
  12. Silvamord

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    I see why you think like that. Thing is, they are different products because WOWS being an MMO game, and buying a T10 perma camo is a long term investment inside the game's economy. The product is not WOWS itself, and not even really the camo itself (except when you buy it for its looks), but the investment helping your ingame finances are a great and only really significant aspect of it. So you usually buy a T10 camo because at that tier, at that line, you want to be present at high tier games and you want to make more credits with it. If, after a change you can't do that anymore with your tech tree ship represented in that slot, that will be the equivalent of your ship that was there before, then the design is flawed and ppl getting triggered is in my opinion justified. A big part of WOWS is investment. Not only time, that's irl investment to it, but inside WOWS you make more of it. Playing a line is an investment, grinding is an investment, and at the top of it, buying high tier premium camos are also investments. If WG decides that okay, before this, we did it well, after this, we will remove your TT prem camo any day, if we feel the need to rework a line, they exclude / scare away a lot of players willing to invest in T10 camos. Simple as this. So the theater ticket comparison will not work here, neither the GTA SA one, since those are products you buy and consume, end of story. (The CoD I don't know if it's an MMO or a simple shooter, I'm not into shooters). Also let's not use different companies different kind of mistakes to justify WGs. In WOWS it's more complicated than that and every step you make as a company, matters in the long run (this one hurting them even after a few days, they lost a shtload of money even in this thread), even if you don't agree with us, WG will feel it. Imo they're going for the cashgrab... again. Maybe some ppl will buy the perma camo for the Moskva replacement. Maybe they will buy 2, because there's gonna be 2 ships. They don't think in the long run, neither care about their relations with their players.
  13. Silvamord

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Both are entirely different kind of products and cannot be compared like.. at all. The calling ppl stupid because you don't agree with them part I rather ignore, I don't want to kick you when you kicked yourself in the balls. But it's a good reply for post padding.
  14. Silvamord

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Well I'm sure as hell not buying premium camos for anything in the future. (Not like I bought too many stuff last year after they made T4-10 barely playable with CVs). Too bad, I kinda wanted a Venezia prem camo, the white one looks gorgeous.
  15. Silvamord

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Well.. it something, that's not true. T10 (and the entire) economy is brokenly easy. If you're losing money frequently with a T10 ship without a perma camo, you should play more lower tiers and let T10 be what it needs to be, a tier for very good players.